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Level select
Enter "ALMABHOL" as a password. Select any level for game play with 31 lives and 7 hearts. Alternatively, enter "BORNFREE" as a password.

Enter "HARDBODY" as a password.

31 lives
Enter "VITAMINS" as a password.

Extra hearts for health
Enter "CORONARY" as a password.

Immortal enemies
Enter "EVILDEAD" as a password.

Rotate screen
Enter "TWISTEYE" as a password. Hold [L] or [R] and press [Left] or [Right] to rotate the screen. Press [Down] to return to normal.

Restart without quitting
Enter "INANDOUT" as a password. Allows you to quit in mid game and return to the level select screen to continue or restart on another level. To return to the main screen, repeat the quit procedure on the level select screen.

Switch characters
Enter "BODYSWAP" as a password. Press [Z] during game play to switch characters.

Special weapons
Enter "OTTOFIRE" as a password. Allows access to special weapons that never run out of power.

Pinball screen
Enter "TOMMYBOY" as a password. Finish a level to reach a pinball screen. Note: this cannot be combined with the bonus screen code.

Bonus screen
Enter "CASHDASH" as a password. Finish a level to reach a bonus screen. Note: This cannot be combined with the pinball screen code.

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