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Nov. 29, 2006
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Automatic homerun
Press [X], [Triangle], [Circle], [X]x3 while batting.

Automatic strike
Throw any pitch, then press [Start] to pause game play when the ball just reaches the batter. Resume the game. If done correctly, the batter will not swing at the ball.
Spring training stadiums
Select an exhibition game. After choosing the teams, go to select a stadium. Keep moving to the left or right at the stadium selection screen to access the spring training stadiums.

Good pitches
Get a pitcher who has these pitch types:
1. Fastball
2. Slider
3. Curve Ball
4. Change Up
Some good pitches to right handers are the High Inside Change Up and the Inside Fastball. A good pitch for left handers is the Low Outside Slider.

Get past trade value
During the season, or any other time, when you go to trade players, select the team that has the desired player. Select the player, release him, get your team, go to free agency and sign the desired player.

99 rated third baseman
Go to create a player and enter your name and stats. Then, go to attributes and set Arm, Fielding, Power, and Batting Average all to 99. Leave the rest at 40. Everything in this column above the points value is optional. When you sign him to your team, his overall should be a perfect 99.

Glitch: Error on play
After getting someone out or after play is made, run up to any base. Get very close to the base, and while still running, throw the ball. The baseman will miss and if a runner is on base it will count as an error. Note: This will take some practice but it does work.

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