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Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
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Extra options
Press [L1] or [R1] at the options screen. An "Extra Options" menu with weapon control, blood color, view control, retreat turn, walk/run control, and auto aiming selections will appear.
True ending
Successfully complete the game with the best ending to get the Channeling Stone. You have to use this item in five different locations to get the true secret ending:
1. On the roof of the "Alternate School".
2. In the hotel parking lot.
3. The cabin of the boat.
4. Outside the entrance of the "Alternate Hospital".
5. On top of the lighthouse.
The first four can be done in any order, however use the stone as soon as you enter those locations. The fifth location must be the last place you use the stone.

UFO ending
Use the Channeling Stone that you obtained at the convenience store. You will find out that you have been summoning aliens all along. They will converge at the lighthouse and take you to their leader. It is not the best ending, but you will be treated to a humorous sequence and you will get the hyperblaster at the start of your next game using your gold saved game.
1. School rooftop
2. Alchemilla hospital before fighting moth
3. Motel parking lot
4. Boat
5. Lighthouse rooftop
Bad: Do not save Cybil or Dr. Kaufmann
Bad+: Save Cybil but not Dr. Kaufmann
Good: Save Dr. Kaufmann but not Cybil
Good+: Save Cybil and Dr. Kaufmann
Hospital doors
In the third floor of hospital area are two doors with three panels of push buttons over each one. Read the two pictures at the far end of the room. Use the "Camera" that you already should have found on each of the pictures. This will reveal the necessary pattern(s) that need to be re-drawn on the push-button panels. This opens the respective door and allows the game to proceed.

Other Church
After you complete the hospital, the old lady will tell you to go to the "Other Church". Go to the Antique Shop that is all the way in the northeast corner of your map. After using the Antique Shop Key, enter and go to the closet in the back of the room. Press [X] and answer "Yes". Harry will slide the closet to the side. Just before entering the hole in the wall, Cybil walks in. They talk about Harry's lost daughter. After that, move Harry into the hole behind the closet. When you get to the other end of the tunnel Harry will say "This must be the other church". Before going to the altar, get the ax. Although it is not a good weapon, it is better than nothing. Go to the altar. It will burst into flames, and Harry will pass out. He will wake up to find Lisa acting very strange. Note: You cannot save Lisa. Her mind had been taken over by Samel, the demon who changed the town. Do not waste valuable game time trying to save her. However, always do what she tells you.

In the junked up hospital, go to the generator room in the basement. Look at the machine on the left. You will see the Hammer, which is the best hand to hand weapon.

Chain saw
Successfully complete the game. Save, then play again in Next Fear mode. Go to the gas station and pick up the gas box. In your map, look at Bloch Street. There should be a store three blocks away that is marked similar to "Chainsaws Goodstore". Go there, and in a broken window you will find the chain saw.

Rock Drill
Successfully complete the game. Start a new game and go to the gas station. Get the Gas Container and go to the first floor of the Bridge Control Room to find the Rock Drill.

Hyper Blaster
The Hyper Blaster is obtained by unlocking the UFO ending, detailed below. Note: Channeling stone shows up on the Game Ending screen, not this weapon. The channeling stone is another possible item (in the convenience store in Next Fear mode if the game is completed with a Good+ rating). To get the UFO ending with it (and subsequently the Hyper Blaster immediately in the Next Fear mode), use the item at these locations:
Old Silent Hill: On the roof of the Alternate School
Alternate Central Silent Hill: Right outside the hospital before fighting the Moth/Adult Grub.
Resort Area: Norman's Motel, in front of the apartments
Alternate Resort Area: On the bridge of the boat.
Alternate Resort Area: Roof of lighthouse.
Zodiac Room
In the room with the Zodiac Signs, click the digit according to the amount of limbs in the picture (from left to right; Sagitarrius:6, Taurus:4, Gemini:8).

Unlocking the Grim Reaper's door
To unlock the Grim Reapers door in "nowhere", type ALERT on the panel next to the door.

Saving Cybil Bennet on the carousel
Walk up to Cybil at the very start of the fight, while your energy is full. She should slap you. Immediately after she slaps you, splash her with the "red liquid" to save her, saving valuable time. Note: The red liquid is found in the "normal" hospital, on the floor next to the administrator's desk.

Immediately before you enter the carousel to battle, stop and look around for one of those black small baby ghosts that are running around. Use the "red liquid" on it and the game will think that you used it on Cybil. The graphics will glitch for the FMV sequence that follows but will return to normal afterwards. There is no need to restart.

The first step to save Cybil
In the "normal" hospital, go to the kitchen. Get the plastic bottle by the sink. Then, go to the director's office and use the bottle on the red liquid on the floor. Later on in the game you use this on Cybil to save her from the creature that you see on the back of all the nurses in the "alternate" hospital.

