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Hard mode
Highlight the "New Game" option at the main menu. Then, hold [Square] + [Circle] + [L1] + [R2] + [Select] + [Up] + [X].

Some useful pointers to take note of when playing in hard mode:
In certain levels guards and terrorists are in different locations than usual. (For example, levels 2, 5, 11, 15, 16, 17)

In certain levels guards and terrorists patrol in different routes. (For example, levels 2, 5, 11, 15, 16, 17)

Manual targeting does not automatically start at head level.

Manual targeting the head does not come up with a head shot.

Terrorists and guards without Flak Jackets generally need a few more bullets to be taken out.
Super Agent mode
Pause game play and highlight the "Weaponry" option. Then hold [Select] + [L2] + [Circle] + [Square] + [X] (in that order). A sound will confirm correct code entry. Enter the options screen and select "Cheats". Super Agent mode allows enemies that have flak jackets to be killed with a single shot.

End level
Pause game play and highlight the "Map" option. Then hold [Right] + [L2] + [R2] + [Circle] + [Square] + [X]. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Enter the options screen and select "Cheats". This allows the current mission to be successfully completed.

Movie theater
Pause game play and highlight the "Briefing" option. Then, hold [Right] + [L1] + [R2] + [Circle] + [X]. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Enter the options screen and select "Cheats". Alternately, successfully complete the game to unlock all but four of the game's movies. The final four movies are unlocked when the game is successfully completed under the hard difficulty setting.
The first bonus movie is unlocked after Mission 5 (McKenzie Airbase Exterior) under the hard difficulty setting. Lian will say "Got it" as she is flying away in the helicopter to confirm the secret. The movie is called "Before and After I" and is on disc 1. It has some behind-the-scenes footage of an early rendition of Gabe. It contains CG footage of Gabe running through the missile silo from the first Syphon Filter. Gabe does not look very detailed and the silo looks completely different. Then the movie transitions to the finished version we saw in the game, with Gabe confronting Markinson.
The second bonus movie is unlocked after Mission 10 (Morgan) under the hard difficulty setting. Gabe will say "Got it" after he finishes receiving the incoming radio call. The movie is called "Before and After II" and is on Disc 1. It has some behind-the-scenes footage of a later version of Gabe and an early version of Lian. It shows Gabe and Lian sneaking through the Costa Rican rain forest from the opening movie of the first Syphon Filter. Gabe has a gray short-sleeved shirt on and camouflage pants and Lian is dressed in a black tank top and camouflage pants -- she kind of looks like Lara Croft without the ponytail. Then, the movie transitions to the finished version we saw in the game, with Gabe and Lian sneaking through the forest and coming across the burnt out lab.
The Third bonus movie is unlocked after Mission 16 (Aljir Prison Escape) under the hard difficulty setting. Lian will say "Got it" after she and Gregorov reach the escape point. The movie is called "Deleted Scenes" and is on Disc 2. It has four FMV clips that were not used in the game. The first one shows the Chinese general demanding shipment of the Syphon Filter virus. The second shows Archer in the Blackhawk swooping low over Gabe, who is on the back of the burning United Pacific train. The third shows Gabe and Teresa in the beat-up rental van they use during the Moscow missions (where Lian is chasing Gregorov) -- the van will not start and Gabe gets out to push. The fourth shows a bag lady pushing a shopping cart across the street in the New York Slums district -- Mara Aramov's limousine smashes the shopping cart and then screeches around a corner.
The fourth bonus movie is unlocked after completing the game under the hard difficulty setting. The movie is called "Congratulations! Party time!" and is on Disc 2. It is kind of amusing, and shows all the major characters dancing on the floor of the Moscow disco, Club 32.
Level select
Enable the "End level" and "Movie theater" codes. Select "Options", "Cheats", and "Disc 1 movies". Once there, pause, go to the "Options", "Cheats", and "End level". Start a new game, pause, go to "Options", "Cheats" and a "Select level" option will appear. All levels will be available for selection. Save the game and the new option will remain unlocked.

Successfully complete the game under the normal difficulty setting to unlock the level select option.

Enter the cheat options menu and select the "Movie Theater". Once inside the movie theater, enter the cheat options menu and use the level select option. You will be able to go to any level, including the last battle with Chance.

To unlock the level select option quickly, start a two player game. Play each level once, set to one kill to get there quicker. Start a one player game after doing this. Go to the cheats section of the options menu and choose the level select option.

Unlocking cheats through multi-player mode
Another way to unlock cheats is to start a game in two-player mode. Play it all the way through (if you set it for someone to die nine times, someone has to die nine times). Once done, go to one player mode and pause the game play. Enter options screen press [X]. Go to cheats some may have been unlocked.

