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Nov. 29, 2006
Easy money
Note: This trick requires two memory cards and a file which has some type of animal (preferably cows or sheep). Copy the file to memory card two, then play the game on either file. Go to your diary and choose to exchange animals. Have an animal come in from the other memory card. When this is done, sell the animal repeat as many times as needed.

At the start of the game, go to the Super Market and buy the most Potato Seeds. For each Potato, you will get about 100 to 300 G. For the first Spring, only get Potatoes and Grass.

Every day in Fall, there is a truffle by the lake with the island in it. Go to the stump. Go up and you will see an odd looking plant, Pick it up and take it to your bin. Do this everyday through the Fall and you will have a lot of money at the end (about 30,000 G if you do not spend anything). In the Spring, go to the horse race. Bet on the horse with the lowest odds and win medals. If two have the same odds, bet the same for both. When you win a lot of medals, buy the Truffles until you run out of medals.

Go to the mine almost every day. When you enter, dig with the hoe. First, start out by collecting Silver Ore. When you go deeper, get Gold Ore and the blue things. If you run out of room in your rucksack, throw away the Silver Ore and replace it with Gold Ore or the blue things. Then, start to throw away the Gold Ore and replace it with the blue things. Do this until your rucksack is full and you have one of the blue things in your hand. Then, go to the bin back at your farm and put it all inside. Next, go to the hot springs and sit there until your character starts to fall asleep. Next, go back into the mine and repeat the process. Note: If you uncover a hole, before going inside, dig in the area around it. There should be some good items there. If you automatically put something in the rucksack, do not worry; it is extra money. If your character passes out, you will still have anything that you put in the rucksack. If your character passes out while holding something, after it shows the scene where you eat breakfast, the item will appear in your hand.

Bring your chicken eggs to the Hot Springs. Throw them in one at a time and you will get boiled eggs eggs. They sell for 80G, instead of the 50G price for a normal egg. Also, spa-boiled eggs are great gifts for most and are disliked by none.

Saving money
Do not get any upgrades. Just use your tools until they are all at 400%, then get a Blue Minstrel for each of them. You only pay 5000G instead of a total of 11,000G for each individual upgrade.

Do not get the fourth and last upgrade for the watering can. The third upgrade reaches the same amount of squares as does the fourth.

Quick tool upgrades
Use your tool until it is 400%. Then mine for a Blue Stone and make sure you have at least 5000G. Take the stone, the 5000G, and the tool wish to upgrade to the blacksmith, and he will upgrade it for you.

More ore while mining
The following trick requires the Harvest Basket and the Final Rucksack. Bring the Harvest Basket with you to the mine. Set it down and start mining. You should be able to deposit ore into the Harvest Basket. The basket can get full after a while. Empty it out by facing a bin and pressing [Square]. When you are tired, just heal at the Hot Spring Pool. This also works well in winter.

Easy heart increase for your dog
Finish all your farm work, then talk to your dog. Lift it, and when you are going to bed, make sure you lift your dog while you are going to sleep. After a year, the meter of your dog will be full.

Easy heart increase for your girl
On Winter 24th, buy a present for the girl you like and wrap it. Then, on the next day go to her house and give her that present. Make sure that it is something that she loves. Her heart level for you will increase by one.

One day before the Goddess festival after the first year, you can invite a girl to go there with you. You have to meet her before 6:00 p.m., or she will be mad with you. After the festival, she will invite you to take a walk with her, and her heart level will increase by one.

Easy heart increase for your baby
When you have a baby, give him hot milk to increase his heart level.

Other seeds
There are seeds you can plant that are not located at the Supermarket. During any weekday, after 8:00 a.m., go to the Inn (this is also the bar). The peddler will be to the right of the stairs. Talk to him, and he will sell you seeds not available at the Supermarket (Pinneapple, Cabbage, Green Pepper, and assorted flower and fruit).

Power Berry locations
Get 1001 medals in horse races.

Give an egg to the water fall and everyday the Harvest Goddess will appear. One day she will give you the Power Berry.

Win the swim festival.

In Winter, go to the cave in the lake. Press [X] to the left of it and you will find it.

In the cave behind the waterfall.

In the cave in the middle of the lake.

Buy one from the home shopping channel.

