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Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 25, 2005
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Race as a horse
Hold [Up/Left] + [A] + [B] + [X] + [Z] and press [Start] at the title screen. Release the buttons when the next screen appears and choose the "Saturn Mode" option. All ten cars and a set of horses should be selectable. A second set of horses can be accessed by finishing first on the beginner track on endurance mode with a horse. Note: A horse (as well as the yellow car) does not lose speed if it leaves the track and races on the grass for a limited amount of time.

Additional cars
Hold [Down/Right] + [L] + [R] + [C] + [Y] and press [Start] at the title screen. Six additional vehicles will be available for selection.

Turbo start
Hold [B] and press [C] at the starting grid of the Advanced or Expert courses. Keep the RPMs between 6500 and 7000. When the race begins, release [B] but keep [C] held.

Full pause screen
Pause game play, then press [X] + [Y] + [Z].

No tires in demo
Start a race and enter the pit. Press [A] + [B] + [C] + [Start] to reset while there are no tires on your car and allow demo mode to begin.

Helicopter view
Choose Saturn mode in the mode select menu.. Choose any track. Hold [Start] while selecting a car to race in time/lap mode. Select the replay option after finishing the race. View the replay after finishing the race. Press [R] to view the race from a helicopter's view.

Reversed tracks
Select Saturn mode. Highlight a track, hold [Start] and press [C] on the track selection screen. A mirror image of the track will be available for racing.

No opponent cars
Select Saturn mode. Highlight a car, hold [Start] and press [C] on the track selection screen. Note: You may press [L] or [R] during a replay of a race in this mode to change camera angles.

Extra time
Approach the slot machine that crosses the beginner track. Press [X] to stop each wheel. If "777" appears on the slot machine, extra time will be added to the race clock.

View credits
Press [Start] during the victory lap of a first place finish.

Daytona theme song lyrics
Set the number of laps to normal in the options menu. Choose arcade mode in the mode select menu. Hold [Up] while selecting a track. Press [Up] during a race to display the lyrics to the theme song.

Music selection
Enter the Key Assign selection in the option screen. Choose type B for the controller setting. Hold [A], [X], [Y] or [Z] (each selects a different song) while choosing a track or car. Hold the selected button until the race starts.

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