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Nov. 29, 2006
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Helicopter view
Enter [Circle], [Circle], [Triangle], [X], "_" as a level password, where "_" represents a space. This view only works on Arena, Rooftop and Arena 2. After entering those levels, press [Down] + [Start] until the helicopter view appears.

Unlimited ammunition
Enter [Triangle], "_", [Square], [Circle], [Circle] as a level password, where "_" represents a space.

Unlimited turbos
Enter [Triangle], [X], [Triangle], [Triangle], [Circle] as a level password. The turbo will start at 20, resets at 29, returns to 20, and repeatedly resets again to 29.

Alternate Minion battle
Enter [Square], [Triangle], [X], [Circle], [X] as a password.

List opponents
During game play in a one player game, press [Start] + [X] to display a list of remaining vehicles.

During game play in a one player game, press [Start] + [Right].

Hold [Start] and press [Left] during game play.

Escape when frozen
Press "Turbo" to escape if your character becomes frozen.

Custom game music
Press [Start] during game play. Replace the game disc with an audio CD of your choice. Wait for the PlayStation to load the CD. Resume game play to hear the music from the CD. Note that this will randomly select a song and the game disc must be replaced before changing levels.
Calypso portrait
Towards the end of the credits, "Calypso Photographer Craig Incardone" will appear. The Calypso portrait seen in the background is actually a photograph.

Deathmatch or tournament modes
Shoot at only one car at a time until it is defeated. The other CPU cars will leave you alone and go after only the one car being attacked. You must quickly choose a new target the first has been destroyed or all the cars will resume the free for all type behavior. This works well when playing with four players.

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