DJ Max Technika Tune Cheats - PS Vita

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Check out these DJ Max Technika Tune cheats and stay cool!
Unlock Trophies
Berserker (Silver) - Cleared With 10% Groove Meter Gauge.
Break! (Bronze) - Break 1 Clear.
Change! (Bronze) - Note Skin Changed 20 Or More.
Club House (Bronze) - Club Mixing Cleared.
Confidence (Bronze) - Difficulty Hard Game Start.
Let's Collect (Bronze) - Image Gallery 10% Achieved.
Let's Combo (Bronze) - 100 Combo Achieved.
M/v Player (Bronze) - Viewed 20 Or More M/v In Album Mode.
Max Chain (Gold) - 99,999 Combo Achieved.
Failed...failed...failed!! (Bronze) - 3 Consecutive Game Overs.
First Step (Bronze) - Star Mixing Cleared.
Gate Of Abyss (Silver) - Dark Abyss Set Unlocked In Club Mixing.
Get A Grade F In Tune (Bronze) - Cleared With F Rank.
Graduation (Silver) - All Combo Achieved.
Grand Master Of Tune (Gold) - Dj Level 99 Achieved.
Half (Silver) - Dj Level 50 Achieved.
In Da Club (Gold) - S+ Overall Play Results In Club Mixing Achieved.
Max Concentration (Silver) - Perfect Play Achieved.
Music Player (Bronze) - Listeneed To 30 Or More Ost In Album Mode.
Need More Practice (Bronze) - Club Mixing Set Failed.
Never Ending Tune (Bronze) - Play Count 100 Achieved.
Owner Of Tune Gallery (Gold) - Image Gallery 100% Achieved.
Pop Corn (Bronze) - Pop Mixing Cleared.
Popping Like (Silver) - S+ Overall Ranking In Pop Mixing.
Repeat Learning (Bronze) - Completed Tutorial 5 Times.
The Beginning (Bronze) - Dj Level 2 Achieved.
The DJMAX (Platinum) - All Trophies Acquired.
Tune Conqueror (Gold) - All Patterns Cleared For All Songs.
Tune Lover (Gold) - Play Count 1,000 Achieved.
Twinkle Twinkle (Silver) - S++ Overall Ranking In Star Mixing.

Unlock Club Mode Sets
INSTRUMENTAL - Reach level 10.
Rock To The Rhythm - Reach level 20.
Nostalgia Set - Reach level 30.
Freaky Garden Set - Reach level 40.
Dark Abyss - Reach level 50.

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