Fish in the ocean and find one.

Attempt to chop down the cedar tree. It will ask " Are you really going to chop me down?". Answer "No" and you will get a berry.

Plant lots of flowers and Ann will appear and give you one.
Getting the recipes
Ice Cream: Give egg to Yodel.

Potato Pancakes: Give bamboo shoot to Gotz.

Fries: Caught in a bottle when fishing off a pier.

Mixed Juice: Give a blue medicine plant to the Doctor.

"Ohitashi" Greens: Give a Pink cat flower to Manna.

Sandwiches: Give Pink cat flower to Ellen.

Chocolate Cookies: Give Pink cat flower to Sasha.

Popcorn: Give an ear of corn to Kai.

Pickled Turnips: Give an ear of corn to Saibara.

Fruit Latte: Give a Tomato to Basil.

Cheese Fondue: Give a Tomato to Doug.

Pastor's afternoon snack: Give an egg to the Pastor.

Ketchup: In winter, go to the mine that you have to cross over on ice. Dig for a while to find the recipe, which resembles an old newspaper.
Recommended recipes
Boiled egg
Flavor: Salt

Flour, Butter, Egg
Rolling Pin, Oven
Flavor: Honey, Sugar

Curry Powder, Rice-Balls

Grape Jam
Flavor: Wine, Honey

Hot milk
Flavor: Sugar

Ice Cream
Milk, Eggs, Sugar

Tomato, Onion
Flavor: Sugar, Salt, Vinegar

Miso Soup
Any Vegetable, Fish
Flour, Miso Paste, cut up Vegetables

Mushroom Rice
Mushroom, Riceballs
Flavor: Soy Sauce, Salt

Flour, Fish, any other Vegetables
Rolling Pin, Pot, Knife

Egg, Milk, Oil
Frying Pan, Whisk
Flavor: Potatoes or Corn

Rice Omelette
Egg, Milk, Oil, Riceballs
Frying Pan, Whisk

Roasted Potatoes
Sweet potatoes
Flavor: Sugar, Salt

Stir Fry
Cabbage, Oil, and other vegetables
Knife, Frying Pan
Flavor: Soy Sauce

Truffle Rice
Truffle, Riceballs
Flavor: Salt, Soy Sauce

Vegetable Juice
Cucumber, Cabbage, Carrot, other vegetable
Mixer, Knife
Mystery crops
To get mystery crops you need the following. You will get a letter telling you that they have arrived at the supermarket.
Spring crops
Over 100 Turnips
Over 100 Potatoes
Over 100 Cucumbers
Over 100 Cabbages

Summer crops
Over 100 Onions
Over 100 Tomatoes
Over 100 Corn
Over 100 Pineapples

Fall crops
Over 100 Eggplant
Over 100 Carrots
Over 100 Sweet Potatoes
Over 100 Green Peppers
To remain in the game, you need a good percentage (over 30%).
1% for each heart you dog has.
1% for each heart your horse has.
1% for each animal you have (cows, sheep, chicks and chickens).
1% for each heart your wife has.
1% for each heart your son has.
Sometimes 1% for all of your recipes that you have done.
Cow prices
If you get a small milk, the cow sells for 3000G.
If you get medium milk, the cow sells for 4500G.
If you get large milk, the cow sells for 5000G.
If you get Gold milk, the cow sells for 8000G.
Item prices
Adamantite Ore: 50G
Apple: 50G
Bamboo Shoot: 50G
Bracelet: 2000G
Cheese (Grand): 600G
Cheese (Large): 500G
Cheese (Medium)V 400G
Cheese (Small): 300G
Chocolate: 100G
Copper Ore: 15G
Earrings: 2000G
Egg: 50G
Fall Grass(Red) 100G
Fall Poisonous Mushroom: 100G
Fall Wild Grapes: 50G
Fish (Large): 200G
Fish (Medium): 120G
Fish (Small): 50G
Gold Ore: 25G
Golden Egg: 150G
Honey: 60G
Junk Ore: 1G
Mayonnaise (Grand): 300G
Mayonnaise (Large): 200G
Mayonnaise (Medium): 150G
Mayonnaise (Small): 100G
Milk (Grand): 300G
Milk (Large): 200G
Milk (Medium): 150G
Milk (Small): 100G
Mushroom: 70G
Mysterile Ore: 40G
Necklace: 2000G
Orichalcum Ore: 50G
Popuri's Egg: 50G
Relaxation Tea Leaves: 1000G
Silver Ore: 20G
Spa-Boiled Egg: 80G
Spring Grass (Blue): 100G
Spring Grass (Green): 100G
SUGDW Apple: 50G
Summer Honey: 50 G
Truffle: 500G
Wool (Grand): 600G
Wool (Large): 500G
Wool (Medium): 400G
Wool (Small): 100G
Yarn Ball (Grand): 1000G
Yarn Ball (Large): 800G
Yarn Ball (Medium): 700G
Yarn Ball (Small): 300G
Note: The supermarket is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., and is closed on Tuesdays and Sundays. Won is located at the Inn from 1 p.m. to 3p.m. Aja Winery is open from 9 a.m.to noon and is closed on Saturday. All of the ingredients can be placed either in your refrigerator or in your cabinet. This way you can store them until you are ready to cook. Once you have a Hothouse, you can buy all seeds year round, and plant them in there. Some ingredients, like Butter, are actually other recipes, so they are in the recipe section below.
Turnip: Spring Vegetable. Buy seeds from the supermarket, then grow it on your farm.

