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Nov. 29, 2006
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Unlock all missions
Hold [Select] + [Square] + [Circle] and press [Right]x3, [Up], [Left], [Down], [R2] at the level selection screen. Note: More levels will become available if Tatsumaru has already been unlocked as a selectable character. Alternately, press [Start] at the map screen and enter the load/save menu. Then, hold [R1] and press [Up], [Down], [Square], [Up], [Down], [Square], [Up], [Down], [Square], [Down], [Up], [X]. Note: In the UK/PAL version of the game, highlight a blank mission ("-"), then hold [Square] and press [Right], [Left], [Down]. Release [Square] and hold [Circle]. Then, press [Left], [Right], [Up]. Hold [Square] + [Circle] (without releasing [Circle]) and press [Up], [Down].

All missions in mission editor
Enter the custom mission screen in the mission editor, then hold [R2] + [Circle] and press [Up], [Down]x2, [Right], [Left]x2. Note: This code will unlock all tilesets except for Office and European Castle in the mission editor.

Office tileset in mission editor
Select "Edit Mission" in the mission editor, then highlight the "New Mission" option. Then, hold [L2] and press [Circle], [Square], [Left], [Right], [Circle], [Square]. A sound will confirm correct code entry.

Tenchu, Inc./Office in mission editor
Enter the mission editor and highlight the "Create New Mission" option. Then, hold [R2] and press [Left], [Square], [Left], [Square], [Right]x2, [Circle]. Press [X] and "Office" will unlocked. Also, Tenchu, Inc. will be unlocked in "Custom Missions".

Custom game levels in mission editor
Enter the mission editor and highlight the "Edit Mission" option. Then, hold [Circle] and press [Up]x2, [Down]x2, [Left], [Right]. A sound will confirm correct entry, and a CD icon will appear between "Edit Mission" and the memory card icon. Note: In the UK/PAL version of the game, enter the mission editor and highlight the "Edit Mission" option. Then, hold [Square] and press [Up]x2, [Down]x2, [Left], [Right].

Control mission editor view
When using the mission editor, hold [L1] and press [Square] to zoom in or [Circle] to zoom out. Hold [L1] and press [Triangle] to toggle through wireframe (with walls and without walls), and shaded views.

All Ninja items
Press [Square]x3, [Circle], [Square], [Circle]x2, [Left], [Up], [Down], [Right], [R2]x2 at the item selection screen. Note: In the UK/PAL version, Press [R2], [L2], [R2], [L2] at the item selection screen. Then, hold [Select] and press [Right], [Left], [Circle], [Square], [Down], [Up]x2.

Increase inventory space by one
Hold [R1] + [Square] and press [Right], [Down], [Left], [Up] at the item selection screen. This can be repeated as needed. Note: In the UK/PAL version, Hold [R1] + [Circle] and press [Right], [Down], [Left], [L1] at the item selection screen.

Restore health
Pause game play during a battle. Then, hold [Square] and press [Left], [Right], [Up], [Down]. Release [Square] and your health will be restored to 100. Note: This will cause your "Spotted" counter to increase. Note: In the UK/PAL version of the game, pause game play during a battle. Then, hold [Circle] and press [Left], [Right], [Up], [Down].

Instant kills in story mode (UK/PAL version)
Pause game play in story mode and press [R1], [L1], [R1], [L2]. Then hold [Triangle] and press [Down]x3, [Up]. When you release [Triangle] the game will restart, your health will go down slightly (98%), however you can now kill instantly, even if you are spotted.

Full map
Hold [Select] during game play to display the map, then press [Circle]x5. Note: In the UK/PAL version, press [Select] during game play to display the map, then hold [Select] +[R1] and press [Circle]x5

More options in mission editor
Simply advance in the game to get more options in the mission editor. As your character reaches new levels with new tilesets, the same tileset will then be available in the editor.

European castle in mission editor
Successfully complete the game with all three characters.

