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Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
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All weapons and unlimited ammunition
Pause game play, highlight the "Weapons" option, then hold [Right] + [L2] + [R2] + [Circle] + [Square] + [X]. Note: Only the weapons normally available during the current level will become selectable. Note: Hold [Select] + [L1] + [L2] + [R2] + [Circle] + [X] in the PAL version of the game. Hold [L2] + [R2] + [Square] + [Circle] + [X] in some CD-R versions of the game.

Level select
Pause game play, highlight the "Select mission" option, then hold [Left] + [R1] + [L1] + [Select] + [Square] + [X]. Note: Hold [L1] + [L2] + [R1] + [R2] + [Square] + [Circle] + [X] in the PAL version of the game.

One hit kills
Pause game play, highlight the "Silenced 9mm" selection under the "Weapons" option, then press [Left] + [L1] + [R2] + [Select] + [Square] + [X]. Gabe will say "Understood" to confirm correct code entry. A single shot anywhere on the body of an enemy with any gun will kill instantly. Repeat the code to disable it. Gabe will say "Damn It" to confirm correct code entry. Note: Pause game play, highlight the :Objectives" option, then press [Right] + [L1] + [R1] + [R2] + [Circle] + [X] in the PAL version of the game.

Expert mode
Highlight the "New Game" option on the title screen, then hold [Left] + [L1] + [R2] + [Select] + [Square] + [Circle] + [X]. The phrase "Damn it" will be spoken to confirm correct code entry. Note: Hold [L1] + [L2] + [R2] + [Square] + [Circle] + [X] in the PAL version of the game.

Weaker opponents
Pause game play, highlight the "Map" option, then press [Right] + [L2] + [R1] + [X]. A laugh will confirm correct code entry. Note: Hold [Right] + [L1] + [R1] + [R2] + [Circle] + [X] in the PAL version of the game.

View FMV sequences
Locate the area in level 1 where your character jumps through a window to get to the elevator. Go straight and jump over the boxes. There are pictures on the wall that resemble doors. Approach the middle picture where the Flak Jacket is located. Then, game play and enable the "Weaker opponents" code. The game will resume in a movie theater. Walk into the entrances to the theater (the curtains) to watch the FMV sequences. Press [X] to advance to the next FMV sequence or press [Start] to exit. Note: Hold [L2] + [R2] + [Select] + [Square] + [X] in the PAL version of the game.

Only half of the game's FMV sequences will be shown. To see the rest of the FMV sequences, set the beacon on the bomb in the lower level of the subway.
in the catacombs
After killing the other guards and reach the last two guards do not kill them. Sneak up by holding [X] the entire time. When you get directly behind them, quickly make a right. Release [X] and go. When you get to the place where you can turn left, do so and go all the way. Note: you may need to kill one or two more guards after you turn right. When you get to the last guard you should hear the door open. Kill the guard and finish it off.

M79 grenade launchers in level 1
Go out the window in the bar into the back alley. Look up and to see two fire escapes. Climb onto the dumpster and get onto the fire escape opposite the bar first, then jump up to the pipes and go hand over hand to the other fire escape. Be careful, because two terrorists will run out to shoot half way across the pipe. After taking care of them, drop down onto the fire escape and open the box for the grenade launcher. This makes the grenade thrower in the subway section much easier to handle.

To find a second grenade launcher in level 1, as soon as you enter the subway, turn right and roll past the guard in the window. Then, turn right down the subway track. Keep going until you see an entrance to your left. Climb into it and to your right is a room with no light. Use your flashlight to find a box that says M79.

Getting an M79
Walk into the first building and go into the first passage until you come to another passage-way blocked by two crates and a man inside that is shooting at you. Kill the man, enter the room, and go through the window. Start walking around the corner on the outside of the building. Kill the man, jump onto the dumpster, jump onto the fire escape, then glide across the pole. The M-79 will be in the case.

Remote-controlled missile launcher
Destroy all the cars on level one. Go down the elevator to the subway control section and look around. The message "remote" will appear at bottom of the screen when you get it.

