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Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
Extra FMV sequence
Allow the game to remain at the title screen for approximately thirty seconds.

Getting the Meta, Ozma, Terra, and Juggernaut spells
To get the character's Ra-Seru spell, go to the Genesis Tree in which the character first got their Ra-Seru; but you must do it after Songi is defeated in the Seru-kai or it will not work. Here is where each character must go
Vahn: Sol Tower's Basement Genesis Tree (Since Rim Elm is destroyed)
Noa: Mt. Rikumoa
Gala: East Voz Forest
To get the Juggernaut Spell, go to Ratayu after defeating Songi in the Seru-kai. Then, go to Van Saryu, get the Evil Seru Key, and use it to get into the basement of Ratayu, (where Van Saryu was fought). At the end of the corridor is a chest that contains the Evil Talisman. Equip it to get the Juggernaut spell. The Talisman also gives Encounter Rate Decrease.

The Evil Ra-Seru Jedo spell
This spell comes from the Dark Talisman that you can get along the way. After you defeat Songi in the Seru-kai, go to the West Voz Forest. Go back to the dead Genesis Tree. Near the stump there will be a chest containing the Dark Stone. Take the stone to Zalan the Jewler of Jeremi. He will make it into the Dark Talisman. Equip this on any of the characters (Noa is recommended). It allows the character to cast the deadly Jedo spell. It also increases Dark Power protection. This is effective against all enemies. It works the best with field enemies and the monsters of the Bio Castle.

Get last Ra-Seru spells
There are extra spells that you can get for Vahn Noa and Gala. To get them, go to Seru Kai and defeat Songi for the final time. Then, go to Sol and examine the tree to get Vahn's Last Magic spell. Sense that the Genesis tree in Sol is destroyed. Go to Mt. Rikurou for Noa's Last Magic and to East Vos for Gala's. Sense West Vos's Genesis tree is dead.

How to catch a Seru (magic)
Hit the Seru that you want to catch with your Ra-Seru. You must not hit it with too much damage, but you must hit it and kill it with proper damage (not far from its HP). For example, Kemaro Lv.1 has about 1300 HP. You should not kill it with damage of 2500 -- kill it with about 1300 to 1350 damage.

Easy Seru magic for Noa and experience for Gala
When you move northwest towards West Voz forest, go north instead to the Ancient Wind cave (a place that you would normally visit later). Run around and you will encounter Theeders and Gimards (level 1 each). Have Noa defeat these and if you are lucky, she will absorb their magic, which will be useful. After running through the West Voz Forest, have Noa absorb a Vera-. Frost Breath should take care of it in one hit. When you return to the Biron Monastery, Theeders and Gimards have invaded, but will be level 2 and more difficult to absorb.

The Earth Egg and Earth Talisman
A rare Ra-Seru Egg is hidden in Legaia. The Earth Egg can be found at the Muscle Dome in Sol. To get the Earth Egg, you must earn 100,000 coins. When you have this amount, you can exchange them for the Egg. It will not be listed in the Prize window until you have enough coins. Once you get the Egg, take it to Zalan of Jeremi. He will make it into the Earth Talisman. When you equip it on a character, he or she will be able to cast the Palma Spell, which uses 200 MP.

The Water Egg Water Talisman
When you go fishing and earn points there is a rare Ra-Seru egg that you can get called the Water Egg. If you gain up to 20,000 points you can access it. Take it to Zalen in Jermi and he will turn it into the Water Talisman. When you equip it, you will have better defense against water attacks. You will also be able to use the Mule spell, which costs 200 MP and is called Deep Avalanche.

