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Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
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Fight as Kuma
Complete arcade mode once. When selected, he will be a giant panda. To fight as Kuma the brown bear, press [Triangle] when selecting him. They both have the same moves.

Fight as Juila
Complete arcade mode with two characters.

Fight as Mokujin
Complete arcade mode with four characters.

Fight as Bryan
Complete arcade mode with six characters.

Fight as Ogre
Complete arcade mode with eight characters.

Fight as True Ogre
Complete arcade mode with nine characters.

Fight as Panda
Highlight Kuma at the character selection screen and press [Circle].

Fight as Mukojin's Wife
Highlight Mukojin at the character selection screen and press [X] or [Circle].

Fight as Gon
Play in survival mode and get at least third place in the ranking list. Enter "GON" as a name to unlock him.

Complete arcade mode using Doctor Boskonovitch. Then, select arcade mode and press the D-Pad off either side of the character selection screen. Alternatively, defeat Gon under "Ball mode" or play survival or force mode until prompted for initials, then enter "GON

Successfully complete the game with ten characters in arcade mode and unlock Tekken Ball Mode. When starting Tekken Ball Mode, your first opponent will be Gon. Defeat him and he will unlocked in all modes.

In round 5 or 6 of arcade mode, get a KO after only losing 5% of your energy. You will fight Gon in the next round. Defeat him and complete arcade mode to unlock him as a playable character. He appears just off to the right of the screen on the top row of characters in arcade mode.

Fight against Panda as a Boss
Select Tekken Force Mode and highlight Kuma and press [Triangle] at the character selection screen. The Boss of the backstreets will be Panda, since you are playing as Kuma.

Unlocking Gon and Dr. Boskonovitch easily
Set the game on easy, one round, and unlimited time. Play in arcade mode and on the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh round, allow your opponent to take all but five percent of your health before defeating him. If done correctly, the announcer will say "Great". Gon or Dr. Boskonovitch will be your opponent in the next round. Defeat them to unlock them as playable characters.

Defeat Gon in Tekken Ball mode to unlock him in all modes.

Tekken Ball mode
View all endings of the ten base characters to enable the "Ball Mode" option -- complete the game ten times.

Hidden characters in Tekken Ball
If you have unlocked Tekken Ball Mode without unlocking any hidden characters at all (e.g. using a GameShark code), then, including defeating Gon and unlocking him, any other characters you fight in Tekken Ball who you have not previously obtained can be accessed if you defeat them.

Theatre mode
Unlock each character, including Panda, Tiger, Doctor Boskonovitch, and Gon, and view their endings. The "Disc" and "Sound" options under "Theatre Mode" will now be available.

High School stage
Unlock Jin or Xiaoyu's extra costume, then get them as challenger in that costume.

Alternate ending pose
Perform the following after defeating your opponent on any round. Hold [X] or [Circle] throughout the instant replay. Your fighter will perform a special pose.

The last button pressed before you KO someone will determine the winning pose at the end. For example, if you kick your opponent the pose will differ from if you punch. Also, with Gun Jack, if you use a kick, he will fly up into the sky or ceiling of the setting. This is strange in Jin's gym, where Gun Jack will seemingly be going to hit the wooden roof, but instead you get a magnified close up of it.

Alternate background
Complete arcade mode with all twenty-one characters, including Gon and Dr. Boskonovitch (you also may need to complete it with Tiger). The background in practice mode changes so that Tekken 3 and King of Iron Fist Tournament 3 scrolls across behind the player selection boxes, which are now in the style of the versus board.
Standard throws
Left Throw: Press [Square] + [X].
Right Throw Press [Triangle] + [Circle].
Reverse a reversal
If the CPU reverses a Left Punch ([Square]) quickly press [Forward] + [Square] + [X].
If the CPU reverses a Right Punch ([Triangle]) quickly press [Forward] + [Triangle] + [Circle].
If the CPU reverses a Left Kick ([X]) quickly press [Forward] + [X] + [Square].
If the CPU reverses a Right Kick ([Circle]) quickly press [Forward] + [Circle] + [Triangle]
Bryan Fury: Killing move
To K.O. your opponent, hit him with the following moves in order. Take one step towards your opponent, then do the Hands Of Doom ([Back], [Triangle], [Square], [Triangle]). When your opponent is trying to stand again, do the Slash Kick to send them flying. Then, do a Running Charge to finish them off.

Press [Circle] + [Triangle]. Then press [Circle] + [Triangle]. The move will do 100% damage if done correctly.

