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Nov. 29, 2006
Primary Collection of Cheats
Player with instant 69 goal record
Go to create a player and enter "Shawn Bates" as a name. Enter the remaining stats as desired. Place him on a team and score a goal. You will see that he has now has 70 goals.
Move faster
When you have the puck, press [Circle] and move to make your player go faster.

Easy goal
Go to the side of your opponent's goal and pass it to the Center, who should be in front of the net. While the puck is being passed, press [Square] to do a one timer. If you do it fast enough, you should score.

If you go up to the goalie, but not in the crease, go left and right until the goalie gets juked out and dives. Slapshot the puck for an easy goal.

Get into one of the faceoff circles in your opponent's area. Win the faceoff and pass it to the wing directly in front of the goalie, like a one-timer, and it should go in easily.

Third jerseys
Select the team that you wish to play at the "Controller Selection" screen. When you pick your team, press [Down] two or three times. The bottom of the screen will display which jersey the team will be wearing (home, away, or third). The following teams have a third jersey: Anaheim, Boston, Calgary, Chicago, Florida, New York Rangers, Philadelphia, Toronto, and Washington.

Create an overall 99 player
Select "Create Player" and enter a name, height, weight, etc. For attributes, set everything to 99 except for Endurance, Aggression, Checking, and Fighting. You should have 37 points remaining. Set Aggression, Endurance, Checking, and Fighting to 49. You should have 1 point remaining -- do not use it. Go to "Sign Free Agent", and your created player will be an overall 99.

Team ratings
North American All-Stars: 99
Canada: 97
Colorado Avalanche: 97
USA: 97
Sweden: 96
Detroit Red Wings: 95
Dallas Stars: 94
Philadelphia Flyers: 94
World All-Stars: 94
St. Louis Blues: 93
Czech Republic: 92
New Jersey Devils: 91
Russia: 88
Toronto Maple Leafs: 88
Los Angeles Kings: 87
Phoenix Coyotes : 87
Pittsburgh Penguins: 87
Buffalo Sabres: 86
New York Rangers: 86
Ottawa Senators: 86
Washington Capitals: 86
Finland: 85
Florida Panthers: 85
San Jose Sharks: 85
Anaheim Mighty Ducks: 84
Edmonton Oilers: 84
Boston Bruins: 83
Carolina Hurricanes: 83
Chicago Blackhawks: 83
Germany: 82
Vancouver Canucks: 81
Calgary Flames: 79
Montreal Canadians: 79
New York Islanders: 79
Slovakia: 78
Columbus Blue Jackets: 74
Tampa Bay Lightning: 74
Nashville Predators: 71
Minnesota Wild: 70
Atlanta Thrashers: 69
Key players
P. Kariya: 96
T. Selanne: 95

D. Audette: 80

J. Allison: 87
B. Dafoe: 86
A. Carter: 83

D. Hasek: 95
M. Satan: 89
D. Gilmour: 86

V. Bure: 90
P. Housley: 85
J. Iginla: 84
F. Brathwaite: 82

S. Ozolinsh: 92
R. Francis: 87
A. Irbe: 87
S. Kapanen: 82

T. Amonte: 95
B. Mironov: 86
S. Thibault: 84
A. Zhamnov: 84

J. Sakic: 98
P. Roy: 96
P. Forsberg: 95
R. Bourque: 93

R. Tugnutt: 83
M. Schneider: 80

E. Belfour: 97
M. Modano: 95
D. Hatcher: 90
S. Zubov: 89
J. Nieuwendyk: 87

S. Yzerman: 95
B. Shanahan: 91
C. Osgood: 90
C. Chelios: 89

D. Weight: 90
B. Guerin: 87
T. Salo: 87

P. Bure: 98
R. Whitney: 88
R. Svehla: 87

Los Angeles
R. Blake: 96
Z. Palffy: 92
L. Robitaille: 90
L. Stumpel: 87

J. McLennan: 78

J. Hackett: 87
S. Koivu: 86

C. Ronning: 81
M. Dunham: 81

New Jersey
M. Brodeur: 99
P. Elias: 89
S. Niedermayer: 89
S. Stevens: 88
P. Sykora: 87

New York Islanders
P. Hamrlik: 86
M. Czerkowski: 85
K. Jonsson: 81

New York Rangers
M. Richter: 89
B. Leetch: 88
T. Fleury: 86
P. Nedved: 86

D. Alfredsson: 90
R. Bonk: 84
T. Barrasso: 83
W. Redden: 81

J. Leclair: 96
E. Lindros: 93
M. Recchi: 92
E. Desjardins: 91
K. Primeau: 88

J. Roenick: 92
K. Trachuk: 90
T. Numminen: 87
J. Lumme: 84

J. Jagr: 99
A. Kovalev: 87
M. Straka: 87
S. Slegr: 82

St. Louis
C. Pronger: 99
P. Demitra:94
A. MacInnis: 93
P. Tourgeon: 92
R. Turek: 92

San Jose
O. Nolan: 92
V. Damphousse: 86
J. Friesen: 86
B. Stuart: 81
G. Suter: 81

Tampa Bay
V. Lecavalier: 86
M. Johnson: 77
P. Kubina: 77
P. Svoboda: 77

C. Joseph: 96
M. Sundin: 95
S. Thomas: 85
D. Yushkevich: 81

M. Naslund: 86
M. Ohlund:86
F. Potvin: 84

G. Kolzig: 92
S. Gonchar: 86
A. Oates: 86
P. Bondra: 85

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