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Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
Primary Collection of Cheats
Legends players
Press [Circle] at the "Game Setup" screen to display the quick menu. Highlight the player icon, press [Right] and press [X] to select the "Create Player" icon. Enter one of the following first and last names and press [X] to accept the entries at the "Create Player" screen. A message will confirm correct name entry. Press [Start] to return to the "Game Setup" screen. Press [Circle] to display the quick menu. Highlight the star icon and press [X] to display the Unlock Legends screen. Highlight a Legend player that has been unlocked and press [X] to add him to the free agents pool. The Legend player may then be signed to any empty slot on a team.

PlayerEraFirst nameLast name
Andrew Phillip50'sWhizKid
Bill Russell60'sAllDefensive
Bill Sharman50'sCharityStripe
Bill Walton70'sShotBlocker
Billy Cunningham70'sLeapingKangaroo
Bob Cousy50'sB-BallsCooz
Bob Lanier70'sBigFoot
Bob Pettit50'sCrashBoards
Carlo Braun50'sHardWood
Charles Barkley80'sMound ofRebound
Cliff Hagen50'sHookShot
Dave Bing70'sTheDuke
Dave Cowens70'sRedHead
David Robinson90'sSpursAdmiral
Dolph Schayes50's SetShot
Dominique Wilkins80'sHighLight
Earl Monroe70'sMagicPearl
Earvin Johnson80'sMagicalGuard
Elgin Baylor60'sOffensiveForce
Gary Payton90'sHumanGlove
George Gervin80'sChilledIceman
George Yardley50'sYardBird
Grant Hill90'sClassAct
Hakeem Olajuwon80'sThe DreamMachine
Hal Greer60'sJumpShot
Harry Gallatin50'sIronHorse
Isiah Thomas80'sBad BoyZeke
James Worthy80'sBigGame
Jerry Lucas60'sLucasLayup
Jerry West60'sThe Mr.Clutch
John Havlicek70'sJohnHondo
John Stockton90'sJazzMan
Julius Erving80'sDoctor'sIn
Karl Malone90'sMailmanDelivers
Kevin McHale80'sSixthMan
Larry Bird80'sCelticsPride
Larry Costello50'sCrossOver
Lenny Wilkins60'sPlayerCoach
Michael Jordan80'sCome FlyWith Me
Mitch Richmond90'sLiveCoverman
Moses Malone80'sFreeThrows
Nate Archibald70'sBigTiny
Oscar Robertson60'sBucksBig O
Patrick Ewing90'sPlayerPresident
Paul Arizin50'sPitchin' Philli
Pete Maravich70'sPassingPistol
Reggie Miller90'sOutsideThreat
Richard Guerin50'sPlayMaker
RIck Barry70'sFoulShot
Robert Parish80'sCelticChief
Sam Jones60'sBankShot
Scottie Pippen90'sCompleteGame
Shaquille O'Neal90'sLittleWarrior
Shawn Kemp90'sPowerDunker
Tommy Heinsohn60'sFlatShot
Walt Bellamy60'sNoComment
Walt Frazier70'sCoolClyde
Wes Unseld70'sGlassCleaner
Willis Reed60'sSoft Touch
Wilt Chamberlain60'sBigGoliath
All-Decade Team players
There is a set of five All-Decade Teams (1950's through 1990's), and all of the players on those teams can be unlocked to become available to put on any desired roster. In order to achieve that for each player, the game will give you hints as to how this may be done. Michael Jordan, for instance (as well as for Wilt Chamberlain and one other player from the 1950's team), can be unlocked by beating Michael Jordan with any player in the superstar level in the game's one-on-one mode. If there is a way to unlock players by achieving certain performances in a single game, the easiest way to do that is to use a great team (like the All-Decade Teams) against a poor one (like the Chicago Bulls). For seasonal achievements, just work your way through it. All the achievements can be achieved, but if you want to win by a lot over a team, do not try to make 15 'threes' or pick up 30 assists in a game -- just play up-tempo basketball. If you try to make the achievements, watch yourself because you also have to win the game to unlock the legends.

Perfect player
The game will allow you to create a player with 99 in all attributes. Just move all of the meters (jump shooting, jumping, dunking, etc.) to 99.

Defeating Isaiah Thomas
Get fifteen steals in a game in superstar mode to unlock him on the roster.

Use a good point guard (preferably) with quick hands (Iverson, Kidd, Payton, Stoudamire, Brandon, and Knight are probably the best). Follow the ball. There are times when you can strip someone off the dribble, but that may be difficult (Kidd and Isiah Thomas do that the best). The easiest way is to strip a player trying to post-up down low, and your guard (the player you are controlling) comes on the double-team; but wait until the post player starts his dribble. You will steal the ball a lot by doing this.

Defeating Michael Jordan
Defeat Michael Jordan one on one in superstar mode to unlock him on the roster.

Although the following trick can be done with any point total to win, 11 is probably the best. Choose Jeff Hornacek to play against Michael Jordan. After getting the ball, just shoot three-pointers. Michael will not guard you until your start to make a lot of shots or get a big lead. When he does start to guard, back up a few feet from the three point line and shoot the ball. He will not guard and you can still make the basket. Note: Make sure to release ball at the top of your jump. Jeff Hornacek will not always make it, so only shoot the three-pointer on every other shot. He should make about 90% if he shoots every other shot. Try to drive on every possession when you do not shoot a three.