Potato: Spring Vegetable. Buy seeds from the supermarket, then grow it on your farm.

Cucumber: Spring Vegetable. Buy seeds from the supermarket, then grow it on your farm.

Cabbage: Spring Vegetable. Buy seeds from Won, then grow it on your farm.

Strawberry: Spring Fruit. Ship over 100 of Turnips, Potatoes, Cucumbers, and Cabbage. The next day, check your mailbox. The Strawberry Seeds are now sold at the supermarket. Grow it on your farm.

Bamboo Shoots: Grows wild in the Spring. Three are located around the Hot Springs area.

Blue Grass: Grows wild in the Spring. One is located around the Hot Springs area. Another is located around the Builder's (Gotz's) house.

Onion: Summer Vegetable. Buy seeds from the supermarket, then grow it on your farm.

Tomato: Summer Vegetable. Buy seeds from the supermarket, then grow it on your farm.

Corn: Summer Vegetable. Buy seeds from the supermarket, then grow it on your farm.

Pineapple: Summer Fruit. Buy seeds from Won, then grow it on your farm.

Pumpkin: Summer Vegetable. Ship over 100 of Onions, Tomatoes, Corn, and Pineapples. The next day, check your mailbox. The Pumpkin seeds are now sold at the supermarket. Grow it on your farm.

Red Grass: Grows wild in the Summer. One is located around the Hot Springs area. Another is located around the Builder's (Gotz's) House. This is poisonous; do not cook with it.

Eggplant: Fall Vegetable. Buy seeds from the supermarket, then grow it on your farm.

Carrot: Fall Vegetable. Buy seeds from the supermarket, then grow it on your farm.

Sweet Potato: Fall Vegetable. Buy seeds from the supermarket, then grow it on your farm.

Green Pepper: Fall Vegetable. Buy seeds from Won, then grow it on your farm.

Spinach: Fall Vegetable. Ship over 100 of Eggplants, Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, and Green Peppers. The next day, check your mailbox. The Spinach seeds are now sold at the supermarket. Grow it on your farm.

Orangecup: Hothouse fruit. You can only grow this in a Hothouse. Buy the seeds from Won. Grow it in your Hothouse.

Mushroom: Grows wild in Fall. One can be found near the Hot Springs area, two near Builder's (Gotz's) House, and one on the base of Mother's Hill on the ledge past the bridge.

Poisonous Mushroom: Grows wild in Fall. One is near Builder (Gotz's) House. You probably should not cook with this.

Wild Grape: Grows wild in Fall. Two can be found on the base of Mother's Hill, near the Lake.

Truffle: Grows wild in Fall. One can be found on the base of Mother's Hill, near the Lake.

Green Grass: Grows wild in Fall. One is near the Hot Springs area, and another is near Builder's (Gotz's) House.

Eggs: If you buy and take good care of your chickens, they will lay these every day. Normal Eggs are from a chicken with one to three hearts; Good Eggs from a chicken with four to seven hearts; Excellent Eggs from a chicken with eight to ten hearts; and Gold Eggs from a chicken who has won the Chicken Festival held on Summer 7th.