Have two player match end in a draw. Do this by setting the number of kills needed, then playing in a level with grenades. Throw a grenade so both players are killed. If done correctly, player one should get credit for two match wins. Disc 1 and 2 Movies and Level Select will be unlocked in the single player mode cheats.

Agency Computer Lab multi-player stage
In the second room at the start of the Agency Bio-Lab Escape level, (after receiving the incoming radio traffic) are two vents that you can crawl through. The one on the left is the correct exit out of the Bio-Lab. The other vent leads back the way you came toward the Operating Room where you overheard Dr. Weissinger in the previous level. Head down this second vent back the way that you came from. When you exit the vent, there will be one Unit 1 trooper on the left in an alcove. Run past him down the U-shaped hallway which leads to the Operating Room. You should be able to see the autopsy table through the door. There are three more armored troopers in the operating theater -- one low by the door and two on either side up in the theater seats. Roll into the room past the low trooper. If this is not done, when you get near the door he will run in front of it to block your path. Run immediately toward the table with the computer. Climb up on to the table, and then up onto the balcony (you will probably get shot up pretty bad while climbing up). Then, roll toward the center of the back wall and into a small room. There is an M-79 grenade launcher in this little room which unlocks the Agency Computer Lab map. Gabe will say "Got it" to confirm that it has been collected. You do not have to finish the level for the map to be unlocked.

Bunker multi-player stage
Find the PK-102 in the Moscow Streets level. There is a point where two cars will try to run you over at the same time, and you have to leap and grab a pole above you to avoid them. After this happens, drop down, and go back and search the two newly crashed cars. Face the tail ends of the cars. The car on the right has the PK-102 inside. Warning: The cars are on fire, so search carefully. Also, after they crash an enemy will get out of each car. At least one of them has a M-79 grenade launcher.

Caves multi-player stage
Find the binoculars in the Colorado Interstate 70 level you must find the Binoculars. They are located behind the first closed door on your left that you reach. Press [Triangle] to open the door. This reveals a passage. Go left, open another door, and enter the room. The box containing the binoculars is in this room.

D.C. City Park multi-player stage
Find the dirty laundry in the New York City Slums District level in one of the washing machines in the first Sniper Building of the level. This is the building that is similar to the slums district level in multi-player mode.

While in the flaming building in New York City, you should come across a set of laundry machines. Run to the last one closet to the wall, and the words "Dirty Laundry" will appear. Press "Action", and you will put a coin in the machine followed by a loud "Yes I Got It!".

Disco Underground multi-player stage
In the Disco 32 level, after killing the bodyguard on the catwalk, three more guards will run in the door. Kill all three before they can throw a grenade at you. None of them have flak jackets.

Jungle multi-player stage
Kill Archer at the very end of the C-130 Crash Site level with one shot (head shot). It is recommended that you use the silenced sniper rifle to kill him because of its zooming capabilities.

New York Garage multi-player level
In the car park in Level 20, there is a point where Teresa will throw a gas grenade in the doorway to lure all the guards, which are equipped with M79 grenade launchers. Take out as much guards as possible with headshots with the H11 sniper rifle gun. Pick up all the ammunition from the dead guards and continue up the steps. Keep on giving the guards headshots and continue. When you see a door marked "Level 3" and a black van driving slowly, do not come out into the doorway. Instead, keep going up the steps. Be careful, as there are three guards are armed with a M79 grenade launcher, one guard armed with a grenade and H11, and one guard armed with a H11. To eliminate the three guards with grenade launcher and the guard with a grenade and H11, keep sneaking up the steps and peeking around the corner. When you see two crouching guards blocking the steps, surprise them by shooting your M79 (obtained from the dead guards earlier). Immediately afterwards, roll up the steps to avoid the impact. As you face the steps that are going upwards, you will see a guard creeping to hide behind the wall. Quickly press [R1] and also blast him with your M79. Keep going and as you turn on your last corner, quickly press [R1] and blast the two remaining guards. At the end of the stairway there should be an M79 grenade launcher. Pick this up to unlock New York Garage in two player mode. After do this, continue with your mission.

Pharcom Incubator Lab multi-player stage
Find the girlie mag in the Pharcon Lab, after you taze the guards. It is located after you go through the Mars exhibit.

Prison multi-player stage
Complete the Aljir prison break in without using the crossbow. You will have to sneak and roll up to the first man before he makes it out in the open. Roll a lot, but do not roll into him. You also cannot run or he will turn around. You should be able to run up very close to the male guard and the female guard who chased down the second prisoner. The last guard turns and looks around quite a bit. Walk against the left wall, and hide behind the support. He will walk out past you, and then you can get him.