Getting through the subway
Go to the opposite end of the subway after it explodes. Use the flashlight on the left of the tracks to find the C-4. Get the C-4, then go to the right hand side. Look up to see the upper level. Press [Triangle] to climb onto the red crate. Press [Triangle] to keep climbing up through the debris until the top is reached. This is the only way to exit the lower level.

Museum gates
Find the card keys to get through the gates in the museum. Check all the guards and people that are killed; they usually carry card keys. For the gate in the Rocket Room, shoot the control panel on the third level that keeps sparking while your character is standing on the elevator to reach to that level. The man with the card key is up there.

Room 1-3
To open room 1-3, you first have to open the door of the room to the left of the elevator by switching the switch to the right of the elevator. That room contains a computer. Approach the computer and press [Triangle]. The door to room 1-3 should begin to open. You must kill three terrorists before entering room 1-3. Each has a flak jacket and will throw grenades. Turn right to hide behind the boxes immediately upon entering the room. The terrorists cannot shoot or use grenades because of the boxes. Be careful, as there is an open space between the boxes. Use that space to throw a single gas grenade at the terrorists. Used correctly, the single grenade should kill all three of the terrorists. Wait for the gas to clear, then explore the room. Search the spaces that resemble lockers, and do not forget the flak jackets.

Survive burning
Quickly press [Start], then press [Start] again after catching on fire. You will be hurt, but still alive.

When you catch on fire, quickly roll. You will be hurt but you will not die.

See enemies burn
Use the taser and press [L1] to aim. Make sure that you get a "head shot". Fire the taser and release [L1]. You will see the shot from the enemy's point -of-view. Keep holding the fire button to see the enemy smoke up and burn.

X-ray vision
The virus scanner may be used to look through the walls to find enemies.

You can kill anyone with the taser except for the second Boss. If the enemy is wearing a flack jacket, then shoot them in the head.

Grenade launcher
Using a grenade launcher in close range will kill you in one shot. Try and use the manual target button to lure the explosives away, so Gabe cannot get caught in the explosion. The same should be done with grenades. Throw the explosive and use the same target. The grenade will land there, catching anyone in the blast

Shooting with the viral scanner
After getting the detonation codes from Ericsson in the Pharcom warehouses and the FMV sequence is over, kill him. This will not end the mission. Take the viral detector. "Viral detector bullets" will show up on the screen. When you use the viral scanner, press [X] and you can shoot a bullet into walls and floors. However, no windows, guards, or explosives can be shot with the viral scanner.

Get the detonation codes and take the viral scanner. Then, use any weapon you have to kill him. You will not fail a parameter.

Burn people with taser
Shoot someone with the taser and hold it for at least five seconds. They will scream and catch fire. You can aim, target, or just shoot -- it does not matter.

Destroying the helicopter
A critical element of destroying the chopper on the rooftop seems to be hitting its undercarriage (the white underside). This can be difficult after the chopper starts "smoking" and performs its deadly second attack pattern. A great way to hit the chopper (and deal with the Arctic terrorists) is to use the manual-aim-sidestep maneuver from around the corners of the radar assembly base. Duck out and fire. The chopper hovers behind the radar for a good ten seconds. By doing this, the chopper cannot hit you with its guns, but you can happily shoot its belly (thereby killing it), or at the heads of scampering terrorists.

To easily destroy the helicopter, shoot it awhile with a PK-102 so that it starts to smoke. It will shoot you while hovering over a radar. Arm yourself with an M-79 grenade launcher and shoot its belly twice. This will also kill the arctic terrorists. The helicopter will now be on fire. Take out your PK-102 again and shoot it again. After a few shots, the helicopter will be destroyed.

Killing Vladamir Gabrek
After you booby trap the first fuel tank, turn right after killing two guards and another in front of a gate that is along the way to the motion sensor power relays. Go to that gate and look at it. Then, turn right and face the building it is short enough to jump on. Go across until you are on the other side of the gate. Jump off and walk down the concrete, but stop at the corner of the building. There is a guard in a doorway. Kill him silently, then keep going. Soon you will see Gabrek and his escort walking away from you. Throw a gas grenade in the middle of them. Take the key and Gabrek's 9mm.