Milk: If you buy and take good care of your cows, they will give you milk every day. You cannot milk a pregnant cow. All sizes are considered the same for cooking, but the larger the size of milk that you use, the better it tastes.

Honey: Once you attract some bees to your farm with Flowers (bought from Won, grown in the appropriate season), they will have honey for you every day. To bring up the shipping price, give some honey to Louis (the bug catcher who hangs out with Gotz and at Mother Hill).

Apple: Fall Fruit. Three are dropped by your apple tree every day in Fall.

Fish: Catch these in Rivers, Lakes, and the Ocean. To get the fishing rod, show up at the dock with one empty slot in your rucksack (the Tool section) very early in the morning (6 a.m. to 10 a.m.) or late at night (7 p.m.to 11 p.m.) on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and the fisherman will give it to you. To get the fishing pole, which catches fish more easily, get fifty fish in your fish pond and have one empty slot in your rucksack (the Tool section). The fisherman will show up in the morning and will give you the fishing pole. You can use the medium and large sized fish to cook.

Garbage: Tin Cans, Boots, Fish Bones that you can catch instead of fish. If you put this in a recipe, it will be ruined.

Oil: You can buy this at the supermarket for 50 G a iece.

Flour: You can buy this at the supermarket for 50 G apiece.

Curry Powder: You can buy this at the supermarket for 50 G apiece.

Rice Ball: You can buy this at the supermarket for 100 G apiece.

Bread: You can buy this at the supermarket for 100 G apiece.

Wine: Buy this at Aja winery between 9 a.m. and noon. It is closed Saturday. The cost is 300 G apiece.

Relaxation Tea Leaves: Get seven presents (requires the large sized rucksack) and bring them to the Sprite's house behind the church any sunny, non-Festival day in Spring, between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. Talk to one of the Sprites, and he will say that you must have presents to join the tea party. Give one gift to each Sprite. You will then have a Tea Party with them. At the end they will give you a bag of Relaxation Tea Leaves. Note: You must use gift wrap (at the supermarket), and must use your tea leaves before they will give you more.

Chocolate: This is by far, the most difficult ingredient to get. You must have some girls (Ann, Karen, Elli, Popuri, Mary) on a Blue or Purple colored heart. You must not be married. On the 14th day of Winter, stay on your farm all day and the girls will each arrive one-by-one and give you gifts. Only girls with Blue or Purple colored hearts will give you chocolate. If no girls arrive, try going in and out of your house, or restart your game from a saved file. You will need at least two pieces of chocolate to create all 64 recipes. Note: It is possible to get chocolate after you are married. On the 13th of Winter, give your wife presents that she hates (such as weeds) until her heart turns blue. The next day, she will give you chocolate. Be very doing this; if your wife's heart drops too low, she will move out.

Small Stone: Find this on the ground at your farm. If you want all your land to be clear, save some in your cabinet.

Winter Stone: The same as a Small Stone, only found on the ground at your farm during Winter.
The following are some times of meetings in the first year. These will help score some points with someone.
2 Weds 10:30-11:40
Family Affairs, Poultry Farm

21 Sat 11:10 a.m.
Ellen, Hospital

23 Mon 5:00
Ann, Inn

25 Wed 9:40-10:10
Karen, Waterfall

27 Thu Late (after the hospital closes)
Couple, Library

27 Thu 6:20
Couple, Inn (inside) upstairs

29 Sun 5:10
Couple, Library

30 Mon anytime
Kai, Winery/Smith

Second Summer Late (after sunset)
May, Beach docks
Extensions on your farm
Note: Extensions require three days to upgrade.
Chicken Coop
Allows up to ten chickens. Costs 5,000G and requires 420 pieces of lumber.

House Upgrade 1
Includes small kitchen, table, fridge, more room, cabinet. Costs 4,700G, and requires 370 pieces of lumber.

Allows ten cows and ten sheep. Costs 6,800G and requires 500 pieces of lumber.

House Upgrade 2
Includes new television, bigger table, bigger kitchen, fire place, a room for you, your wife, and baby, and more room. Costs 10,000G and requires 750 pieces of lumber.

