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Master code
Press [Select], [Down], [R2], [L1], [R1], [L2] at the main title screen. All features, including alternate costumes, outro FMV sequences, behind the scenes movie pictures, the Pool Party, and Psylocke, Juggernaut, Spider-Man, and Professor X will be unlocked. To use Spider-Man, highlight Cyclops and hold [L1] at the character selection screen. To use Professor X, highlight Magneto and hold [L1] at the character selection screen.

Change Academy opponent
Use the following codes to fight someone besides Cyclops in academy mode. Enter academy mode and select a character to train with. Enter one of the following codes at the screen where you must choose the course and lesson that you want to learn.
Gambit: Hold [R1] and press [X].
Wolverine: Hold [L1] and press [X].
Beast: Hold [L2] and press [X].
Storm: Hold [R2] and press [X].
Phoenix: Hold [L1] + [L2] and press [X].
Rogue: Hold [R1] + [R2] and press [X].
Sabretooth: Hold [R1] + [L1] and press [X].
Magneto: Hold [R2] + [L2] and press [X].
Mystique: Hold [R1] + [L2] and press [X].
Toad: Hold [R2] + [L1] and press [X].
Professor Xavier
Successfully complete the game as Juggernaut. Then, highlight Magneto and hold [L1] at the character selection screen.

Successfully complete the game as Wolverine in arcade mode.

Place the game disc in an audio CD player and play track two and above to hear music from the game.
Pick up and throw enemy
Hold [L1] + [R2] + [Up] + [X] during game play.

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