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Unlock Trophies
1,000 Souls Claimed (Silver) - Kill a total of 1,000 enemies.
100 Souls Claimed (Bronze) - Kill a total of 100 enemies.
Amusement Park Survivor (secret) (Bronze) - Clear chapter nine in Story Mode.
Annihilator (Bronze) - Defeat all the enemy characters which appear in Story Mode.
Ark Master (Silver) - Earn more than 2,000,000 Ark in total.
Big Earner (Silver) - Earn more than 700,000 Warl in total.
Castle Conqueror (secret) (Bronze) - Clear chapter three in Story Mode.
Dark Deceiver (secret) (Bronze) - Clear Story Mode.
Dark Side Princess (secret) (Silver) - Watch all story endings.
Destroyer (Bronze) - Perform an armor break.
Devil's Daughter (secret) (Bronze) - Clear chapter one in Story Mode.
Elaborate Expert (Silver) - Earn at least 999,999 Elaborate Exp.
Eternal Executional (Silver) - View all Deaths by Trapmobile.
Executioner (Bronze) - View a Death by Trapmobile.
Factory Finisher (secret) (Bronze) - Clear chapter six in Story Mode.
Fifteen-Streak (Silver) - Score a 15+ hit combo.
Filmmaker (Bronze) - Upload a replay.
Gadget Lover (Bronze) - Use a trapmobile.
Humiliating Expert (Silver) - Earn at least 999,999 Humiliating Exp.
Jailor (Bronze) - Capture an enemy.
Naughty Girl (Bronze) - Clear a Mission.
Obsessive Collector (Gold) - Upgrade all traps.
Quest Clearer (Bronze) - Clear a quest you have downloaded in Cross-Quest mode.
Quest Creator (Bronze) - Upload a quest you have created in Cross-Quest mode.
Reliable Worker (Bronze) - Fulfill a Daemon Request.
Sadistic Expert (Silver) - Earn at least 999,999 Sadistic Exp.
Skill Collector (Bronze) - Acquire all abilities.
Stage Trap Enthusiast (Bronze) - Use a stage trap.
Stage Trap Master (Gold) - Use all stage traps.
Super Gadget Lover (Silver) - Use all trapmobiles.
Super Quest Clearer (Silver) - Clear ten quests you have downloaded in Cross-Quest mode.
Super Quest Creator (Silver) - Upload ten quests you have created in Cross-Quest mode.
Ten-Streak (Bronze) - Score a 10+ hit combo.
The All-Knowing One (Bronze) - Complete the Enemy List.
The Devil Herself (Silver) - Clear all the Missions.
Trap Collector (Silver) - Acquire all traps.
Trap Master (Platinum) - Acquire all trophies.
Ultimate Destroyer (Silver) - Perform an armor break on all characters who are wearing breakable armor.
Voyeur (Bronze) - Download a replay.
Wayward Woman (Bronze) - Clear ten or more Missions.
Workaholic (Gold) - Fulfill all Daemon Requests.

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