Mckenzie Airbase Exterior: Suicide
In the Mckenzie Airbase Exterior mission, you have to turn the ignition on a base supply truck. Doing this causes it to crash into a building and explode. You kill yourself, jump on the truck before it leaves.

Freedom Memorial: Defeating Girdeux
In level 5, Freedom Memorial, most of the time you can defeat Girdeux by manually aiming at the gas tank on his back. If you a harder challenge, target lock on Girdeux and shoot him with any automatic weapon. This also works with the shotgun. Shoot him for a while. He will eventually explode. If you want this to go fast, shoot him a few seconds after he explodes and he will explode again. Do this enough times and you will win. For an even greater challenge, try it without target lock.

Get a sniper rifle, then lure Girdeux onto the ground floor so that the base of the statue is between you and him. Zoom in on his fuel tank with your rifle. Shoot one round every few seconds. The statue base keeps him from drawing a good bead on you, and your evenly spaced, accurate shots should keep him too busy with recovering from the explosions to even point his weapon at you.

Highlight your shotgun and get ready. Aim at Girdeux and shoot when he is facing away from you. This should result in a one hit kill.

Georgia Street: Bad words
Enable the "All weapons and unlimited ammunition" code. Equip the grenade and go to the place where you go to help the Bomb Squad. Throw the grenade to the sniper above the building. However, do not throw it directly to him. Have it under him. Take cover, and he will say some bad words. If it does not work at first, try it higher or lower.

Defeating Kravitch
Get the M79. Go to the room where you are supposed to kill him. As soon as you see him, shoot the M79.

Defeating Rhoemer
Quickly run to the right ledge. Take the gas grenades. Crouch and throw a gas grenade at Rhoemer -- he cannot shoot you.

Defeating enemies
You can kill everyone in the game except Girdeux (the person with the flamethrower in the Freedom Memorial), who you can finish off with three shots to his backpack with a shotgun; and Rhoemer in the final level, who can only be killed by a gas grenade.

CBDC agents turn bad
When playing the first stage of Syphon Filter, wait for a CBDC agent to be killed. Once the CBDC agent is dead, approach the corpse and shoot it in the head a few times. All the CBDC agents will turn against you. Note: You can not kill the CBDC agents without destroying the mission.

Make the CBDC agent run
If you want a CBDC agent to move, aim at his head so the "head shot" message appears. He will run away.

Lazy CBDC agents
You can make CBDC agents stop shooting at the enemies by standing in front of their weapon.

Killing CBDC agents in the Georgia Street level
Enable the "All weapons" code. Complete all the objectives you can before you have to enter the subway. Kill all terrorists on the streets and blow up as many objects (lights, windows, cars) as possible and turn as much of the city black as you can with the unlimited grenades and M-79 rounds. Then, go to where you first started and carefully aim your M-79 at the CBDC agents' heads -- make sure it is a solid head shot. The Grunts may be bobbing their heads looking for targets. Shoot them all in the head and you will not fail a parameter.

Killing terrorists
On the Georgia Street level, equip your Tazer and make sure you are near CBDC agents. This is best done when you first begin the level. When a terrorist comes down the street, zap him and hold [Square] the entire time until a CBDC agent kills him and he falls down. If you kept [Square] held the entire time, the terrorist will be on the ground, shaking.

Tagging viral carriers in Pharcom warehouses
To tag the viral carriers in the Pharcom warehouses, climb onto the boxes, walk to the center, and press [Triangle]. If this does not work, walk around a little bit, as close to the center as possible while pressing [Triangle]. For the box that you cannot climb on, just walk to the center of the outside of the box and press [Triangle]. This should plant a green colored beacon on the carrier.

Joseph Stalin image
Move straight ahead n the "Warehouse 76" level after getting to the first checkpoint without getting burned. You will reach a giant metal box with a catwalk over the top of it. Climb onto the box, then onto the catwalk, and run straight ahead. After reaching the end of the catwalk, hop down onto another giant metal box, kill the guard, and look to the right (or where the guard was running when he saw you). A large painting of Stalin's face can be seen. Note: Although other sources credit the image to be Hitler's, it is Stalin's due it being located in Kazakhstan.