Rockies multi-player stage
Find the H11 sniper rifle on the first level (Colorado Rockies). The H11 is near the waterfall and ice arch where you first meet Chance. Instead of jumping over the waterfall chasm, hang from the edge of the chasm and drop down into the tunnel. The H11 is in there.

Surreal multi-player stage
In Volkov Park, kill the first guard to the left very quickly before he destroys the car. After you kill him, collect the BIZ-2 in the car he did not destroy.

Additional multi-player characters
Find the M-79 grenade launcher on the second to last level (New York Sewers) to unlock the following seven multi-player characters: Ninja Gabe, Scuba Lian, Unit 1 (the final Boss), Dr. Elsa Weissinger, Uri Gregorov, Lawrence Mujari, and SWAT officer (helped in the New York Slums level). The M-79 is near the end of the level (in the parking garage). Near the top of the stairs is an open doorway into the parking garage, where a black van is driving past. Instead of exiting the stairwell at that location, keep climbing up the stairs. There will be five Agency operatives scattered on the landings above armed with silenced HK-5s, grenades, and M-79s. Use the M-79 to clear them out. The M-79 is on the top landing.

Complete the C-130 Crash Site level under three minutes to unlock the characters from the original Syphon Filter game in multi-player mode. The additional multi-player characters from the original Syphon Filter are: Girdeux, Phagan, Gabrek, Marcos, Rhoemer, and Evil Scientist.

To unlock the "goofies" set of characters (bag lady, CBDC agent, monk, corpse, and viral test subject), complete the McKenzie Airbase Interior level in under 3 minutes.
Agency Bio Lab: Avoid ambush
This level is very difficult from the start because you can only use the M-79 on Stevens' shock troopers and the ambushes. Eventually you will make your way down a corridor. Keep going until you reach A1, but do not go through it. Instead, go down the hallway to the left and locate the other A1 door. This avoids an ambush setup by two shock troopers. When you find the other one, they will not be so close together. Just use your M-79 to take them out.

Agency Bio Lab: Mainframe room
Once you have successfully escorted Gershon to the mainframe room, kill him then run over to the data uplink. Establish your connection to Teresa. After your communiqué with her, wait for control to be returned, then execute a quick left turn. Run and roll all the way to the wall. Now quickly turn around and take out the guard who just appeared behind you, and all the other guards in the room. Running and rolling to this wall will prevent you from being killed by a headshot from the sniper who enters the room with all the other guards. Turn and face into the room and run over to the data computer that is closest to you. Then peek out, and bust the melon -- he will not know you are there. Once done you will hear from Teresa.

Agency Bio-Lab: Escape
In the small room after you exit the vent from the morgue is where the game begins to get difficult. Through the next vent is a hallway with five Unit 1s. Before you leave the small room, check the lockers for a stash of weapons, including the grenade launcher.

Aljir Prison Escape: Completing the level
Make your own way through the level. When you reach the red door, open it. Go down the ramp after the intermission scene and wait for the light to pass. Then, bolt through to the next section. If the light hits you, equip your shotgun and blast all the men in the lower courtyard. Ignore the ones above you. Once you make it to the elevator, go up and into the courtyard walls. Ignore the guards on the left hand side of you and concentrate on the ones ahead of Gregorov -- he should be running ahead of you. Take them out with shotgun blasts. They are not wearing flak jackets. Keep running and shooting until you make it to the end of the level.

Use the following strategy to complete the level under the hard difficulty setting. Just after you kick open the door and before you reach the wall, your last checkpoint on the level should be activated. The trick to this is, aim not to be spotted. If the guards notice you and Gregorov, they will automatically shoot at Gregorov and you will not be able to complete the mission. Take your .45 gun out and press [L1]. You should be able to see a guard on the wall with a spotlight. Give the guard a headshot and shoot the spotlight as well. Walk slightly further and you should see a red-orange colored light on the tower. Shoot this as well. Continue until you see two stationary guards. Creep behind them, but also be careful not to get seen by the spotlight. Keep sneaking behind them and hide behind the corner of the wall on the right. Make sure that Gregorov is behind you. Observe the environment. You can see another stationary guard on the wall with the spotlight. Keep sneaking until you reach the elevator, but also avoid detection by the spotlight. Press the switch on the elevator and get to the second floor of the wall. Before you exit the elevator, stay on the corner of the wall and you will see a guard walking back and forth. Take your hand-taser out. There should be a point where he will have your back to you. At this point, sneak up on him and zap him. Keep on creeping to the tower and tase the guard there as well. By this point, Gregorov will sneak and he will get noticed. Stay on the tower and give headshots to the four guards that will appear from the roof of the prison. Run towards Gregorov, but at the same time shoot at the guards by pressing [R1]. By this time you should reach the east side of the wall the level will end.