Killing Cybil with limit ammunition
Equip the hammer or some other slashing weapon. As soon as she approaches, run away in any desired direction, until she makes the carousel move. Its recommended that you run on the outside second row closest to the entrance. Stop running as close to a horse as possible. You should see her sitting cross legged directly parallel with you. If not, run again. Immediately run behind her, get in position, and hack away. You will get about two hits if you use the quick tap attack. She will get off her horse. Run away and repeat. It should take six or seven attacks. A FMV sequence showing Cybil getting frustrated with the pistol will appear. She will then try to strangle you. Shoot her with the hunting rifle to finish the fight.

Easy final Boss battle
Before you go down the stairs to fight the final Boss, use up all of your ammunition for every gun by shooting them into the wall. The game recognizes that you have no ammunition to use to defeat the final Boss, and will automatically skip the Boss battle.

Saving time and ammunition
Run from some enemies instead of standing there wasting ammunition and time. This is especially helpful in the dark. Also, usually if you are not all that close to an enemy you can turn off your light and run, and the radio will get quieter. If it does not, you may have to fight. For example, outside the school in the dark when all the dogs are around and you can hardly get by them, do not stop. Turn off your light and run. Harry will not get tired, and you will save time and ammunition.

Complete the game with the good ending to receive the katana. Save, then begin the game again. Play through until reaching the first house that was entered in old Silent Hill. Go to the door that was previously locked in the hallway to find the katana. Completing the game with the good ending will also allow access to the channeling stone.

Hunting rifle
After defeating the giant larvae in the Silent Hill town center, there should be a gun store. Hanging out of the broken glass is the hunting rifle, loaded with only six shots. Note: Save all the green boxes you find (rifle ammo), then use them on Bosses. They are very effective.

Health drink
Run all the way up Bachman Road and look on the left going north. Very close to the end/top of the road is your car with a health drink in it.

Red liquid
Use the following steps to find the mysterious red liquid and get a better ending that includes Dr. Kaufman. First, talk to Dr. Kaufman in Anne's Bar. Pick up the key that he left behind. Go to the Inn and open his room with that key. There is a cabinet next to the bathroom door. Click on it, and you will be asked if you want to move it. Select "Yes". There will be a hole in the floor. It will have a key in it, but you cannot reach it. Go back outside and go to the rear entrance of the building. There is a key pad besides the door. Enter "0886" as a code and press "Enter". Go inside, and directly in front of Harry will be a couch. There is a magnet on the couch. Take the magnet and use it to get the key in Dr. Kaufman's room. Next, return to the room where you found the magnet. Go through the door that is to the left of the couch. It leads to a garage. Click on the motorcycle. A message stating that the dust is wiped away at the gas tank will appear. Use the key on the motorcycle's gas tank to find the mysterious red liquid. Dr. Kaufman will enter the room, take it away, and be very angry. Harry will say that he wasted his time, however the ending will be different because he uses the red liquid on Alessa. Lisa will also be in the ending, and she will kill Kaufman. If you do this and save Cybil instead of killing her, you will get the "Good+" ending, which allows access to the Channeling Stone.

Bathroom teleporters in school
Enter and exit the girl's bathroom in the second part of the school (through the clock tower). The game will transport your character to the second floor bathroom, which is closed off (along with the men's second floor bathroom) from the rest of the second floor hallway. There are two boxes of handgun ammunition and one box of shotgun shells in the second floor men's bathroom. After collecting them, enter and exit the girl's bathroom on that floor to return to the first floor.

Valves in alternate school
First, in the right valve: left, left; and in the left vallve: right.

Telling Dr. Kaufmann about drugs
When you are doing the things that Kaufmann left in the pool hall, go to the Indian Runner Store, enter the combination (0473). and go inside. Move around the counter, stand in front of the white drawer, and press [X]. Answer "Yes" to open it. Go all the way back behind the counter. Use the "Safe Key" on the safe that is down by your feet. It will open, and reveal three bags of drugs. You can not take them. Talk to Kaufmann to mention them to him.

Music room piano puzzle
Play the notes in the following order. <PRE> | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |5| | | | | | | | |3| | | |_| |_| | |_| |_| |_| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | 1 | | | 4 | 2 | | |____|____|____|____|____|____|____| </PRE>

Nurse Center puzzle
You must solve a puzzle to open a door. The door itself has four open slots and four full slots. <PRE> [1] [white] [2] [black] [orange-red] [3] [purple] [4] </PRE>

Clues to solve the puzzle can be found in the poem:
clouds flowing over a hill
sky on a sunny day
tangerines that are bitter
lucky four-leaf-clover
violets in the garden
dandelions along a path
unavoidable sleep time
liquid flowing from a slashed wrist
The red block goes in slot one, the blue block goes in slot two, the yellow block goes in slot three, and the green block goes in slot four.

Fast dialogue
Note: This trick requires a PlayStation2. Change the PlayStation driver options to "Fast Loading". During the various FMV sequences, the character dialogue will play faster, making them sound like chipmunks.

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