There is a second picture of Joseph Stalin in the Wharehouse 76 level. It is after the first checkpoint. You will reach a large metal box with some kegs snuggled up against it. Three men will drop down. Shoot the kegs to kill them quickly, then turn right. When you reach another box, turn left and walk into the space between it and the wall. You will find a hole in the wall. Roll under it and turn left. There will be a large picture of Stalin at that location.

In the first level, kill all the terrorists on the street. Enter the bar. There will be a enemy next to the window. Throw a grenade at him. Before the grenade explodes the terrorist will say something bad.

Dark room
Enable the "All weapons" code and use the M-79. Shoot the walls in every direction and they should turn black. When you cover it completely, the room will be dark. You will need a flashlight to get around.

First Choice Cola (PAL version)
When in level 1 (subway level), make your way to the first or second floor of the subway, and look for a vending machine. Press [L1] to use manual aim mode with the 9mm to look at the machine. There is a picture of First Choice Cola on the vending machine! This is probably the most budget cola you can buy in New Zealand.

Glitch: Dead Lian Xing still speaks
In level 10, Base Tower, you hear Lian Xing being taken away by Rhoemer over Gabe's earpiece. Then, when you defeat the helicopter that Rhoemer sends, a FMV sequence will show Gabe jumping off the tower and will reveal that Lian Xing has been killed. Once level 11, Base Escape, starts, shoot the very first fuel tank that appears. Lian Xing will say ''Gabe, check your fire! If that fuel tank goes the whole place will go up."

Glitch: Kill Ericsson without dying
When you are taking Ericsson hostage, get the viral scanner, go out of his window, then face him. Equip your sniper and snipe his head. Note: This will not cause a failed paremeter.

Glitch: Floating bullet holes
In level 1, enter the bar and make a sharp right to find a table Switch to manual view and shoot at the table. Make sure to shoot slightly above it Walk around and you will see the bullet holes in the air.

Glitch: Floating Monk
On the Rhoemer's Base level, enable the "All weapons" code, then get on the walkway to the cathedral. Shoot near the base of the right-hand window with the M-79. Get to the building and go to where you shot. The monk and his weapon will be floating in midair.

Glitch: Shoot through glass
In the Expo Center Dinorama level, climb onto the pipe just before you break through the glass. Then press [L1] and aim down at the computer or a balloon in the next room under the glass. Shoot at the balloon or the computer, and it will pop or break without breaking the glass.

Glitch: Dinosaur Exhibit Room 1
After going through and killing all the guards in the lobby, grab the guard's keycard and go to the entrance of the first dinosaur room. Press [Triangle] to kick open the door and walk forward slightly. Look up and manually aim at the ring of lights above. Shoot them out so you have three on the left and two on the right. Then, walk to the exhibit board (where you would read about the dinosaur). Edge left until you are fully on the left hand side of the board. You will now fall down into a pit signaling a mission failure.

Just as you enter the first doors to the dinosaur exhibit in the exposition center, crouch behind the first console in front of the Tyrannosaurous Rex and shoot out all of the lights with the silenced 9mm. Once done, stand up and run around the area of the console. You will soon fall through an invisible hole and die.

Glitch: Activate elevator from long distance
In the last level (Missile Silo), after the missile launches, go up the elevator you came down from. Go back to where the level started, at the computer console. Crouch walk toward the elevator and stop when you see a label that says "Elevator". Press [Triangle] and the elevator will go down as if you are controlling it.

Glitch: Immune to grenades
In the first level, go to where Kravitch is located. After you kill him, throw a grenade on the table. Stand in front of the table. When the grenade explodes, you will not be hurt. If you repeat this while a bit further away from the table you will die.

Pause game play, highlight the "Select mission" option, then hold [Left] + [L1] + [R1] + [Triangle] + [Square] + [X].

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