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Nov. 29, 2006
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Place the game disc in an audio CD player and play track two to hear the "Staff" music from when the game is completed.
Extra life
At the beginning part of Clown Man's level, shoot a mega-ball into its mouth for an extra life.

Extra health
In the first stage (after the underwater passageway), keep going to the left until you find a large health sphere. Go to it to get most of your health back.

Boss strategies
To defeat Grenade Man, use the Thunder Claw.
To defeat Frost Man, use the Flash Bomb.
To defeat Tengu Man, use the Ice Wave.
To defeat Clown Man, use the Tornado Hold.
To defeat Aqua Man, use the Astro Crush.
To defeat Sword Man, use the Water Balloon.
To defeat Search Man, use the Flame Sword.
To defeat Astro Man, use the Homing Sniper.
After defeating the first eight Bosses, the Castle Bosses weaknesses are as follows:
Castle Boss 1: MegaBall
Castle Boss 2: Astro Crush
Castle Boss 3: Thunder Claw
Dr. Wily stage 1: Flaming Sword
Dr. Wily stage 2: Charge Dart (Get from Roll)
Double jump
When you get the Megaball, you can use the ball to double jump and even triple jump. You can do this trick as long as you have energy for the Megaball. Jump, and in the middle of it, use the Megaball. You should land on the ball while you are falling down. The ball will explode, and allow you reach the top of the screen. This depends on where you are. If you want to do a triple jump, release the second ball slightly earlier than the first time. You should go higher than the screen with the triple jump. You must hold [Forward] while doing this. With enough practice you can even do the double jump going forward and the triple jump going backward and vice versa.

Defeating Dr. Wily
When you fight Dr. Wily for the first time, have the Arrow Shot equipped. This is an item that can be created from bolts. Also have Astro Crush as your Mega Power. As you begin your battle, notice the thing that spins around and does four different things (shoots about five multiple shots at you; rolls at you and returns; bounces up and down; shoots a big projectile in the air and dops down to make two smaller ones). Also, sometimes the mouth on the ship will open to fire a big laser. When this happens, fire a charged shot at the mouth. The only time that you should use the Astro Crush is when that circular thing fires the multiples shots at you; they are difficult to avoid and you will not get hurt by them if you use the power. When it rolls at you, jump slightly early. When it bounces, wait for it to bounce twice then slide under it. When it fires the big shot into the air, slide to a different location as the shot will go where you were standing. Then, jump when the two smaller shots go across the floor. If you do these things and are extremely careful, you can defeat him the first time without taking any damage. For the second battle, save the Rush Health option; all of Wily's attacks are very difficult to avoid.

Defeating the Giant Clam
When you first encounter this Boss (when playing the game from the beginning), you will not be able to do this. However, if you want to return the intro stage and defeat the Giant Clam again, the fastest and easiest way is to use the Astro Crush one time. All of its health will go away.

Defeating Grenade Man
Do not slide under the flash bomb that Grenade Man launches if you have the power from Clown Man. Just use the Electric Tether and hit the bomb. The bomb will bounce back, and instead of being hazardous to you, it hurts Grenade Man. Use charged Buster Shots on Grenade Man himself and the tether for bombs. Note: Flash bomb is the straight moving one.

Defeating the introduction Boss
In the intro level, the Boss can only be defeated by using the power that Dr. Light gave you. Press [Attack] to release the ball, then press [Attack] again to kick it. When you hit the Boss with the ball, his weak spot will be revealed. Quickly switch to your Megabuster and attack the weak spot. Repeat this until he is defeated.

Glitch: Misspelling
Immediately after you defeat the mysterious robot, Protoman will appear and say, ".....what happend?" instead of ".....what happened?".

Glitch: Reappearing enemies
If you kill someone, (for example, the robot that throws rocks at you), notice that once you leave the area where the enemy was and return, the enemy will be there again.

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