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Nov. 29, 2006
Primary Collection of Cheats
Cheat Mode
The Hero's GauntletSerpent, Medusa, Coin, Medusa
Centaur's ForestCentaur, Hercules Silhouette, Minotaur, Archer
The Big OliveCentaur, Coin, Serpent, Hercules Silhouette
Hydra CanyonCoin, Gladiator Helmet, Coin, Soldier
Medusa's LairArcher, Pegasus, Archer, Centaur
Cyclops AttackGladiator Helmet, Pegasus, Hercules Silhouette, Archer
Titan FlightSoldier, Coin, Coin, Thunder Bolt
Passageway of Eternal TormentMedusa, Soldier, Centaur, Pegasus
Vortex of SoulsSoldier, Lightning Bolt, Soldier, Centaur
EndPegasus, Soldier, Centaur, Soldier

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