Boss details:

Boss Attack HP Needed Area
BerserkerSpore Gas, Poisonous Gas 5,00016 Jeremi
Berserker (lv.2) Spore Gas, Stone Circle, Poisonous Gas 11,000n/a Rogue's Tower
Berserker (lv.3) Spore Gas, Stone Circle, Poisonous Gas 18,000n/a Rogue's Tower
CarubanBite, Flap, Fire Breath 1,0005 Mt.Rikuroa
Caruban (lv.2) Bite, Flap, Fire Breath 5,000n/a Rogue's Tower
Caruban (lv.3) Bite, Flap, Fire Breath 8,000n/a Rogue's Tower
Che DelilasMegaton Pressn/a28-30 Nivora Ravine
Cortn/a 48,00041 Jette's Fortress
CortUltimate Charge, Final Crisis, Doomsday 60,00045 Bio Castle
DohatiChaos Breath 18,00024-25 Dohati's Castle
GazaAstral Slash 14,00023-25 Sol Tower(upper)
Gaza(Sim Seru) Astral Wave, Neo Star Slash 16,00025 Sol Tower(lower)
Gi DelilisBurning Slashn/a28-30 Nivora Ravine
JetteShadow Break, Clone 35,00038 Jette's Fortress
KoruBlade Breath, Thunder Needle, Gigaton Press, Dead Crisis 19,00030 Nivora Ravine
LapisLapis Wave n/an/a Mt.Dihini
Lu DelilisPlasma Striken/a28-30 Nivora Ravine
RogueElement Change, Rogue Flame, Rogue Wind, Rogue Thunder 30,00037 Rogue's Tower
Songi (Grey Hair) Hyper Attack, Hyper Lightning, Hyper Crush 13,00020 Mt.Letona
Songi (Red Hair) Hyper Wave2,50010 Zeto's Dungeon
Songi (Seru)Chaos Flare50,000 42-44Seru-Kai
TetsuSomersault n/an/a Rim Elm (afterCort)
Van SayruJugger Power, Earthquake 14,000 23-24Ratayu Castle
ViguroThunder Break n/an/a Ratayu/E.Voz Frst.
XainTerio Punch, Bull Charge, Bloody Horns 10,00019 Fire Path
ZetoBig Wave, Call Wave 5,00010 Zeto's Dungeon
ZoraDark Typhoon, Glare 25,00035 Floating Castle

Hint :Defeating Devil Cort
Save up to 75000 on Point card. Use a lot of/only Ra-Seru magic. Raise all characters to level 60 or higher. Equip everyone with Spirit Talisman. Use all the points of Point card.

Cort uses the following in the Legaia at Jette's Fortress: Guilty Cross, Evil Seru Magic, Mystic Circle, and Mystic Shield.

After defeating Songi in Naouru Valley, get your Ra-Seru spells at the Genesis Trees at the following locations: Mt. Rikuroa, Rim Elm and East Vos Forest. Also, get the Evil Seru key from Von Saryuu and open the door where you fought him. Level up your Ra-Seru spells to level 9 and equip all your characters with the Spirit Talisman. Note: This will only work if all of your characters have learned their 15 Arts.

Have everyone at level 41. The Point Card must have 9999 points. Set up everyone's magic as follows. Vahn: level 9 Aluru, Noa: level 8 Spoon, and Gala: level 9 Mushra. Have Gala and Vahn hit full force with magic, and Noa heals when needed; otherwise have her use Hurricane Kick.

Defeating bees
When fighting the bees in the tree near Tetsu in Rim Elm, equip all your characters with Pure Amulets. These can be purchased from the item store in Vidna, and will nullify the Queen Bee's Toxic Sting as well as the Killer Bees Poisonous Sting. If you plan on fighting them before you reach the Sebbecus Islands, where Pure Amulets are first available, you should use Cure Amulets. These are available from the Rim Elm item store and a few other places in Drake Kingdom. They will nullify the Poisonous stings but not the Toxic ones.

Defeating the Berserker in Jeremi
When fighting this enemy, have Medicine or Vera spell at a high level. Berserker has a Rotting attack. To prevent this, you can equip Forest Amulets. You find one in a treasure chest just before fighting him, and they can be purchased from the Vidna item store.

