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Apr. 04, 2012
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Complete the game once.

Unlock Old Disney Cartoons
Mickey Mouse: "The Mad Doctor" - Collect 20 Film Reels.
Oswald the Lucky Rabbit: "Oh What a Knight" - Collect 30 Film Reels.

Glitch: Gilda's Lost Axe
When you first arrive at Mean Street, talk to Gilda more than once to receive a quest to retrieve her axe, which she lost on Mickeyjunk Mountain. If you recover the axe in the "Slopes" area during your ascent up the mountain, when you reach Oswald's lair, thin out the giant Oswald face in the middle of the floor to reach a hidden room. When you come to the end of the corridor, you'll find some large, unthinnable metal bars, and Gus will offer you the opportunity to use Gilda's axe here to explore this area further; don't do this, and instead return it to Gilda upon returning to OsTown. When you return to Mickeyjunk Mountain later in the game, thin out the Oswald face again and go back to the bars. Gus will still think you have the axe, and you'll be able to use it to pry your way in and explore! You'll now be able to reap the rewards of both the "hero" and "scrapper" outcomes of this quest, while it will be officially recorded in your quest log.

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