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Cheat mode
Press "Turbo" ([Square]), [Shoot] ([X]), and "Pass" ([Circle]) to change the icons on the versus screen. The numbers in the following list indicate the number of times each button is pressed. After the icons have been changed, press the D-Pad in the indicated direction to enable the code. The name of the code and a sound will confirm correct code entry. For example, to enter 1-2-3 Left, press "Turbo", [Shoot]x2, "Pass"(3), [Left].

Show shot %0-1-1 Down
Home uniform0-1-4 Right
Beach court0-2-3 Left
Away uniform0-2-4 Right
Show hotspot1-1-0 Down
ABA ball1-1-1 Right
Granny shots1-2-1 Left
No fouls 2-2-2 Right
Big heads3-0-0 Right
No hotspots 3-0-1 Up
Infinite turbo3-1-2 Up
Street court3-2-0 Left
Tiny heads3-3-0 Left
No goaltending4-4-4 Left
Tiny players5-4-3 Left
Play as Dr. Atomic5-4-4 Left
Taunt opponent
Press [Square], [Triangle], [Circle], or [X] while your opponent is at the free throw line in a regular game or at the 3-point line in a game of 21.

Easy basket
Run up to the basket while pressing "Turbo". When you get to the basket, press [Triangle], then [X].

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