Defeating Cort (Sim-Seru in the Bio-castle)
Every time he uses Ultra Charge, use Spirit during the next turn -- he will cast Final Crisis which will cause 2800+ damage to all. His Doomsday do damage around 2200+ damage to all. Use your Point Card here and spend all of your points. Equip everyone with Spirit Talisman and one of your characters with Light Talisman. Use your Ra-Seru Magic for maximum damage and use your Miracle Arts after he hits you with Final Crisis.

Defeating Jette and Cort (in Jette's Fortress)
Before you fight with Jette, equip Gala with the Evil God icon and everyone with the Spirit Talisman. Make sure that you have the Gillium and Spoon spells. Use the Gillium and Noa's Ark against the original Jette and let Gala attack the Clones so that you can steal Miracle Waters. To defeat Cort, equip everyone with Still, the Spirit Talisman, and anything that lessens the use of AP. Equip Gala with the Unholy Icon so you can Find in the floor below where you fought Jette. While Cort has a shield, use Vahn as a healer. After you break Cort's shield shower him with Gillium level 9 for an easy finish.

Defeating Koru
Make sure Vahn is at levels 28 to 30, and Noa and Gala are at levels 25 to 30. Also, have at least 4000 to 5000 points on the Point Card and two characters with a leveled-up Kemaro. On the first turn, have the two Kemaro-users summon them, while the other uses the Point Card. On the next round, Spirit-up the third character and impale Koru with Kemaro again. Continue calling Kemaro, and on the last turn have the third character use powerful Arts.

Defeating Songi
When you fight Songi in Zeto's dungeon, put the Burning Jewel on Gala. The Burning Jewel is in one of those four doors by the save location. When you fight Songi, Gala should know the magic of the Zenior (the fire demon). It does 230 to 250 damage. Songi has about 1000 HP. It will only take three or four hits by the Zenior. You need to seven or eight for Barley to defeat him. If you are ten or eleven, you will defeat him. You need that jewel because Songi knows hyper wave (a fire mode that does 100 through 200 damage).

First, Songi challenges Gala to a one-on-one match. Make sure you have plenty of Healing Leaves and Vera. This fight can get really ugly. Remember to Spirit often to halve the damage he deals. Thunder Punch works wonders -- use it often. Watch out for his Hyper Wave attack; it hurts. He has about 2,500 HP. Gala should probably be around level 10.

At the Genesis Tree, all three characters will battle. Again, keep healing items ready, and have at least two Orbs. He now has two attacks: Hyper Lightning and Hyper Crush. Constantly Spirit up because he can really dish out the pain. Use your most powerful Arts on him. Keep one character (Noa recommended) restoring health. Have your characters somewhere in the area of levels 17 to 19. He has 13,000 HP.

In the third encounter with him, he looks intimidating, but is in actuality a pushover. Equip everybody with a Defender Chain (obtained just outside Drake Castle). You should Spirit consistently, but only to fill your life bar. With the Defender Chain, his physical attacks will do pretty much be ineffective. After the battle, you will find out that he has doomed the Seru. Vent all your rage at him. Hit him with Miracle Arts. The only thing about Songi this time is that he has 50,000 HP. If you are in the level 36 to 40 range, this will almost be boring.

To defend against Songi Seru form, equip Vahn, Noa, and Gala with a Defender Chain and use Spirit constantly for a good defense.

Defeating Zeto
Have a Deep Sea Jewel attached to your characters. They should be about level 10. Have Noa use Tempest Break and Vahn use Tornado Flame. When Zeto uses Call Wave on the next turn, use Spirit to reduce the damage.

