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Unlock Trophies
1,000 Battles In (Silver) - Won 1,000 Battles.
And it is magic. (Silver) - Defeated the Evil Demon, Astro!
Antiquing (Bronze) - Got the Effect of Furniture.
Are These Feelings...? (secret) (Bronze) - Became Friends with Prometh.
Attack the Inn (secret) (Bronze) - Defeated Midgardsormr.
Bewitching Gaze (Silver) - Defeated the Darkness Demon, Pluto!
Beyond Muramasa (secret) (Gold) - Got the Big Muramasa.
Demon Gazer (Platinum) - Thanks for playing!
Demon Slayer! (secret) (Bronze) - Got the Sword of the Three Treasures.
Duel of the Counterparts (secret) (Silver) - Defeated the Moon Demon, Luna!
Electricity Trick (Silver) - Defeated the Lightning Demon, Jupiter!
Flames of Rage (Bronze) - Defeated the Fire Demon, Mars!
Healing Water (Bronze) - Defeated the Water Demon, Neptune!
Industrial Monster Masher (Silver) - Killed 3,000 Monsters.
Keeping the Keeper (secret) (Silver) - Defeated the Destiny Demon, Aries!
King Dar's Ring (secret) (Bronze) - Got the Ring of the Three Treasures.
Light of Arrogance (Silver) - Defeated the Light Demon, Uranus!
Model Resident (secret) (Silver) - Got the Ultimate Renter's Award.
Monster Masher (Bronze) - Killed 1,000 Monsters.
Muramasa (Silver) - Got the.
One Happy Family (secret) (Bronze) - Became Friends with Pinay.
Pay Up (Bronze) - Paid Rent for the First Time.
Peace of the Land (secret) (Gold) - Defeated the Archangel of Darkness!
Prince of the Forest (Bronze) - Defeated the Wind Demon, Hermes!
Protector of the Grave (Bronze) - Defeated the Earth Demon, Chronos!
Royal Paradise (secret) (Bronze) - Entered King's Eden.
Seasonal Change (Bronze) - Changed Your Looks.
Shark Party's Over (secret) (Bronze) - Defeated Lord Shark.
Supreme Gear (secret) (Silver) - Strengthened a Unique Item to Max.
The Aegis in the Mirror (secret) (Bronze) - Get the Shield of the Three Treasures.
The Beautiful Woman (Silver) - Defeated the Beauty Demon, Venus!
The Closed Castle (Bronze) - Entered Grimodar Castle.
The Disgrace Award (Bronze) - Owed Rent Money.
The First 100 Deaths (Bronze) - Won 100 Battles.
The Transporter (Bronze) - Activated a Gate Stone.
The Treasure Within (secret) (Bronze) - Defeated the Midgard Heart.
The Ultimate Gear (Bronze) - Strengthened a Normal Item to Max.
Trapped Soul (Bronze) - Defeated the Star Demon, Comet!
Trial of God (secret) (Gold) - Defeated the Demon of Time, Quasar!
Under the Sea (Bronze) - Entered Blue City.
Your Name Here (Bronze) - Rented a Room.

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