Hot House
Grow any seeds, four squares maximum, can be destroyed in a snow storm or hurricane. Costs 30,000G and requires 580 pieces of lumber.
Fairy Goddess holidays
The Fairy Goddess has holidays when it is a bad weather day or when it is a festival. Also, she will not appear to thank you if you are standing in the wrong place.

Places after the Goddess festival
The following are the places to go after the Goddess Festival if you asked a girl.
Popuri: Mineral Town's beach
Karen: Mineral Town's bar
Elli: Mineral town's lake.
Mary: Mineral town's' flower meadow
Ann. Mineral town's waterfall.
Married couples
There are five other men in the game besides yourself. You must compete against them in order to marry the girl of your dreams.
Ann will marry Cliff, if you do not marry her.
Mary will marry Gray, if you do not marry her.
Karen will marry Rick, if you do not marry her.
Popuri will marry Kai, if you do not marry her.
Elli will marry the Doctor, if you do not marry her.
Once these people have been married, they will live in the following places in Mineral Town or outside of there.
Ann and Cliff will live in the inn.
Mary and Gray will live in the inn or Mary's mom and dad's house.
Karen and Rick will live on poultry farm, but she will be at the supermarket on weekends.
Popuri and Kai will live on poultry farm, the sea-side lodge, or in Denmark where Kai comes from. She will be back every summer with Kai.
Elli and the Doctor will live at the clinic.
In order to get in invited to any of these weddings, you must be friends with the groom. The following is what you should give him to become friends, and to get them to like you to get invited to their wedding.
Cliff: Wine, Grapes, and Eggs
Rick: Milk, Wool, and Eggs
Gray: Cheese and Eggs
Kai: Golden Milk, Golden Wool, Golden Eggs, Golden Cheese, Golden Yarn balls, and Golden Mayonnaise.
Character likes, dislikes, and birthdays
Rick (Fall 22)
Likes: Spa-boiled eggs, Wine, Bodigizer
Hates: Sweet Potatoes

Barley (Spring 17)
Likes: Spa-boiled eggs, Rice Balls
Hates: Wine, Cheese

Saibara (Spring 11)
Likes: Any ore (except junk ore), Bamboo Shoots
Hates: Bread

Jeff (Winter 29)
Likes: Apples, Bamboo Shoots, Flowers
Hates: Wine, Ore

Duke (Winter 15)
Likes: Wine
Hates: Curry, Ore

Gray (Winter 6)
Likes: Ore (like Saibara)
Hates: Green Peppers

Doctor (Fall 17)
Likes: Spa-boiled eggs, Wine
Hates: Ore

Pastor Carter (Fall 20)
Likes: Most crops, Wine
Hates: All grasses

Basil (Summer 11)
Likes: Flowers, Mushrooms
Hates: Ore, Fish

Won (Winter 19)
Likes: Fish
Hates: Unknown

Gotz (Fall 2)
Likes: Oil
Hates: Unknown

Greg (Spring 29)
Likes: Big fish
Hates: Oil

Kai (Summer 22)
Likes: Bread, Flour
Hates: Bamboo Shoots

Doug (Winter 11)
Likes: Wine, Bamboo Shoots
Hates: Ore

Cliff (Spring 6)
Likes: Spa-boiled eggs
Hates: Ore, Bodigizer

Zack (Summer 29)
Likes: Big Fish
Hates: Flour

Louis (Spring 2)
Likes: Honey
Hates: Oil, Flour

Thomas (Summer 25)
Likes: Wine, Spa-boiled eggs
Hates: Ore

Kano (Winter 2)
Likes: Wine
Hates: Unknown

Harris (Summer 4)
Likes: Spa-boiled eggs, Wine
Hates: Ore

Harvest Sprites
Likes: Flour
Hates: Unknown, but weeds result in some ! and some ? in the dialogue box.