Play as Tatsumaru
Hold [Circle] + [Square], then press [R1], [R2], [L2], [L1], [Up], [Down], [Left], [Right], [Select] at the level selection screen to unlock Tatsumaru in the mission editor. Alternately, successfully complete the game as both Rikimaru and Ayame. Note: In the UK/PAL version, highlight another character, such as Ayame, then hold [Circle] + [Square] and press [Right], [Up], [Left]. While continuing to hold [Circle] + [Square], also hold [Down] and press [L1], then [L2]. Continue to hold [Circle] + [Square], release [Down], and press [Select].

In-game reset
Hold [Select] + [Start] during game play for approximately four seconds.
Special moves
Rolling Reverse: Press [R1] + [X] or [Circle] + [X].
Big Jump: Press [Up], [Up] + [X] or [Up] + [Circle] + [X].
Turning Jump (180 degree jump): Press [Down], [Up] + [X].
Wall Back Flip: Press [X] while hitting a wall in air.
Charging Stab: Press [Up], [Up] + [Square].
Turning Slice: Press [Down] + [Square].
Rikimaru: [Right] + [Square], [Left] + [Square] and [Left] + [Square], [Right] + [Square]
Ayame: [Right] + [Square], [Right] + [Square] and [Left] + [Square], [Left] + [Square]
Stealth kills
You can get the different stealth kills by being in the correct position in relation to the enemy.
Easy stealth kills
Sneak up from behind.
Sneak up from behind and crouch.
Jump on enemy, while pressing [Attack] in mid-air.

Moderate stealth kills
Sneak from the side.

Hard stealth kills
Note: This must be timed perfectly. Sneak from front (or wait for them to turn around into you).
Rikimaru's Stealth Kills
Behind: Rikimaru slits the enemy's throat.

Behind while crouching: Rikimaru trips the enemy with his sword, then stabs him in the chest.

Jump: Rikimaru stabs his sword into the right side of the guard's neck down through the collarbone area; Rikimaru then uses his left hand to push the guard's neck towards his sword causing the guard's neck to snap.
Easy kills
Hitting an enemy who is not aware of your presence in the head with a blow gun dart will automatically kill them.

Throw a smoke bomb from above, then jump down behind the enemy and perform a stealth kill. Note: This trick requires skill.

Hide a dead body
o to the head of the dead body and hold "Roll", Your character will hold on to the head. Use the D-Pad to drag the body. Note: This will not work on an animal or a body that is missing a limb.

Break enemy's bones
Get behind an enemy, then face away so your back is to theirs and press [Square]. Rikimaru will elbow the enemy in the back, then breaks more of their bones followed by their neck.

Gang Of Thieves: Easy Ninja Items for Rikimaru
To get Ninja Items that required Grand Master Rank play the level many times as Rikimaru without killing the normal enemies (thieves) except Garan, since this must be done to continue on to the next level. From the start of this level, walk to northwest ignoring the Ki meter. Do not worry if the enemy detects you, just keep running until reaching Garan's house. After that, kill Garan and you will have some great Ninja Items with Apprentice Rank.

Labor Shortage: Easy Grand Master secret items
To easily get the secret items awarded by the Grand Master rank, just play the Labor Shortage level with Tatsumaru repeatedly.

The Final Dawn: Easier level
Turn 180 degrees and walk to the white mast. Over the loop in it is the Mine item. The upper-left of the level has a Health Bottle. You can walk on the rim of the ship (do not fall). You can, however, walk on the steel plates of the ship. There are eighteen enemies. There is no one on the huge tower in the center. After eliminating them all, you must fight Gohda's guard Jubei, the samurai from Samurai Shodown. Then, suicide by Keppuku in the FMV sequence. Press [X] to advance through the credits to find out that Red Sparrow is Onikage from Tenchu.

New look
Use the Ninja Armor to get a new outfit for your ninja. To get the Ninja Armor, get Grand Master fifteen times. Note: You cannot use the Ninja Armor in the mission editor.

Create a rooftop level
Use the town tileset to make a rooftop level in the mission editor. Use pitfalls and flat ground rooftops and put buildings close together to make it more realistic. Power jump to get from building to building.

Rotate objects
When using the mission editor, hold [R1] and press [Circle] to rotate objects such as bridges and roofs.