Defeating Zora
As with the "Defeating Koru" hint, have powerful Kemaro or a Barra. Spirit everyone up the first round and use powerful magic. Do not use Arts until after she casts Dark Typhoon. Use Barra or Kemaro throughout the battle until she begins to fall. Then, wait until she uses Dark Typhoon, then pummel her with your most powerful Arts (Miracle Arts are very helpful). Remember, do not use Arts after you Spirit, because as long as you use magic or items, you will stay Spirited, and Dark Typhoon will not kill you.

Baka Fighter strategies
During the first round, keep pressing [Square]. During the second round, keep pressing [X]. During the third round, keep pressing [Circle]. The following rounds differ. Monsters may change their strategy and use something unusual. Just learn where to start with the attack and continue. You should not lose with the following moves. During the fourth round, press [Square], then [X]. During the fifth round (for Xian, if not then skip), press [Circle]x3, then [X]x3. During the sixth round, press [Circle], then [X]. During the seventh round press [Square]x3, [X]x3, then [Circle]x3. During the eight round, press [Square]x4, [X], then [Circle]. During the ninth round press [X], then [Circle]x2. Note: If you do not fight Xian during the fifth round, then use the sixth round strategy for that round.

Fight hidden Boss Lapis
Make sure you are at least at level 50. Go to the top of Mount Souru and explore until you encounter Lapis. Do not rely on magic -- he can drain it.

When you reach the Sucubus Islands, head towards Vinda. When you reach the intersection of the two paths, go right. This will lead you to the fishing hole. If you do not have the fishing pole yet, go to Vinda and get it. It is located down on the beach next to the two people sitting on the beach. When you begin fishing, turn the camera all the way to the left. Equip the normal lure. Wait until the power gauge gets to the top of the bar, then cast. As soon as the lure hits the water, begin reeling in. Almost always, you will get a fish which will keep giving you points. Keep doing this until you have as many points as needed.

When fishing, cast as far out as possible then lure a fish by pressing [Right] + [X], then [Left] + [Square]. Repeat this pattern and the "Good!" message should appear. If a fish strikes while you do this, it will almost always be the most valuable type of fish the location has to offer.

Cast your line with heavy lures to about 10 to 18meters into the pond. Reel in a lot of Chargers and on occasion you may reel in a Lippian, or if you are very lucky, a Devourer.

There is a hidden opponent in the southwest tree in Rim Elm. It is a Queen Bee and thee other bees. It is recommend that you are at least level 15 before fighting them. Defeat them to find the honey, which will increase all stats by 4.

Cake from honey
After getting the honey, take it to Nene (Vahn's sister) and she will make a cake from it.

Deep Sea Gem
In West Voz forest, go to the very end where the Genesis Tree is located. Once there, search the back area to find the gem.

Evil Medallion
Get all your Ra-Seru spells. Raise your character to at least level 52. After going through the Juggernaut Castle and getting all your armor use a Door Of Light and go to Mt. Dhini. Climb all the way to the top and be prepared as you will not be able to use magic during the battle. Go to the wings. Try running in front of them and you will come across a hidden Boss. After defeating him, you will get the Medallion.

Fighting Robe
After you get rid of the mist in Mt. Rikuroa, return to Drake Castle. Go outside Drake Castle. You will find a market here. Tell Noa that the people will be glad to talk to her. She will talk at various shops. Go to her at the Weapons shop. The dealer will give her a Fighting Robe. She will ask Vahn what money is. Answer "Sorry, I don't know. The dealer will give you a treat and the Fighting Robe for free. : Do not leave the market until Noa finishes talking -- if you do, you will not get it.

Furyboost and water
Go to the underground Octam mayor's house and check all the pot, jars, etc. You will find some useful items.

Ivory Book
During your quest at West Vos Forest, there is a path to the Mist generator before you get rid of the mist around Biron. Go in there and an intermission featuring Gala Noa and Vahn at the edge of the mist barrier will appear. To the left is a chest. After the little talk, go left (trying not to leave). Open the chest to get an Ivory book.

