Dungeon Travelers 2: The Royal Library & the Monster Seal Cheats - PS Vita

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Check out these Dungeon Travelers 2: The Royal Library & the Monster Seal cheats and stay cool!
Unlock Trophies
Advanced Class (Gold) - Level up to an advanced class.
Begone, Foul One! (Bronze) - Create a Sealbook.
Filthy Rich (Bronze) - Acquire 100,000 gold.
I Scream for Ice Cream (Bronze) - Eat at the Ice Cream Shop.
Intermediate Class (Silver) - Level up to an intermediate class.
Legendary Forger (Gold) - Enchant a piece of equipment to max rank at the Blacksmith Shop.
Life On Mars-ala? (secret) (Silver) - Unlock the Marsala Onsen.
Master of the Royal Library (Platinum) - Acquire all trophies.
Mo' Catacombs, Mo' Problems (secret) (Bronze) - Unlock the Mostar Catacombs.
Monster Annihilator (Bronze) - Defeat 500 monsters.
Monster Decimator (Bronze) - Defeat 1,000 monsters.
Monster Exterminator (Silver) - Defeat 5,000 monsters.
Monster Obliterator (Gold) - Defeat 20,000 monsters.
Monster Suppressor (Bronze) - Defeat 100 monsters.
One Good Deed a Day (Bronze) - Complete a quest.
Penny Pincher (Bronze) - Acquire 10,000 gold.
Pie in the Sky (secret) (Bronze) - Unlock the Tower of Piertan.
Portal to the Ramen Dimension (Bronze) - Eat at the Ramen Shop.
Shahr-ing is Caring (secret) (Bronze) - Unlock the Khorramshahr Village.
Solidarity (Silver) - Activate a party skill.
Sopping Wet (secret) (Silver) - Unlock the Underground Waterway.
Stop, Hammer Time (Bronze) - Enchant a piece of equipment at the Blacksmith Shop.
Team Play (Silver) - Use a joint skill.
That's a Wrapp! (secret) (Bronze) - Unlock the Temple of Wrappl.
The Good Samara-tan (secret) (Silver) - Unlock the Samara Passage.
Tree's Company! (secret) (Silver) - Unlock the Giant Tree of Tver.
Use It or Rousset (secret) (Silver) - Unlock the Rousset Imperial Villa.
Violent Creature, Return to My Book! (Bronze) - Create a Grand Sealbook.
We Need to Go Deeper! (secret) (Gold) - Unlock the Royal Library Depths.
We've Only Just Begun (Silver) - Reach client level 3 at the Quest Deck.
Where is Your God Now? (secret) (Gold) - Defeat the Demon God.

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