Aljir Prison Escape: Killing guards
When you go down the stairs, kill all the guards. Just before you kick the door open, activate your shotgun. Open the door, run out, press [R1] to auto-target either guard, and shoot him four or five times. This should kill him. Turn around and run back into the room you just came from. Standing out there any longer risks a grenade attack. Run out with a strong gun, such as the shotgun, PK-102, etc. Take out the other guard.

Colorado Rockies: Air Taser
After setting the transponder in the Colorado Rockies level, exit as normal but stop at the first flare you reach and turn left. Hang off the side of the cliff to find a crate with the air taser. Note: It is especially fun to tase enemies in hang gliders, as high up as possible.

Colorado Rockies: H11 Sniper Rifle
When you first see Chance and the game identifies him, find the gap you have to jump over. If you drop off the ledge by walking up to it, you will slide down the edge. While you are holding on, press [Down] and you should land in a cave. Walk forward and you will see a box. Approach it and press [Triangle]. To leave, go back to the hole and press [Triangle].

Colorado Rockies: Kill the two snipers
Kill all the men after talking to Ramirez, then head to the cave up front. You will meet up with two of your men and they will tell you that there are two snipers. After Gabe tells them "Move!", run to the big rock where the man is standing. Climb up the rock to find a box with grenades. Be quick, as the two snipers can get a headshot on you. Quickly climb down the rock after getting the grenades. To your right is one of the snipers. Equip the grenades and aim for the wall behind him. He will run towards it and be killed. Go to the side of the rock and the other sniper will try to kill you, but will not succeed. He is on the top of a cliff. If you look another direction, he will appear and try to snipe you. Just sitting there waiting for him to appear is not going to work. Instead, throw a grenade up there, then look another direction. He will appear and get killed in the explosion.

Finale: Extra UAS-12 ammunition
If you happen to run out of ammo while fighting Chance, check the box where you got the UAS-12 and you will find more ammunition. Note: This will only work if you have run out of UAS-12 ammo.

I-70 Mountain Bridge
After you have disarmed the C4 and rescued the hostages, you will confront three trucks with three enemies in each one. All of them will have flak jackets. Stop running in front of the trucks and aim at the level of the enemy's heads. Shoot with an M-16 or any other quick shooting gun to kill them easily.

When you enter the tunnels after saving the GIs, you will encounter three trucks. Each will dispatch three enemies all wearing flak jackets. Each of them will also have either an M-16 or Shotgun. To avoid fighting them, enable the "Super Agent" cheat and shoot each of the trucks before any enemies charge at you. You will blow them up and avoid the fight.

Throw a grenade at each truck as they pull up.

McKenzie Airbase Exterior: Easier mission
After you have obtained the information from Holman and are near the tower, use a silenced weapon to shoot out the search light and any other significant lights. This makes tasing the guard and hiding after the truck moves easier.

Moscow - Industrial District: Flak Jacket
Turn left to find two cop cars in the beginning of Level 12:Moscow - Industrial District. The closest one contains a Flak Jacket. Press [Triangle] to get it.

New York Sewers: UAS-12
Kill Teresa, take her gun, and then quickly shoot agents with it. Note: You will fail the mission.

Pharcom Exposition Center: Completing the level
Get to the last part of the level, where you have to jump up and around in the Stonehenge room. Wait until you get the checkpoint, then back up slightly. Move forward into the room. When you reach the dead center of the structure you will hear a guard call out, "He came through the vents into this room". You will be easily spotted because they have nightvision goggles. Turn around and make a mad dash to the point where you made the checkpoint, and behind the large crate just beyond. It is much easier to kill the four flak jacket enemies from here. Peek out and take out the first two patrolling near the middle of the room, then sneak forward to draw out another one. Then, run back and manually take him out with a head shot. Equip your silenced HK-5, then locate the final man and run at him shooting. He will never know what hit him. Locate the smallest block, then jump up and around until you spot the HVAC duct. Shoot it out, jump to it and into the vent to finish the mission. Note: If you are short on ammo, when you reach the point where you have killed the men standing across the way from you, where the old Mayan temple exhibit was, go down, then climb up. Take their ammo after killing the man playing cat and mouse with you.