Life Grail
You will need 40,000G for this item. Once in Sol, go to the Warehouse on the sixth floor. When you enter, a child will inform you that he strongly dislikes poor children. Tell him that you are not poor and he will ask you to buy something from the shop behind him. Speak with the boy on the left. He will want to sell you an item called the Life Grail, which allows you to recover a small amount of HP after every turn in battle. The only problem is charges 90,000G for it. Tell him it is too much and he will cut down the price to 60,000G, which is still too high. Tell him you will buy it for 30,000G and he will complain that it is too low. The boy will finally settle at 40,000G.

Legendary Rod
After reviving the Genesis Trees in Buma, head back to Dr. Usha's Research Center. You can find the Legendary Rod beside the bed with the stuffed animal.

Lost Grails
Steal Lost Grails from Slippery (with Evil God Icon equipped) or buy them with 8,000G at Sol Muscle Dome.

Magic Grail
After Uri Mais is destroyed, go to the right of the temple where there is a crack. Go to the very back of the crack and press [X]. You will now have the Magic Grail, which will gives your player some magic after each turn in battle.

Magic ring
After Xain is defeated in the Fire Path, go to Vidna's underground machine room. The ring is in a small hole on one of the machines in the upper-left corner of the room.

Healing Leaves
When the Mist reaches Rim Elm, go to the shop. Go to the woman and talk to her. When she asks you a question, answer "Yes" and she will give you three Healing Leaves.

Healing Flower
When you get to Jeremi, go to the top of the sky gardens. When you get there, you will see a save location. Go behind it and you will go between a long line of bushes. Press [X] at the end of these bushes to get a Healing Flower, which will aid you in the upcoming battle.

Earth Jewel
In East Voz forest, go to the very end where the Genesis Tree is located. Go straight back to find two trees with a bush between them. Go in between them and press [X] to get the gem.

Guardian Water
In Biron Monastery, go to the big statue of Biron's head and walk up to it in the center. Press [X] to get it.

Mei's pendant
When the Ra-Seru breaks into Rim Elm, tell Mei that they are here and offer to take her to Vahn's house. When you are about to leave Rim Elm, Mei will give you her pendant along with the hunting clothes.

Mettle Goblet
After you pick up the Ra-Seru Thongs, look around for a big red cell. Examine it and you will find one of the three most secret items in the game. The Mettle Goblet makes all "Arts" use no AP.

Saint Bread
When you have to feed the hungry saints, instead of having to get 6,000 for one bread, go to the arcade and do the one fighting game. Make sure you get 50 points, then go to the desk and trade the points in for Saint Bread. Do this until you have all the needed bread.

Platinum card
After you save Drake Castle and talk to the king, go to the upper left room from the throne is located. Search the wall to find the platinum card, It allows you to buy special items at certain shops.

Money card
After saving Rim-Elm, check the drawer upstairs in the item shop. The card will give you a 5% discount and can be used as a weapon.

When you win the dance contest, you will get a swimsuit. Go to Vidna and talk to a man in the north part of town (next to Pepe's house). The man will sell you a Camerastone for 100G. Buy it and go to the beach. Talk to the little girl on the beach and she will ask you if she can use the Camerastone Answer "Yes" and she will take five pictures of Noa in her swimsuit. You can also get the picture taken from the two teens on the beach.

Tornado Fire
Use the following trick go get Tornado Fire for your first character. First, get a Phoenix from your item then battle Carabu. When you battle him, go to item (be Noa first) to get Tornado Fire.

Buying Life, Magic, and Mettle Sources
Sometime after you clear the mist from the Karisto Station, go back there. There will be an old man here. If you have the Platinum Card, you will be able to buy a Life Source, Magic Source or Mettle Source for 50,000 G each. They give AP, MP and HP while walking around.

Easy battles
Get the Point Card from Drake and build up its total points to a high number(best if maxed). Have Vahn and Noa use it repeatedly until the opponent is defeated. Gala is usually slower than most opponents, so he can keep everyone healed up.