Another strategy is to use Willis Reed. Back Jordan into the lane, and then shoot within five inches of the basket. Jordan cannot block Reed, and Reed can also use a deadly jumper if he is less than 25 feet from the hoop.

Another strategy is to use Oscar Robertson, since he is a good all-around player, could can shoot and post-up.

Another strategy is to create a player that is very tall, with 99 in all attributes. Just post up and shoot three pointers.

Previous tips have involved picking a particular player (i.e. Willis Reed or Jeff Hornacek) and using their specific player attributes (low post power or three point-shooting, respectively) to oust Jordan. This premise for beating Jordan is very simple and can be used to shut him out on any level. Select any player with speed and/or quickness above that of Jordan's. I've found Allen Iverson to work flawlessly. Because of your player's quickness, use the full court to your advantage. Go down to the opposite basket and turbo your way down to the other end. In no particular order, you should attempt a fake crossover, spin, and/or regular crossover to move past Jordan and take it to the rack. His defense gets pretty tight on superstar, so you might have to try this a few times. After you score and go on defense, you will need to check Jordan the ball. This is where the fun is. As soon as you use a regular check (without holding any of the buttons to roll him the ball or bounce it between your legs), wait about one second and charge him with "Turbo" + [Circle] to knock him down. More than likely you will be charged with the foul, but every so often, depending on the timing, your speed will allow you to push Jordan down and steal the ball without a foul being called. You can then take the ball and lay it in without any opposition. Because you just scored, you will be on defense again. You keep doing the exact same thing. Playing to either 11 or 21 makes no difference except the game of 21 might take you 45 minutes to an hour with all of the fouls that could be called. Just play to 11 (you will unlock MJ, Wilt Chamberlain, Dr. J on "Superstar"; Kevin McHale and Earl "The Pearl" Monroe on "All-Star"; Mitch Richmond on "Starter", and a 50's player on "Rookie"). You should be able to shut out Jordan 11-0 with about 150-175 fouls. If Jordan does happen to get past your initial push 'n' steal tactic and starts to score, just foul him before the ball goes in the hoop. The basket will not count and you will reset to the initial check at the top of the key.

Another strategy is to use John Stockton. After getting the ball, move back a little and shoot 3-pointers. Shoot the ball at the top of your jump. When playing defense, just defend the best that you can.

Use Reggie Miller and drain threes. If your friend creates a 7'10 monster and you cannot get a shot off, use Miller again. As soon as you get the ball, run backwards a step and fling a deep fadeaway - or drive in and back him down as far as you can. Instead of letting the ball go at the peak of your jump, let go as soon as you can and the ball will go through his chest.

Use a good three point shooter (preferably Jeff Hornaceck). Put the score on eleven. Make sure that you go first -- keep trying until you do. When playing, fake Jordan once then lean forward on your jump. At the height of your jump, fire. If done correctly, he will almost always make it. Repeat this until you get within one point of the win, then drive to the hoop to win.

Michael Jordan in 1-on-1
Use the following steps to play as Michael Jordan in 1-on-1 without first defeating him. Go to the Michael Jordan 1-on-1 player selection screen, move to the right side, and enter the 90's Legend's team, and find Jordan. Then, go back to the left side and pick anyone. Press [Start] to play as Michael Jordan wearing white and blue.

Easy scoring
Start a one-on-one game with a friend. Pump fake to get him/her to jump. Then, just go right around your opponent with a spectacular dunk or nasty nice lay-up.

In order for you to score 30 points a game or 40 for any player, you must do crossovers and turnarounds. To do this, press the [Square] and [Triangle].

3-point baskets
To get fifteen 3-point baskets in a game, your best players to do this are very streaky, but decent shooters (Bird, Rick Barry, Iverson, Glen Rice, Tim Hardaway, etc.). Many times with these players, you can either kick it out to them from the low post and shoot, or (which is better most times), if you are going on the fast break, pull-up from 3 point range. You still have to shoot at the top of your jump, but with streaky shooters, you have a great chance of hitting several in a row, even if you do not shoot from the top of your jump.

To unlock Larry Bird you need to get at least 20 points in the 3-Point Shoot Out in Superstar. Try using Glenn Rice from the Lakers, or John Stockton from the Jazz. Use as many chances as you can get -- set it up for 8.

Try getting the Triple-Double with points, assists, and steals.

Create a player that is 7'10" and around 270-280 pounds. Make him a point guard with 99 in all attributes. He should be able to rebound, block shots, steal, score, and dish out assists very well. You should be able to get more than one legend by getting the fifteen steals and thirty assists.

Recommended created player
Create a player that is 7'0'' with all stats set to 99. Someone who is that height can rebound and block more with ease. He will also be able to shoot 3 pointers better than the rest of the team. With this player you should average15 to 30 rebounds and 10 to 20 blocks a game.

Dunk from free throw line
Choose a good dunker such as Vince Carter or Michael Jordan. Run up the court with turbo, then take off. It may take a while but you will get it.

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