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Cheat Mode
The following codes require the controller configuration to be set to the default option.

Invincibility - Pause game play and press [R], [Right], [A], [L], [Right], [A], [Down], [Y].
Level restart - Hold [L] + [Up] until the game restarts the current level.
Level selection - Pause game play and press [L], [A], [Z], [Y], [Left], [Right], [A], [Down], [Right], [L].
Free movement - Pause game play and press [L], [A], [Left], [L], [Right], [Down]x2. Resume game play. Hold [Y] while using the D-Pad to move freely.
Easy lives
Enable the "Level selection" code and play as many bonus stages as possible. When you go on to a level, you will keep the lives which you earned in the bonus stages.

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