Bryan Fury: Power Kicks
Press [Circle] or [Forward], then [Circle].

Eddy Gordo: Moves
Bounce Reflector: [Up] + [X] + [Circle]
Twirl Flip: [Forward], [Forward] + [Circle]
Twirl and Left Upper: [Forward], [Forward] + [Circle], [Square], [Square], [Square], [Square]
Twirl and Right Upper: [Forward], [Forward] + [Circle], [Triangle], [Triangle], [Triangle], [Triangle]
Forward Flip Attack: [X] + [Circle]
Jump Slicer: "Sidestep" + [X] + [Circle]
Twirl and Ground Kick: [Forward], [Forward] + [Circle], [X]
Kamikaze Air Attack: [Forward], [Forward], [X] + [Circle]
Dance Floor Combo: [Forward] + [Circle], [X] + [Circle], [X] + [Circle], [X] + [Circle], [X] + [Circle], [X] + [Circle], [X] + [Circle]
Kick Forward Karwheel: Quickly press [Back], [Circle].
Handstand Kick: Quickly press [Forward], [Circle].

When playing as Eddy Gordo or Tiger Jackson, press [Forward], [Forward] + [Circle] to do a small frontflip. When flipping, quickly press [Circle] again to do a powerful kick that sends your opponent flying, and your fighter landing on his back. It will do 35 on an Iron Ball in Tekken Ball mode.
When playing as Eddy Gordo or Tiger Jackson, press [Forward], [Forward] + [Circle] + [X] and your fighter will do a sort of flip. If this attack hits, it does big damage and makes your opponents bounce high into the air. It does 30 in Tekken Ball mode.
Gon: Fire proof
The only character than is fireproof is Gon. When attacked with fire he will just stand there and it will only do one point of damage. This is true for both Gons.

Gon: Backflip Throw
Hold or press [Back], then press [Square] + [Triangle] while standing very close to your opponent. You can also use this as an escape backflip.

Gon: Disco Punch
Press [Back] then press [Square]. Gon will spin his arms, stand on one leg, move the other back, then lean into the punch. This will send your opponent across the screen.

Gon: Super move
Press [Circle] + [Square]. Gon will move back slightly, then tackle the opponent with fire.

Hold [Square] + [X] and press [Triangle]. Lightning will appear around Gon and he will charge at the enemy. Two hits of this will do a KO.

Gun Jack: Moves
Press [Forward] + [Square] + [Circle]. Gun Jack will walk up to the opponent and hit them with his elbow. Note: This does full damage.
Press [Forward]x2, [Triangle] + [X] for an unlisted throw. Also try [Forward]x2, [Square] + [Triangle].
For a strong combo, crouch, then press [Square]x4. Immediately afterwards, press [Square] + [Triangle] two times to do a combo worth about 70 damage points.
Gun Jack: Good ending
Successfully complete the game with Gun Jack in his secret costume. To get his secret costume, play with Gun Jack fifty times in two player versus mode. Both players have to be Gun Jack.

Gun Jack: Super move
Make sure [L1] is configured to "No use". During a match, keep on rotating the D-Pad or the "Analog-stick" in circles while holding [L1]. You will see Gun Jack spinning his arm around and you will also hear a voice saying one, two, three, four, five… On any on those numbers, quickly press [Square] to hit your opponent. If you press [Square] on five, he will make full damage. Note: Make sure you press [Square] immediately after he says the number.

Hwoarang: Dynamite Heel
Press "Down/Back" + [Square] + [X]. You should raise your foot straight up, give power effects, then bring down your heel like a guillotine. Do this twice for a K.O.

Jin: As Boss
Enter arcade mode and play as Heihachi Mishima from the Stage 9 Boss Stage (if available). Reach Stage 9, and because you are Heihachi, you will fight Jin.

King: 100-hit combo
Select practice mode and have King continuously do the Three Ali Kicks. The hit counter will reset when it reaches 100.

King: Defeating Doctor Boskonovitch
Complete Tekken Force Mode as King four times. After the fourth time, you will fight Doctor Boskonovitch with a one minute time limit. To knock him down for the first time, use King's Disgraceful Kick ([Back] + [Circle]). When he is down, you should be facing away from him. Next, do a Moonsault Body Press ([Square] + [Circle]). Continue to repeat this and look out for his attacks, some of which are quite powerful.

Kuma/Panda: Extended ending
Complete arcade mode with Panda to view an ending slightly longer than if you used Kuma.

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