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Nov. 29, 2006
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Cheat mode (PAL version)
Pause game play, then hold [L2] and press [Down], [Up], [Square], [Triangle]x2, [Circle], [Down], [Up], [Square], [Triangle].

Extended cheat mode (PAL version)
Pause game play, then hold [L2] and press [Triangle], [Circle], [Triangle], [Circle]x2, [Triangle], [Left], [Circle], [Up], [Down], [Right], [Circle], [Left]x2, [Triangle], [Right], [Circle], [Left]x2, [Triangle], [Circle], [Down], [Circle]x2, [Right].

First person view
Hold [L2] + [R2] during game play. Note: This does not work in all areas.

Level select (PAL version)
Pause game play and enable the "Cheat mode" and "Extended cheat mode" codes. Go to the camera option and select plug-in "8". Press [Start] to resume game play. A sword and text will appear on the screen. Use [R1], [R2], [L1], or [L2] to move and zoom the camera. Use the D-Pad point the sword at a destination, then pause game play. Go to the camera option again and press [X] to change the plug-ins to "Clear. Press [Start] to resume game play at the selected level.
When your character hits the skull to suspend the beams for three seconds, hit one of the funnels and the timer will stop. Then, switch all the funnels until a square that meets at the chalice forms. The funnels will be the corners of the square. After the square forms, the wall enclosing the chalice will shatter.

Zarok's Lair
When you enter the castle there will be two chests on either side of the door: One contains a shield and the other has good lightning. Get the Good Lightning. When Zarok's solders start fighting, the soldiers that come out of the chalice will shoot your solders with the Good Lightning. This imparts your health to them. Your life meter will drop, but your soldiers will stay green and healthy. They will eventually destroy Zarok's "men."

Pumpkin Gorge: Chalice
If enough enemies have been killed to collect the chalice, go to where the level began. Then, enter the first tunnel that comes into view. There is a merchant (the face where supplies can be bought) in the tunnel. Next to it is an off-colored wall. Smash it with the hammer and enter the tunnel. Then, get the chalice.

Scarecrow Fields: Chalice
To get the chalice at Scarecrow Fields, go to the area that contains a lot of razors. Then, if your character approaches a razor with a spinning floor, go to the northernmost point. The harvester part will be at that location. Then, return to the shed and hit the cart away. Enter the hole in the wall. Push the bail against the box and jump up to the platform with the switch. Push the switch and enter the harvester part into the lowered harvester. The harvester will clear a path to the chalice. The exit is at the other point, at the razor with the spinning floor.

Sleeping Village: Good souls
You cannot kill the "good souls" that have been possessed. To get away from them, use your "scoot" power and scoot into them. This will make them dizzy and give you a chance to run away. The dizziness lasts for about five to seconds.

Stained Glass: Chalice
Go to the cross section where there are four passages. One leads back, another leads to the room to take you to the stained glass window, another leads left, and the last leads right. Go forwards as usual and enter the room with the skeleton playing the piano. Collect the stone from the room and return to the cross section. This time go right, smashing the spikes with a club or the hammer. Open the door with the stone and kill the Gremlins. Collect the music sheets and the floor will start to collapse. Run out of the area and back to the skeleton. Give the music to the skeleton and he will open a door revealing three chests of coins and the Chalice.

The Time Device
In order to get the Earth Ruin, instead of hitting the skull then dashing to it, try throwing the axe at the skull. The jaw of the skull will stay open.

Extra energy vials and money
Make the bridge collapse at the beginning of the "Return to the Graveyard" level. Wait for a coffin to float by and jump on it. After you pass under the tunnel, you can jump to one side to find energy vials and money.

Extra money
For easy money, replay the "Dan's Crypt" repeatedly.

Level bonuses
The following is a list of the gifts obtained after completing a level with the chalice.
Dan's Crypt: Crossbow
Graveyard: Life Bottle
Cemetery Hill: Hammer
The Hilltop Mausoleum: 100 Treasure
Return To The Graveyard: Broad Sword
Scarecrow Fields: 100 Treasure
Pumpkin Gorge: Spear
The Pumpkin Serpent: Longbow
The Sleeping Village: Gold Shield
The Asylum Grounds: Flaming Longbow
Inside The Asylum: Axe
The Enchanted Earth: Magic Longbow
Pools Of The Ancient Dead: Lightning
The Lake: Life Bottle
Crystal Caves: 2 Energy Vials
The Gallows Gauntlet: 200 Treasure
The Haunted Ruins: Life Bottle
The Ghost Ship: 3 Energy Vials
The Entrance Hall: None
The Time Device: None

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