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Mar. 02, 2008
Jan. 19, 2008
Before you've all 20 balls, always try to gain a trophy in the stages. Each stage has 1 hidden green crystal, collect them to unlock the secret stages. To unlock the bonus stages you can collect gold trophies in the mirror mode as well.

100% completion - Obtain all balls, all BGM, complete all bonus stages, all secret stages, the regular 45 stages. Play through all stages again in mirror mode.

14 Secret Stages - Find all 45 green crystals
20 Balls - Play through the regular 45 stages & the secret stages
5 Bonus Stages - Obtain 25 gold trophies
all BGM - Play through all the stages in the game
Mirror Mode - Complete the regular 45 stages
The 15th Secret Stage - Complete all 5 bonus stages

Unlockable balls
Balls to use in the game, the stats differ in many.

Car Crush - Complete the first level in mirror mode, collecting the yellow gem.
Flash Ball - Beat the final level in normal mode, collecting the yellow gem.
Galaxy - Beat the first level in Night zone, collecting the yellow gem.
UFO - Beat the final level in mirror mode, collecting the yellow gem.

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