Stu (Fall 5)
Likes: Wild grapes
Hates: Carrots

Popuri (Summer 3)
Likes: Spa-boiled eggs, Flowers, Cake
Hates: Ore

Lillia (Spring 19)
Likes: Bodigizer
Hates: Wine

May (Winter 26)
Likes: Fished-out-trash
Hates: Spa-boiled eggs

Sasha (Spring 30)
Likes: Chocolate
Hates: Eggs

Manna (Fall 11)
Likes: Honey
Hates: Ore

Anna (Fall 23)
Likes: Flowers, Cookies
Hates: Spa-boiled Eggs

Karen (Fall 15)
Likes: Wine, Moon Drop Flower, Truffles
Hates: The other flowers

Mary (Winter 20)
Likes: Mushroom (poisonous one also), Grasses, Flowers

Elli (Spring 16)
Likes: All flowers
Hates: Ore

Ellen (Winter 13)
Likes: Wool, Apples, Spa-boiled Eggs
Hates: Ore

Ann (Summer 17)
Likes: Spa-boiled eggs, Bamboo Shoots, Flowers
Hates: Ore
When you are married, your anniversary date will be marked with a love heart.

Mystery girl
That girl that you meet in the intermission sequence when you first start can be met again. Marry any desired girl before the end of Year 3. After you become a success and can stay on the farm just at the beginning of Year 4, she will say "Remember the promise you made to me all that time ago?" or something similar. The intermission sequence of two children (you and your wife) singing on the mountain will start. This is because your wife becomes that girl you met. Before you marry, the girl you met will be any one of the five girls, provided you marry before the end of Year 3.

Get another horse
If you lose your horse and have a good pasture, you can get another one.

To get another horse you need to plant 40 bags of grass on your farm. You will never run out of fodder and you do not have to water it.

Barley does not take back the horse
When you get the horse (Barley from Yodel Ranch asks you to take care of him), brush and talk to it every day to increase its heart. Plant a lot of grass (about 30 bags). If the horse's heart gets full and the grass grows, when Yodel returns to take back the horse, he will give it to you as a gift. You can ride him and participate in Horse Race earlier.

Use any fishing rod and fish off the pier into the ocean between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m. If you do not get one the first time, try again the next day.

When you go up to Mother's hill, go to the Cheddar Tree. When you look around on that part you may see a bug or two. Pick it up, then show them to people. They will give you something in return on certain days such as Saturdays and Sundays.

Blue Grass
When you get tired of working in the Spring, eat a Blue Grass. It is a natural medicine. You can also give it to the Doctor so that he will become friends with you.

Fish with any fishing rod in the pond which is in the secret underground cavern in Winter. If you do not get one the first time, try again the next day.

Fish with the fishing pole in the waterfall or in any river or the sea after you have cooked up the dish of Sashimi, Sushi, and Grilled fish. If you do not get one the first time, try again the next day.

Chocolate Cake
If you are married, on the Thanksgiving Day (Winter), go out and check your rucksack. There will be a chocolate cake inside.

On the third year in Spring, Barley will ask you for your dog so that your dog and his can be together until the16th. They will have bred within that time. After that, go see him again on the 23rd. He will send you to look for a owner for one of the puppies. Talk to they policeman at the Inn. At about 1:30, he will say "It's at yodel ranch isn't it?". When you go outside, he will have already have gotten the puppy.

When Barley asks for your dog in Spring of the Year 3, give it to him. Then, your dog and his will have two puppies. He and May will keep one and ask you to find an owner for the other. Go to Stu when he is in his house with Ellen and ask him if he wants the puppy. This will make him very happy .Will get the puppy later and name him Tim.

Golden Size Eggs
Win the Chicken Festival. The next day you will get a Golden Size Egg on the floor next to the other eggs, if you have any other chickens that lay eggs.

Golden Size Milk
Win the Cow Festival. The next day, you will get a Golden Size Milk, if you have a milker to milk your cow.

Golden Size Fur
Win the Sheep Festival. The next day you will get a Golden Size Fur, if you have the scissors.

Golden Cows and Sheep
Win the necessary festivals to get one Sheep, one Cow, and one Chicken Golden. Then, start a new game and load the game with the Golden animals. Exchange all your Golden animals to the other file. When you trade them to the file, do not go to sleep. Reload the game that you were just on and you will notice that your Golden animals will still be on your farm. Trade them again and repeat the process until your new farm is filled with Golden animals. You may also do this when you upgrade your farm.

Horse Bin
When you have finally proven to Barley that you can raise a horse, you can throw sell-able crops in the Horse Bin. You wukk still get the money as normal.

