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Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
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Level select and sound test
Highlight the "Exit" selection on the option screen with controller one. Hold [L] + [Start] on controller two and press [Start] on controller one.

New weapon
Successfully complete the game under the expert or professional difficulty setting. Wait for the game to return to the first level to find a new weapon.
Defeating Sardious
Dodge the ice beams that he shoots out of his mouth. Then, quickly jump on one of the two ice bridges that appears from his mouth on his stomach. Quickly duck and rapidly fire at his head. The ice bridges will break. Repeat this sequence until he dies.

Defeating the Giant Bird Boss
After going through the vine level, you will encounter a Giant Bird Boss. If you have the golden armor with the special shield and the daggers, this should be easy. First, do your power up once. Then keep shooting it until it has been defeated. You can now get the key and unlock the next level (the haunted ship).

Level 1
Just keep shooting the zombies then get the chest on the pillar. Hopefully you will get the throwing dagger, as it is the best weapon for this level, and perhaps the entire e game. If it is not in the chest, any other weapon except for the torch will suffice. If it is a torch, do not collect it. Continue on and you will reach the "cage" with the Will-O-Wisp looking things in it. If you have the dagger this should be easy. Just walk towards it until it comes up, then jump and shoot it rapidly until it dies. Then go out of the cage by going through the other side. Shoot the wolf with a few daggers or whatever weapon you have. Jump over the pillar and kill the Will-O-Wisp things. Then, walk over to the pillar. A zombie should appear. Kill it, then jump over the pillar and go onto the crease in the ground. Jump up and shoot the wolf a few times or until it dies. Then, go into the cage and kill the Will-O-Wisps. Exit the cage and go back a little bit to where you can jump onto the ledge above you. Jump up there and shoot the chest. If you still have your armor at the time, you should get the green armor. Next, go over and shoot the wolves. Then jump off, but be careful of the floating coffin that is ready to come out of the ground. Kill the zombie then keep going. Do not forget to get the money. Keep going until you get to the trees. If timed correctly you can make it. Once you get to the second to last one (the very short one), jump up and a chest should appear. It should contain the golden armor, if you still have your armor. Keep going after killing the wolf and a few zombies. Get the money then go over to the water area. Run to the pillar and jump on to it. Stay there until the wave things goes by, then jump off and quickly get to the next pillar after killing the clam. Then stay on the pillar and the wave thing should go by. Then, kill the clam jump over to the next pillar. Wait for the water wave then a chest should appear on the pillar before the one that you are standing on. Get its contnet, which should be a shield, then do a single jump to get to the next little slab of land. Then do another single jump to get to the next piece of land. Keep doing this until the end of the level.

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