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Nov. 29, 2006
Finding Azalea
Azalea is found in a bush in the Far East village.

Finding Lacy
Lacy is found on the ground in one of the secret walls that you move.

Pixie at the far east shrine
There is a Pixie in the Far East shrine. Look in the puddle to the right when you first enter the shrine.

Finding the Light Of Hope
Look in the castle dungeon, in the wall of the cell to the left as you enter coming from the castle "upstairs"

Finding the Turbo Boots
The Turbo Boots are found in a bush in the Far East Village, not Azalea (who is actually found in the tree next to the church at the same village).

Pixie at the East Shrine
The name of the Pixie at the East Shrine is Plum, and she is actually in the puddle in front of the stairs in the far right room as you enter the shrine.

Quick experience
The Hattari monster in the East Shrine often runs away. If you can kill it before this happens, it is worth 3,333 points. It has about a thousand HP. You have to hit him with attacks and hope to get power attacks on him along with Forte's attack up magic.

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