Shark in last level
During the last level, go to the ship where you fight the first Boss. Go around his ship to the right side (coming from the south side) and swim in the water north/northeast to find a very big ship that towers above anything your grappling hook can even touch. Swim around on this side of the ship for awhile. Somewhere nearby a shark should appear in the water. The shark can hurt you, and will put the enemies on alert as if he was a normal enemy.

Steal items from enemies
When the enemies are dead, you can steal their items by pressing [R1]. Note: You can steal items only if you fought ninjas.

Put away your weapon
Quickly press [Circle]x2.

180 degree flip
Press [Up], [Down], [Jump] during game play.

Getting items
After you kill a ninja, go next to the body and keep pressing [R1] until you get an item or a sound is played indicating that he has nothing. Note: This only works with Rikimaru and Ayame.

Avoid back attacks
The following trick is useful if you are being chased. While chased, press [Forward]x2, [Back], [Forward], [X]. Your character will jump, do a twirl and now be facing the enemy, preventing a back attack.

Kill the cat
Play as Tatsumaru and go to the Labor Shortage level. Cross the bridge and jump on the building next to the old woman and the cat. Normally, it is almost impossible to kill the cat, because it has 34,000 life. Equip yourself at inventory screen with blow darts, poison rice balls, and flaming arrows. Go to the area where the cat is found and get on the roof. Eliminate the old woman first, so she will not be in your way and get you caught. Get on the roof and throw some rice balls at the cat. Let it eat at least three of them, then shoot at least two burning arrows at it. After that, shoot three darts at it. It should now be stunned. Push it in the water and it will float, dead.

Glitch: Automatic stealth kill
You do not need to pull out your weapons to perform a stealth kill. Run to the enemy and press [Attack]. Your weapons will instantaneously be drawn out, and you will perform the stealth kill.

Glitch: High jump
If you are in certain levels (Quarantine Village, Laborers), you do not need a grappling hook to get on to the roof of a house. Run up to the wall, face it, and jump. Your character will jump twice the normal height of the usual jump and land on top of the roof without hanging on the side.

Glitch: Swim in air
Edit a new map using a tileset which has water with a depth of at least -2. Put water with a depth of -2 or deeper at any boundary of the map and then test it. Wall-strafe along the boundary into the water. You will enter swim mode without falling into the water. Your character will be treading in air when you are above the water, and swimming in air when you go above land. This works anywhere that has deep water, a ground adjacent to the water and at water level, and a wall that runs alongside the water and ground.

Glitch: Stuck in hole
Note: This can only be performed in the Mission Editor. Try to fall down a pitfall, then press [Start] and go to "Exit". You will see your character completely fall down until he or she hits their head. He or she will stand up and cannot get out. If you press [Square] and press [Start] and go to "Exit", he or she will reach the ground, still standing.

Glitch: Keep Tatsumaru's sword out
There are two ways to do this trick. The first is to take Tatsumaru to a ledge high enough to cause the falling animation. Then, stand close to the ledge, turned so it is on Tatsumaru's left. Then, hold [Left] and press [Attack]. If done correctly, he should pull his sword out to slash left, then fall off the ledge before he can sheath it again. The second way is to do the "bump" stealth kill with Tatsumaru. If done correctly, you will smash your opponent in the back of the neck. On any level accept Labor Shortage, there is a glitch and Tatsumaru will have his sword out. Note: To re-sheath Tatsumaru's sword, just do a sword move or another stealth kill of any kind.

Glitch: Floating arrows
Hide behind a box after a enemy that shoots arrows sees you. Duck before he fires and it should hit the box. Immediately break the box. If done correctly, the arrow will float in mid-air.

Glitch: Kill shark
Play as Rikimaru at the Secret Harbor (recommended) or Sea Battle level. Equip yourself with fire arrows and blow darts. Go to the southern-most part of the area to find a large lake. Swim around to attract a shark swimming in it . Draw it closer to the shore. If done correctly, it will be unable to swim back into the deep water. During that time, shoot it a couple times with a dart. Do not worry of it does not show its life. Shoot it once or twice with a flaming arrow. Unlike the cat, instead of the shark freezing up when it dies, the game will freeze.

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