Pharcom Exposition Center: Easy kill
There is a section in this level where you have to crawl through the HVAC ducts. You will also have to shoot a GI with the crossbow who is just standing there from your vantage point in the ducts at the second grill. Once this is done, go down into the area and wait for the two GIs to arrive. Once the first one leaves, back up slowly, then just hit him with the crossbow. Be careful not to hit him in the head or you will fail the mission parameters.

Slums District: G-18
When you begin the level, turn to your left and kill the agency man. Turn around and run up the street to a lamp post. Kill the man who appears to your left on the wall. Then, run over to the other side of the street and hug the wall on the left. You will see an agency man come into view in an alcove on your right. Kill him, then continue down the left side of the street. You will come across an alley with a G-18 and full ammo.

Slums District Sewers: Completing the level
When you have secured level B, go up the ramp. Instead of waiting for Teresa to say "Gabe watch out", immediately execute a roll to cross the line into the next level.

Surreal: Second kill
In the Surreal multi-player level, if you are using the first controller begin the level by turning to the left and running to the first column. Peek out bit by bit and target player two for a headshot. When you finally get the headshot, do not release [L1], which you should have been using to target him. By not releasing it, you can just push the trigger again because player two should have just been put back in the same position -- right in-line for a headshot.

United Pacific Train 101: Grenades/Air Taser
In Level 6, United Pacific Train 101, there are grenades in the sixth car from the front. It is the third blue one after two gray freight cars. In the fifteenth car, there is an air taser. It is the fourth blue one after three gray freight cars. Note: When going for these weapons, there will be one enemy in each of the cars that you will have to kill. They are wearing flak jackets and will require a head shot.

United Pacific 101: H-11 Sniper Rifle
There is a H-11 with full ammo in the seventh car. It is after two cars containing many barrels and crates. The enemy in the car is not wearing a flak jacket.

Multi-player Bunker: Hidden items
Press the switch to open a gate that leads to a room with several flak jackets.

Multi-player Caves: Hidden weapon
Drop down into the hole that changes your camera view when you jump it. Open the box to find a M79.

Multi-player: D.C. Park: Hidden weapon
Walk around the side of the level to find a bush in one corner. Behind it is a M-16.

Multi-player: Incubator Lab: Hidden weapon
Climb the high cylinder to get an M79 from the top.

Multi-player: Rooftops: Hidden weapon
When you reach an area with a small ledge around the side of buildings, cross it. Get a M79 from the ledge. You can also drop down from the ledge above, however you might fall.

Multi-player Small Village: Hidden items
When you begin, run forward until you see a window you can reach. Pull up to find three flak jackets, a M-16, and three grenades on the balcony. Note: You can also enter around the other side by climbing on the gate.

H11 sniper rifle
As soon as game play starts on level 1, do not drop out of the parachute just yet. Aim for the ledge above the three GIs sitting around the fire in the distance. You may have to press [Down] a few times to keep Gabe from landing. If you make it to the ledge, there is a box full of H11 rapid fire sniper rifle ammo at that location. This is especially useful when you are trying to pick off some of the enemies with flak jackets.

When you start a new game in the first level and are on the parachute, you can see a man lying next to a huge rock. There is a H11 with full ammo at that location. To get to the rock, fly in front of it and press [Down] to elevate. Then, press [Forward] to get to the rock.

Go to the next to last level on Disc 1 (the second train level, after the agency operative grenades the train). This is the train level that is timed, so you have to be quick. Get to about the seventh or eighth car from the beginning, which is the green car after the first grenade thrower. Hang off the left edge of the car. Drop down to the ledge and enter the car. Kill the enemy and look inside the box for the H11 and 300 rounds.

On the level 1, when you find Chance and he leaves, stand near the gap he jumps over, but do not cross it. Instead, climb down the side that you are on by holding [X] and walking towards the edge. You will see a cave deeper in the gap. Jump in and walk in the cave to find an ammo box with an H11 Sniper Rifle.

In the first level, when you meet the man who tells you to follow him so he can take you to Chance, follow him until the opening of the cave. Then, turn around and run in the direction opposite to the cave to find an M16 with full ammo. It is hard to find, but is there.

Defeating Archer
If you collected the H11 in level 7 (Colorado Train Race), you can use it to easily defeat Archer. Note: If you are trying to get the two-player level "Jungle Temple" by killing Archer with one shot, do not use the H11.

Save some M16 or Sniper Rifle ammunition for the end of the level. Choose either weapon, then hold [L1] and shoot him. Note: Zoom in on him with the sniper rifle and shoot his head to unlock the Jungle multi-player level.

