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May. 06, 2010
Feb. 16, 2009
Jan. 08, 2009
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Cheat Mode
While playing the the level or while at the menu, hold [C] and press the following buttons:

[1], [1], [1], [1] - Invincibility (during game play) (repeat the code to disable its effect).
[2], [2], [1], [1], [2], [2] - Extra lives (during game play).
[1], [1], [2], [2] - Restore health (during game play).
[1], [2], [1], [2] - Ten extra minutes (during game play).
[2], [2], [B], [B], [1], [1], [B], [B] - Multi-player options (at the starting menu).
[B], [B], [1], [2], [1], [2], [B], [B] - All moods and music (at the starting menu).
Unlock Secret Missions
Seaside Roller - Beat Last Resort.
Ship to Ship - Beat Uptown.
Sizzle Race - Beat Downtown.
Leaps of Faith - Obtain a gold medal for Uptown.
Lost Freeway - Obtain a gold medal for Downtown.
Top of the World - Obtain a gold medal for Last Resort.
Billboard-o-rama - Beat Hanging Gardens.
Blob Smash - Obtain a gold medal for Chroma City Fun Park.
Crane Fighting - Obtain a gold medal for The Chroma Dam.
Deep Down - Obtain a gold medal for Ministry of Ink.
Factory Run - Beat Chroma City Fun Park.
Forgotten Forest - Obtain a gold medal for The Docklands.
Hill Climb - Beat Ministry of Ink.
INKT Acedemy - Beat The Chroma Dam.
Inky Canyon - Obtain a gold medal for Hanging Gardens.
Jetbike Blitz - Beat Guggentraz Island.
Miles O Silos - Beat The Docklands.
Sinking Feeling - Beat Lake Raydia.
Tower of Power - Obtain a gold medal for Lake Raydia.
Trainspotting - Obtain a gold medal for Guggentraz Island.

Unlock Galleries
Gallery Blob - Finish Seaside Roller.
Gallery Revolutionaries - Finish Ship to Ship.

Unlock Movies
Introducing Blob - Finish Leaps of Faith.
Pre-production trailer - Finish Top of the World.

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