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Nov. 29, 2006
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Automatic homerun
Use the power swing while in the batters box, then press "Up/Left" + [L2] + [R1] + [X] when the ball is thrown. If the batter connects, he will hit a homerun.

Big head mode
Press [R1] + [X] + [R2] + [Select] at start/options screen. A sound will confirm correct code entry.

Super player
Enter "Scott Murray", "Kelly Flock", or any other development team name as a player name at the player creation screen. For the ultimate team, create an entire team of Scott Murrays or Kelly Flocks. You will hit a homerun every at bat. Make the game only three innings in length for a quick win.

Blooper FMV sequence
Load the game, but do not interrupt the introduction sequence and demonstration game. A blooper FMV sequence will begin after the MLB 2000 logo appears again.

Extra out on a play
When a ball is caught, throw to second base. Move the man on second down while pressing [Triangle]. Keep doing this until he throws the ball in the outfield. Then, highlight your center fielder and make him dive for the ball. If he catches the ball, it will be counted as an out.
Charge the catcher
Repeatedly tap [X] when running home and your runner will ram the catcher. At times, this may cause the catcher to drop the ball. Note: Auto Sliding must be enabled.

Faster base running
Press [R1] with a good baserunner on base and he will run his percentile.

Easy hits
Press [Down] while using the power swing to get a single or double about 90% of the time.

Put on the power swing and hold [Up] while hitting the ball. You will most likely either hit a homer or a line drive off the wall.

Easy strike
When pitching to the CPU, pause game play when the ball gets about halfway to home plate. When the game is resumed, the batter will always swing too late to hit the ball.

Throw a changeup to the outside or inside of the strike zone. The batter usually will not swing. If he swings, he will almost always miss. If he hits it, he will usually pop it up for an easy out.

Throw a slider with a right-handed pitcher to a right-handed batter close enough to him that it almost hits him, but will slide by the plate just enough to be a strike. Do the opposite thing for left-handed pitchers and left-handed batters.

Easy out
This trick is similar to the "Extra out on play" trick, but easier. When one of the CPU players gets on base, get the ball and run to any base. When you are on that base, run to the middle of the out field. Do not run into the wall, or the runner will run. Instead, when you get to the middle there will be another man covering that base. Make sure, by throwing the ball to that base. When the man covering it gets the ball, the man in the outfield will run back to his base. When he gets there, run about three feet, then run back. While running, get as close as you can, then throw the ball to that base. If done correctly, the ball will be overthrown as an error. The runner on base will run. Get the ball and throw to the base that he is running to.

Longer hits
Hold "Up/Left" or "Up/Right" (depending on whether the batter bats left or right) while one of your better hitters is swinging at the plate.

Good pitches
Throw a sinker high and the CPU batter will usually miss or not swing.

Big head mode
Press [R1] + [X] + [R2] + [Select] at start/options screen. A sound will confirm correct code entry.

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