After going through the Bio Castle in ruined Rim Elm and finding the Mettle Goblet, equip it on any character. Also equip the War God Icon. It can be won from the Master Course in the Sol Tower Muscle Dome. Go into a battle, and use a Fury Boost on that character. They can now use whatever attack desired without having to spirit or use any AP points, and they can attack twice in each round.

If the Miracle Art is not strong for Vahn or Gala, or if you only have seven attack spaces, there is a combo you can use. For Vahn, use Tornado Flame and Fire Blow (7 spaces and 56 AP) or Fire Blow and Burning Flare (9 spaces and 72 AP). They do not connect, but it is very strong. For Gala, use Thunder Punch and Lightning Storm (7 spaces and 56 AP) or Lightning Storm and Explosive Fist (9 spaces and 72 AP). It does not work for Noa, but if you have 9 spaces you can do Frost Breath and Vulture Blade (72 AP).

Easy money, experience, and magic building
In the Sebucus Islands, after you defeat Von Saryu, head out of Ratayu to the west. Battle to build up money, experience, and magic, then go into Ratayu to rest at the inn for free when necessary.

Easy money
Go to the Muscle Dome in Sol and enter in the tournament. Although it does not matter which one, the higher ones will result in more coins. After winning, you will receive a lot of game coins. Exchange them all on Soru Bread (which cost 100 each) until having between 100 and 200 remaining. This will allow you can enter the tournament again at a cost of 100 G. Depending on how many coins won from the tournament, you should have between 8 and 130 Soru Bread. Sell a single Soru Bread for 3000 G at any store. This increases your money by 24,000 G to 139,000 G every time.

When you feel you are strong enough go to Rim Elm, at the bottom by the beach is a single tree. Go to it and examine it. You will enter a battle with three Killer Bees and one Queen Bee. They are strong and use venom attacks. After the battle, you will get one Honey. Go to the shop and sell it for 5,000 G. You can repeat this as many times as desired.

During the mist, when you arrive at Karisto Kingdom, go to the little stand. When asked to take it, do so for free and go to the tree next to the stand. You will pick up 3,000 G.

This trick requires the Fire Droplet and the War Soul. To get the Fire Droplet, you have to do the Uru Mais quest. When you get the Fire Droplets, do not take them to Doctor Usha. Instead, use a Door Of Wind and go to Sol. The War Soul should have turned up earlier in the game. Equip Vahn with the War Soul, the Fire Droplets, and anything else desired. Go to the Muscle Dome and fight all the battles as you normally would on whatever level desired. When you win, they will give you a healthy dose of coins. Repeat this as many times as needed for unlimited coins. Keep buying Soru Bread and selling it, and make sure you keep 100 coins to enter the tournament again.

Easy experience
Go to Biron Monastery. Stay near the door to the place where the woman in the kitchen gives you food. Remain outside and fight the monsters until you are low on HP or MP. Go inside and eat to regain full Hpand MP. Then, go back outside and repeat.

Go to the Mist Generator and walk around the outside wall until you are attacked. Fight to get up to 204 experience points. When low on HP and MP, go to Biron or Hunters Spring and then repeat the process. Note: You will not get as much gold at the Mist Generator. If gold is needed, go outside Biron towards East Voz.

Go out where there are mist and monsters. Fighting these monsters raises up your characters' levels, but patience is the key.

After you get the fire droplet from Tieg, and Juggernaut destroys Uri Mais, stay and fight. If you equip the Fire Droplet to Noa (or anyone who has their Miracle Arts), and the Magic Grail to your healer (can be found on the right side of Uri Mais at the end of the long, narrow strip), you can fight battles without losing AP or HP. Orb can be used without consuming MP.

When you get to Jette's Absolute Fortress, stay and fight where the save point is located. The spring beside the save point fully restores your HP/MP. You can easily raise your levels and magic levels this way.

