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Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
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Level select
Press [R2] + [Circle] during game play to jump to the next level. Press [R2] + [Square] to return to the previous level. Press [R2] + [Triangle] to jump fifteen levels ahead. Press [R2] + [X] to jump back fifteen levels.

Unlimited lives
Press [Start] to pause game play. Then, press [Select] + [Triangle] for additional lives.

Extra lives
Press [Select] when playing with one life remaining, then choose the "Restart" option. The game will resume at the current level with five lives.

Turbo mode
Select "The Legend Returns" mode from the main menu, then choose the single player option. Then, hold [R2] and press [X] on the next screen.

View FMV sequences
Highlight the "Options" selection on the main menu, then hold [L1], [L2], [R1], and/or [R2] and press [X] on controller two. Combinations of [L1], [L2], [R1], and [R2] select which FMV sequence is played. To select a particular level, use the following formula:
[R2] = 1
[L2] = 2
[R1] = 4
[L1] = 8
To play the FMV sequence for level 11, hold [L1] + [L2] + [R2] (8 + 2 + 1) and press [X].

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