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Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
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Technical demonstration mode
Successfully complete the following modes in order "Training", "Time Trial", "Gun Shooting", "Survival". Note: Completing each mode will unlock the next mode in the sequence. "Technical demonstration" mode will now be unlocked. Use it to watch the CPU demonstrate its best time with the gun.

Alternate costumes
Successfully complete the game, wait until the credits end, and save the game. Load the saved game file and play through the game again. After successfully completing the game a second time, wait until the credits end, and save the game. Load the saved game and play through the game again. Snake will change into a tuxedo in the elevator during this game.

Konami game surprise
Play the game using a memory card that contains a saved game from any prior Konami title (Castlevania Symphony Of The Night, ISS Soccer, Suikoden, Policenauts, Silent Hill etc.) When Psycho Mantis attempts to read your character's mind, he will mention various game titles.

Stealth gear
Successfully complete the game under the easy difficulty level after submitting during the torture by pressing [Select]. Otacon will give your character the stealth gear after being saved. Allow the credits to complete, then save the game. Load the saved game to begin with the stealth gear.

If you do not press [Select] and you defeated Liquid Snake on top of the destroyed Metal Gear on the first match (no retries), you will get the Stealth gear. It does not matter what happens to Snake when he is being shocked. Whether surrendering or not you can still get the stealth gear.

Tuxedo Snake
When you start your game for the third time on the same save, the memory card icon will be the Ninja. Snake will be change into a tuxedo when he is in the elevator. Additionally, the "Cyber Ninja" will be in a red costume.

Stealth Gear and Bandana
Successfully complete the game in normal mode after submitting to the torture sequence. Wait through the end credits. A short FMV sequence showing Snake and Emerich getting on a snowmobile will begin. Snake and Emerich will talk for awhile, then Emerich will give him the Stealth Gear. Wait for the score and skill rating screen to appear. Save the game, turn off the PlayStation, then reload the game that was saved. You will start at the first level (dock) and now have the Stealth Gear. You should now not submit to the torture sequence so you can save Meryl and get both the Bandana and Stealth Gear.

Reach area B2 of the tank hanger. At the end of the hallway to the right of the door where you fight revolver is a secret room that is entered after using C4 explosive. In the room are card 4 and card 6 doors. The camera is in the room behind the card 4 door. Use the camera to take pictures to see various extras, such as the faces of the development team.

Codec numbers
Use all these frequencies to contact people in the Codec.
Roy Campbell and Doctor Naomi Hunter: 140.85 (to back up Snake)

Mei Ling: 140.96

Nastassia Romanenko: 141.52 (Nuclear specialist. Provides healthy information on using weapons)

Master Miller: 141.80 (Provides psychological information and advice. Reveals information on Naomi at the end of the game)

Otacon (Dr. Hal Emmerich): 141.12 (Provides advice on beating Metal Gear)

"Deepthroat": 140.48 (Unknown. Later revealed at the end of the game)

Meryl: 140.15
Pantless Meryl
When you find Meryl on patrol in the office, she runs to the women's bathroom. Follow Meryl into the Women's bathroom and reach the last stall in under five seconds. Meryl will be caught with her pants down during an FMV sequence.

Look in the vent just before the DARPA chief (Decoy Octopus) to see Meryl doing sit-ups. Leave the vent and re-enter and she will be doing one-armed pushups. Repeat and she will be doing leg stretches on the wall. Repeat one more time and she will be doing the leg stretches while pantless.

Accurate shots with rocket launcher
When you get the sniper rifle and the rocket launcher, look through the sniper rifle and aim at your target. Then, quickly change to the rocket launcher and fire. This will result in a more precise and accurate shot.

Web site credits
Record the end credits onto a video tape. Pause the tape at the very end and it to see a web address that has information about the next game in the series.

Alternate title screen (Japanese version)
Press the D-Pad at the title screen to change the background colors.

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