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Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
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Item trick
Place items, such as medicine, in the vault after they only have one charge remaining. When the items are withdrawn, they will be fully charged.

Easy money
Next to Commander Kraze's room is a room with people walking around and two suits of armor. Go to the suit on the right and press [X] to get money.

If you recruit the cup player, the speed of the 10k bet slows down dramatically.

There are three different patterns for easy money involving Marco (L: Left, M: Middle, R: Right):
L, R, L, R, M, M, M, R, L, M, L, M, L, L, R, R, R, M, R, L, L, M, R, M, etc. (240, 000)
L, M, R, , L, L, M, R, L, R, R, M, etc. (100, 000)
R, L, L, L, L, L, M, R, M, R, R, R, M, L, M, M, L, L, R, M, R, R, L, M, R, L, etc.(260, 000)
Unlimited money
Go to Rockland and talk to Marc. Bet 100 and check where the coin is located. Repeat this five to ten times and note the order of where the coin is placed each time. Quit the game, then repeat with10,000 bets. The coin will appear in the same order as it was the first time through.

Characters in the Elven Forest
Watch for two characters hiding in the shadows in the Elven Forest. If they are confronted, they will leave the game and cannot be found again. If can sneak up on them, you will get 100k bits for each of them. If you catch one, you will not be able to catch him again.
Free healing
Instead of paying to rest at an inn, use the bed at the Temple of Qlon. Note: Marie charges 30 bits per person at the castle.

Free Champion's Rune
Instead of paying 200,000 bits to get the Champion's Rune, go to the Village of the Hidden Rune when the Star Dragon Sword sends you 300 years to the past. After Yuber burns the village, go back into the town through the back door of the village chief's house and back into the village. One of the houses has a chest with the rune in it.

Unlimited money (Japanese version)
Go to Rockland, talk to the old lady that runs the cup, and coin game, and bet 10,000. Pick any cup. If you lose, quit the game, then talk to her again. Bet 10,000 and pick the cup that hid the coin in the previous game. You will win the game. Quit, talk to the woman again, bet another 10,000, and pick the same cup. Repeat this procedure to build your wealth. The coin will always be in the same cup as long as you only bet once per visit, or leave town. If you leave town, you will have to guess the correct cup again.

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