Defeating Chance
To defeat Chance, the final Boss in Mission 20 (Finale), watch the opening FMV sequence that plays at the beginning of this level, as it provides some hints. As soon as the level begins, turn right and run out the second door. Run to the helicopter and take the flak jacket and UAS-12 auto-shotgun. It is probably a good idea to run behind the helicopter to stay out of the line of fire and take the flak jacket first. Dodge around while doing this, roll under the helicopter, and do whatever is necessary to keep the helicopter between you and him so he cannot get a clear shot. Keep checking your radar to watch his location. Once you have gotten both items, switch to the UAS-12 and run around the helicopter. Keep running around and dodge him until he is down by the tail and you are standing near the cockpit. When that happens, face the helicopter, then run out into the open to your left (which is the right side of the Blackhawk). Wait for him to get on to your side of the helicopter. Then maneuver so that there is a direct line between you, him, and the tail rotor of the UH-60. Shoot him with the UAS-12. He will not be able to fire back while you are hitting him, and the impact of the shotgun blasts will carry him into the rotor.

Since Chance is covered in full body armor, the weapons you have when the game starts are practically useless. When the battle begins, leave through the side door and run and roll at the same time to the left side of the plane to get the powerful shotgun (inside the helicopter). Try to get Chance to the end of the helicopter with the spinning blade. Shoot him with other weapons until he gets there, so he will not have a chance to shoot back. Once he gets to the end of the helicopter, shoot him three or four times with the shotgun until he flies back into the blades, where eventually he will get caught.

To defeat Chance in mission 20, watch the opening FMV sequence at the beginning of the level. As soon as the level starts, turn to your right out the door. If you are low on armor, head around the nose of the helicopter, turn to your right and head for the cargo hold. There is a flak jacket in the box. On the other side of the flak jacket is the UAS-12 auto-shotgun. While doing this, keep the helicopter between you and Chance. After you have both items, head around the helicopter. There is a ramp that leads down - do not try to enter the door because it is locked. When you are down in the ramp, Chance cannot shoot you, but he will throw grenades. As soon as Chance throws a grenade, run out of the ramp with your UAS-12 ready. Get you, Chance, and the back rudder in line with each other. Start shooting Chance. Once you shoot him, he will be knocked back and will not be able to recover from the blast quick enough. Keep popping him full of lead towards the rudder. The blasts will push him back into the rudder.

To get more time during this battle, go all the way to the roof on the stairs and grab every M-79 on the stairs, including the one in the crate at the top. You can use it to keep Chance from shooting you up until you can take the UAS-12. Be careful not to hit the chopper. As soon as game play starts, pause and select the M-79. Go out the door to the right, get some distance and fire while running towards the chopper. You will have little or no damage to you flak jacket.

When you start, go out the door on the right. Roll and strafe to the chopper. Get the UAS-12, then roll under the tail of the chopper and get the flak jacket. Roll back under the chopper. When he rolls under and behind you, line up yourself, Chance, and the rudder of the chopper. Use your auto target and start shooting him until he falls into the rudder.

Rush out the door to your right and roll behind the missile of the Apache. Then, collect the UAS-12. Roll under the tail and collect the Flak Jacket. When he chases you, roll back. Wait for him to roll into your range. Line him up with the Apache's rudder and shoot him into it.

Run out the door on your right while dodging his bullets. Run up to the closest side of the chopper and collect the UAS-12 and shoot Chance while running around the other side of the chopper to collect the flak jacket. When both items are collected, run towards the back of the chopper. Use the gun you collected to shoot him into the chopper blade.

Defeating Commander
Get a gas grenade from the back of the first truck. Sneak back without being seen then throw it a small distance in front of the jeep.

Defeating Morgan
Morgan can be one of the hardest Bosses in the game. He carries an M-79 grenade launcher and sports an unusually strong flak jacket, so it is nearly impossible to take him out with a body shot. By the time you get a lock on him, he will be shooting grenades at you. Normally the only way to eliminate him is by pulling off a lucky head shot. However if you save some crossbow ammo from the previous mission by only using it when you cannot taze a guard, you can kill Morgan with a single crossbow arrow -- and it does not have to be a head shot.

The checkpoint leaves you at the opposite side of the Morgan. Morgan will start moving to your left. Press [R1] to take manual aim to the left of Morgan. Morgan will run through your aim, giving you a clear head shot.

