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Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
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Hard mode
Highlight the "New Game" option at the main menu. Then, hold [Square] + [Circle] + [L1] + [R2] + [Select] + [Up] + [X].

Alternately, highlight the "New Game" option at the main menu. Hold [Square] + [Circle] + [L1] + [R2] + [Select] + [Up] + [X]. Then, highlight the ''One Player'' option and hold and press [Square] + [Circle] + [L1] + [R2] + [Select] + [Up] + [X]. A sound will confirm correct code entry.

Level select
Successfully complete the game under the hard difficulty setting to unlock the "Level Select" option.

End level
Successfully complete the game to unlock the End Level cheat. This allows you to end the level in missions and in mini-games.

Imazlio Park level in multi-player mode
Successfully complete Matila Compound to unlock Imalzio Park. Note: You cannot complete Matila Compound without getting the Satellite Data. Make sure you get it inside the deer head on the wall. If you need help finding it, save the two Matila being asked where the Satellite Data is. After you finish that, the location of the Satellite Data will be on the map.

Kabul level in multi-player mode
Play the Kabul level and kill all seven snipers without being seen without collecting the AU300.

Pharcom Warehouses in multi-player mode
Successfully complete the Waterfront level with a time under 2 minutes.

Rhoemer's Computer Center in multi-player mode
Complete the C-5 Galaxy Transport level without killing the co-pilot.

Rhoemers Labs in multi-player mode
Play the Costa Rican Plantation level and find the female slave that is being beaten by a guard. Kill him and she will ask you to save her friend. Do that, and complete the level.

Biathlon mini-game
Use the Air Taser to snipe all the enemies in Room 413 during the first mission.
Defeating Mara Aramov
To defeat Mara Aramov on the train, get the AU300 out of the crate before you blow open the door with the explosives. Next, climb up on the train itself. Finally, walk forward so that you are near the beginning of the train. Aim through the train past the bullet proof glass and let Aramov have it with your new X-ray.

Take out your H11 and move back until you cannot see Mara, the hostage, and the fire. Keep aiming until you see "Head Shot" on the screen. Although the glass is bulletproof, when you move back there is a glitch that allows you to fire through.

Defeating Nigel Cummings
At the Waterfront level, make sure you take the MIL15 (to the right of warehouse Maggie is in). Save at least three shots for the next level. When you receive the order to kill Cummings, take out the MIL15 and aim for the ground immediately beside him. If you kill him, you will see the body in front of the truck.

If you do not have the MIL15, run to the back of the truck so he cannot shoot you. Take out the two men on the right, and the first man on the left. After the two on the right are dead, sneak around the right of the truck an take out the other man on the left. It should now just be you and Nigel. Stay near the front right side of the truck, peek around the corner with [R2], and kill him with a head shot.

As soon as you catch up with him, press [L1] to go in to manual aiming mode and take a head shot. You can ignore the other enemies, because once you have shot him you will have completed the level.

C-5 Galaxy Transport: Level completion
As you start, kill the man that runs up to you. Run to the right side of the plane and kill the hiding enemy. Run through the hall and shoot an approaching enemy. Rhomere will run down the steps, but do not follow him. Kill the man on the steps and collect the UAS-12 and flak jacket from the crate. Run up the steps and hit the switch to your left. Run back to the beginning of the level. Take cover, go into sniper vision, and peer around the corner. Use the same tactics as when Chance was fought in Syphon Filter 2. Shoot him out through the cargo door to complete the level.

Convoy: Flak jacket
After fighting all the soldiers in the valley, turn to the left and you will notice a ledge. Climb up it, and in a crate will be a much needed flak jacket.

without a key
You do not have to get the key to Room 413. Instead, go over to the bellhop at the elevator, take it up, go to Room 413 and press [Triangle]. Gabe will kick the door open.

Pugari Gold Mine: M-79
Parachute in and skip ahead through the communiqué. Turn the parachute around 180 degrees. You should be able to see a ledge with a guard on it. Parachute so you can access the ledge and shoot the guard with your 9mm. He was protecting the M-79. You can use it now or save it for later. From here, you can jump back onto the crane structure. Make sure you take the guard out first. He will have spotted you and can shoot you up badly.

Pugari Gold Mine: Crossbow
After getting the explosives, instead of going right into the tunnel turn right. There will be a crate on a ledge. The crossbow is in the crate. After collecting it, continue with the mission. Note: A crossbow can shoot through a Flack Jacket.

Pugari Complex: Get hit by truck
Talk to Foreman Joe. When you are done, kill him and look out of the large window. You will see two headlights turn on. A huge dumptruck will appear and hit the building. Alternately, do not kill him and run outside directly in front of the truck. Aim through the window and shoot him in the head. Turn around and the truck will run over you and hit the building. This may require more than one attempt.

Senate Building: Grenades
Enter the women's bathroom (the one without the stalls) and go into the last toilet. A "???" will appear. Press [Triangle] to get ten grenades.

Whispering Woods: Corpse
Play a mini-game in Whispering Woods. Run up the steps of the building and slide through the trapdoor. Run down the hall to find a man with no skin on his stomach.

Multi-player Slums: Stay alive
Do move from your position. A good spot to hide is upstairs in the passage with the blooper. Hide by the blooper so you can see into the room and as much as possible around the corner toward the passage you came in. Have a G-18 ready with plenty of ammunition. By the massive hole in the ground, run to the other side by the M-16 and shimmy round against the wall. You can just sit on that tiny ledge. Have a blooper ready. Also, on top of where you get the HK5, get in a small alley near the large ramp. Note: Use the shotgun only at close range. If it is close enough, one shot will kill.

Super Agent mode
During Super Agent mode, the 9mm and the 9mm silenced pistol require two shots to kill an enemy.

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