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Level select
Enter "ALMABHOL" as a password. Select any level for game play with 31 lives and 7 hearts. Alternatively, enter "BORNFREE" as a password.

Enter "HARDBODY" as a password.

Extra hearts for health
Enter "CORONARY" as a password.

Rotate screen
Enter "TWISTEYE" as a password. Hold [L] or [R] and press [Left] or [Right] to rotate the screen. Press [Down] to return to normal.

Switch characters
Enter "BODYSWAP" as a password. Press [Z] during game play to switch characters.

Special weapons
Enter "OTTOFIRE" as a password. Allows access to special weapons that never run out of power.

Pinball screen
Enter "TOMMYBOY" as a password. Finish a level to reach a pinball screen. Note: this cannot be combined with the bonus screen code.

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