Use the following strategy to defeat Morgan under the hard difficulty setting. After Teresa gets to the last bomb, she will tell you to keep Morgan busy while she defuses it. Run to the center of the China exhibition, where there is a large tiger statue in the middle. By the time you get here, a checkpoint will be activated. Just keep rolling towards the boxes and hide behind them to avoid getting blasted by Morgan's grenade launcher. Under the hard difficulty setting, Morgan will fire more grenades, so you are going to have to be quicker when dodging them. Keep dodging his grenades and some point Teresa will tell you to eliminate him. As she does this, another checkpoint will be activated. Run to the top of the stairs where you eliminated your first enemy. If you observe carefully, there should be a low wall on your left and right. Hide behind the one on the right. You should also notice that there should be a part of the wall on the edge next to the steps just high enough to keep you covered from Morgan. Crouch behind part of this wall as you hide away from him. Use your M16 and peek round the corner by pressing [L1] and [R2]. You will see Morgan running around the edge of the China exhibition. Aim your gun at approximately head height and holding [Square]. Note: Make sure you have 30 shots. If you do not, reload before doing this task. As Morgan is caught in your aim, you will still shooting the M16 and he will be shot right through his head.

There are three ways to kill the M-79 sporting Morgan. First, use a headshot or many body shots. This is the hardest way. Many bullets into his flak jacket are impossible to deliver without taking a grenade in the process. Also, he moves too fast to get a decent head shot without exposing yourself. The second way is with the crossbow. Save a crossbow arrow, get into the open, then quickly press [R1] and shoot him. He will fall right over. The third method is to use a grenade. Learn his running pattern (more or less a large square in one direction or the other), then press [L1] to aim a slightly ahead of him. Throw a grenade into his path. If timed correctly, he will walk into the shrapnel and die fairly easily.

Once you see Morgan, run in a circle around the room, a few paces at a time. Once Teresa disarms the last bomb, allow Morgan to kill you. When you are revived, wait three seconds, then go into sniper mode and aim to the left. Aim past the box while still being very close to the left side. Shoot your M-16 for a few seconds. Morgan will walk into a head shot. Note: If it does not work the first time, or if Morgan goes in the other direction, get killed and try again.

Defeating Uri Gregorov
If Gregorov sees you, he will kill you with a head shot. Remember what Gabe Logon said earlier in the game, "What they can't see, they can't hit." The strategy here is simple: Kill the lights. Sneak after Uri as he walks around to find you and at the same time observe the environment and what you have to work with. Note the statue of the man on a horse, and the lights surrounding the statue. You will have to shoot these lights using any silenced weapon. Allow Lian to die and you can get a fresh start. At your starting point, sneak after Uri and stop at the center of the far fence (to the left of the statue). Hold [X] and have your weapon manually aimed at the far light to your right. Pay attention to the radar. When Gregorov's dot disappears from the radar, count to about five to ten seconds and shoot the light. Now, run over to the statue and hide from Gregorov. He will come over to investigate. He knows that you are near and will crouch-walk around the statue. Avoid being seen and shoot out the rest of lights, pausing about ten to twenty seconds in between to observe Gregorov's movements. Once all the lights have been shot out you will hear him say "Damn you!" You can now walk up and zap him with your taser. Watch for the surprise after he is defeated.

When you enter this final mission in Moscow, go to the tree nearest to you after the communiqué with Gabe ends. Pull out the silenced nightvision sniper rifle to take out the lights. You can take out these lights all from the same vantage point. However to accomplish this you must take them out beginning with the two on the left side. If you do not do this, he will notice and kill you with an instant death shot.

A silenced weapon is not needed to shoot out the lights. Take out your pistol and wait until Gregorov goes into the dark, past the tree. Shoot out the lights in an "L" shape. After the third light, he will spot you. Roll to the left side and aim at the last light. He will walk past when you shoot it and say "Dammit!". At that point, incapacitate him with your taser.

Get behind the closest tree. Peer right while holding [L1]. Wait for him to say "Where are you?", then shoot the light in the far right corner. He will rush over to that point and remain there for a short time. Shoot out the other lights, hold [X], and tazer him.

Use your Nightvision Rifle to shoot Gregorov in the leg. He will now have to kneel walk (similar to what you do when pressing [X]) for the rest of the level. Now that he is slower, you will be able to spend more time shooting the lights without worrying about a head shot.

Instead of sneaking around and shooting out all the lights, which may become very difficult, just shoot Gregorov with the Crossbow. It does not kill him, but knocks him out.