When Juggernaut takes over Rim Elm, stay and fight to easily gain levels. Most monsters can be killed in one round, and since you fight Level 3 monsters, you receive a lot of experience.

Return to the infested town of Rim Elm. Walk around and fight. By putting a Magic Grail, a Speed Chain, and a Spirit Jewel on Gala and casting Iota repeatedly, levels are easy to achieve. When you run out of MP, make a short journey to the well northwest of the town.

Before you get the Ra-Seru in Rim Elm, you will fight creatures outside of your house. When you get low life, go inside and talk to your sister. She will heal you completely, allowing you to fight again.

Have two of your characters annihilated (when the game states that you are defeated), then defeat your opponents. Once you win, you will get triple the experience as with the entire party.

In the very beginning, the wolf which took care of Noa will bring her to a place where ugly duckling-looking monsters are moving up and down on holes. Let Noa fight them and talk to the wolf to heal the her wounds.

Raising magic level
Use the following steps to raise a character's magic level by 10%. When you go to Vidna to see Pepe, after saving Jeremi, equip one of your characters with Yuma's Ring. Do not remove it. When you go back to see Zalan, he takes the ring, but the increase of magic that the ring gave you becomes permanent.

To improve a character's magic point accrual, equip as many Ivory Books as you have to that character just before he or she advances to the next level. Make sure that character kills the last enemy. That character must not use his or her magic.

Raising healing spell levels
When working up healing spells such as Vera and Orb, equip a character with Mei's Ring, or any other ring that increases the maximum HP. You will notice that they do not have full life. Heal them, take off the ring, and put it back on. Repeat the process until the spell is at level 9. When your magic is depleted, stay at an Inn, or better yet, a place that fills up your magic for free.

Getting the tackle box
When the mist covers Vidna (city with the windmills), go to the beach and get the tackle box from where the two teens were located.

Getting Horn
Get the Light Egg and go to Zalan (the jeweler in Jeremi). Zalan will turn it into the Light Talisman .Equip it on Gala or Vahn. It will allow one of them to cast a spell that will allow resurrection.

Research center password
The password to Dr. Usha's research center is [X], [X], [Triangle], [Circle], [Square].

Entering Shadow Gate
When you get to Shadow Gate, to reach underground Octam you have to match the elements with the directions on the stones in each corner. The elements and directions are as follows.
Character ages
Vahn is 14, The first time in Sol in the warehouse, the salesperson will call Vahn a child. Vahn gets mad and one of the answers is "I am 14 years old". Because Noa is obviously younger than Vahn, that age is less than 14. Gala is 17 or older because in the booklet states he got the title "Master" at age 17.

When you start, you will find a sign saying that Mei is about a year older than Vahn. Later when you go to Biron Monastery, Maya (Mei's mother) will be writing a letter saying Gala and Songi are about Mei's age. Later when you get to Sol Tower, Vahn says, "I is not a kid I am 14." That means Mei is about 15, which also puts Gala about 15. Thus, he should not have the title of "Master Trainer" because he earns it at 17.

Noa is 10 or 11 years old. The Mist was around for about 10 years before Vahn found Meta and the whole thing started. Soon after Noa was born, she was carried off by a Soren to Snowdrift Cave. This would make Noa about 10 to 11 years old.

Glitch: Reverse time
After defeating Xain in the Fire Path, save at the save point. Go into the inn and buy One Door Of Light. Exit underground Octam by the way you had first walked in the town. This entrance is to the far right -- you are in the next. When you appear on the screen, do not move. Instead, enter the item screen and use your Door Of Light. You then should appear in Octam and the game will never register you defeating Xain and the Fire Path. However, all the treasures are still opened.

Glitch: Misspelling
In Usha Research Center, go to the second floor then go to the person at the bottom right corner next to the beds. He says something about Koru and Nivora Ravine, but it is misspelled as "Nivora Rivine".

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