Chasing fake Gregorov
In the 12th level, when you are chasing the fake Gregorov through the streets in Moscow, jump across the roofs and then shoot the enemies just beyond on another roof. Just after the Russian militiaman says, "Up there, fire" you will be in an alleyway. Keep moving until you reach a cross bar connecting two buildings. This is where you jump, but do not do it. Instead, position yourself between the two cars. If you are good enough, both cars will drive past without hitting you. This makes taking out the M-79 launching enemy easier to kill.

Defeating Morgan
Once the last bomb is disarmed, get shot by Morgan. Then, hold [L1] and aim to left, just past the box Morgan runs behind. Keep shooting with a rapid gun and he will run his head into your fire.

Defeating Stevens
There is no in challenge killing him -- just quickly shoot his head.

Safe weapon selection
Instead of holding [Select] to choose a weapon, which often times gets you killed, simply press and release [Select]. This will bring you to the next available weapon.

Press [Start] to pause game play, and highlight "Weaponry" and highlight the weapon you want to use. Then, press "Equip" and resume the game.

Jump backwards
This trick requires very good timing. Press [Triangle] just when you get to an edge of a place where you can jump across. If done correctly, Gabe should twist his waist around about 180 degrees, and look back.

Leaning to one side
Hold [L1] + [L2] or [L1] + [R2] to lean to one side. This is best done when you are trapped behind something and there is an enemy that is aiming for your head. Release [L2] or [R2] to stand back up.

Better accuracy
Crouching increases your accuracy dramatically. This also works with all the fast firing Uzis and rifles.

Make Agency commando fly
Note: Perfect timing is required for this trick. On the United Pacific Train Race (the second to last mission on Disc 1), you will encounter two commandos who will say "Let's get off this train!". The two commandos will run away from you and start to jump across the cars. When the commando on the left starts to jump, shoot him with a shotgun. The force of the shotgun shell hitting him combined with his momentum from jumping forward will make him fly forward. Note: Enable the "Have All Weapons In Menu" and "Infinite Ammo on Weapon Pickup" GameShark codes to get the UAS-12 auto shotgun to make this trick easier to get.

Combat tips
When being shot at by enemies, always strafe and roll to prevent them from getting a lock on you. Always use a strong powerful gun when battling multiple enemies.

Glitch: Two player death match invincibility
During a two player death match in the Colorado Rockies level, hang player one on the cliff. Hang him low so the other player can reach them. Let player two slice the hanging person with the knife. As player one falls, hold [Down] on controller one. When the character comes back to life they will have blood on them. This may have to be done several times. If done correctly, player one will be unable to shoot or stab.

Glitch: Mixing weapons
If you change a weapon while jumping your weapon will look like the previous weapon. For example, go to level 6 or 7 (Colorado Train Ride or Colorado Train Race) and select the shotgun. Hold [Select] and cycle through the weapons to the Air Taser (if you have it). Keep holding [Select] until you jump, then release the button while in the air. Your Air Taser will look like a shotgun. Note: This works with any weapon you have , including the knife.

Glitch: Permanent night vision
In Volkov Park, when Gregorov shoots out the lights and the screen turns to night vision, go to the path where he ran. Stop at the top of the hill. When the screen is about to turn to regular vision, press [L1] with the night vision rifle and zoom in all the way. The screen should be completely white. Release [L1] and walk forward. The remainder of the level that is supposed in normal vision will appear in night vision.

Glitch: Floating bullet hole
In the Aljir Prison Escape level, shoot the door to the rioting cell block, then open it. Behind the door will be two or three prisoners being gunned down by snipers. Look at the space where the door used to be to see a floating bullet hole.

Glitch: Frozen fire
Enable the "Invincibility" cheat. In the Colorado Rockies level, get the air taser. Then, shock someone until they are on fire and stand on them (to catch fire). Go to the cliff where you have to use the transponder locator. Use it while still on fire. When this is done, you cannot hear Gabe talking. After that, he will be frozen while on fire.

Glitch: Disappearing and reappearing glass
Go to the "Morgan" level. When Teresa disarms the third bomb, do not skip the part where she runs and says, ' The guy's in here, hurry.'' Look closely and you will not see any glass. When Gabe tries to shoot Morgan, the glass will reappear.

Glitch: Mixed game
Open the PlayStation's lid at the title screen. The game will start to beep and the screen will go blank. Switch the game disc with Syphon Filter 3. After a few moments, an FMV sequence will begin from that gameNote: this trick also works with Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2. Note: The title screen will still be active during this.

Glitch: Invisibility
In two player mode, go to the D.C. Park. Have player one hang himself onto a light on the bathroom walls. Then, have player two run to player one. Go near him, and player one should become invisible. You can shoot player one, but you only see blood appearing. If this does not work, let player two face the direction of player one and strafe.

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