Mining Basket
If you own the Harvest Basket and are mining with it at the time, do not worry if you pass out. It will still be on the same level you left it on with all the items you put in it.

Fish in pot
Go to the Harvest Festival and put in an ingredient to the pot. Wait until the festival is over then go up to the pot and try and fish in it. You will catch fish from it.

Power Berry
Buy a number of Magic Red Flowers. Plant the amount required to fill up a side of your field. Then, when they grow, there will be a red flower instead of blue. Popouri will ask for the flower. Say "Yes" and she will trade a Power Berry for it.

Mystic Power Berry
Go up to the lake on Mother's hill (with the little island on it). Throw three cucumbers in the water. Note: You must be in front of the two little trees at the top.

Relaxation Tea Leaves
To get the Relaxation Tea Leaves you must follow these rules. Wait until Spring. Get the biggest bag. Be friends with the elves. Get nine Flours from the supermarket. Wait until 3 p.m. Go in their house and give one of them a Flour. He will thank you, and also give the others gifts. Once you have given them all a Flour, they will automatically invite you to their tea party. If you want to go back to their tea party, you must use the Relaxation Tea Leaves first.

Sea Bream
Sell 200 or more fish, then fish with the fishing pole in any season except for Winter. If you do not get one the first time, try again the next day.

Get the fishing pole and throw a small fish off the pier into the ocean in Summer. If you do not get one the first time, try again the next day.

Wild dog
Sometimes at night, a wild dog will enter your ranch and attack your animals. If you build a rock fence the wild dog can just walk through it. However, if you build a wooden fence, the dog cannot get through to your animals in your pasture.

In Spring, the best plant to buy is Cabbages; in Summer, Pineapples are the best; and in Fall, Sweet Potatoes are the best.

If you have Ann with a blue heart she will ask you to deliver three eggs for about three days. Note: You must not be married.

Do not give Ann anything you find in the caves. Instead, give her eggs, wool, milk and corn.

If you have Elli with a blue heart she will ask you to taste her sandwich for three days. All of them are different. You must be on the farm at noon for three days, but you must not be married.

If you like Elli, give her flowers or Orangecup at Spring 16 to increase your relationship.

In Summer Year 2, on the day before the fireworks display, ask Kai to go with you. You will be better friends with him. Note: You first need to be friends with him, and cannot be married.

In the Summer, Kai will ask you for a corn as soon they are ready to harvest. Sell it for 50 G, and Kai will become friends with you.

Use the following trick for an easy way to get Karen to like you. Get the biggest rucksack, and get the winery lady to sell you as many wines as you can hold. Then, give them all to Karen. If you are fast, you can make two trips a day.

This trick requires the largest house and icebox (refrigerator) and the largest rucksack. Go to the wine maker's house and buy nine bottles of wine. Bring it home and put it in your icebox. Continue this until they are closed for the day. When they are closed, take nine bottles out and give them to Karen. This works very well. I can get about 63 bottles a day because of this.

Buy the last rucksack and buy as much wine as you can carry. Go to Karen and she will blush. Her love meter will go up with every nine bottles or so. After that is done, go to the place where the cedar tree is located. Collect as many flowers as you can hold and bring them to her. Also at the hot spring once at the start of the game, she will appear and say that you are looking sad. She will ask what is wrong. Answer "Love life" and her love meter will turn purple. She will console you every time you have a problem. Try to find where the winter flower is located and her love meter will go up. At the Cooking Festival, talk to her only and she will win and like you more.

If you have Karen on a blue heart she will give you Moon Drop Seeds at some point. Note: You must not be married to anyone.

If you like Karen, give her wine as much as you can at Fall 15 to better your relationship.

If you pay absolutely no attention to Karen she will fall directly into a purple heart.

In the second year, the man from the Yodel farm will appear in front of your house saying that May is missing. You can find her on the Mineral Beach, where she will talk about her mother. Tell her you understand her problem and she will like you very much.

If you have Mary with a blue heart she will lend you a book called something like the "Wood Cutter And The King". Go to the library the next day and say that you liked that book. Note: You must not be married to anyone.

If you like Mary, give her a Mushroom at Winter 20 to increase your relationship.

If you like Popuri and want to marry her, get your bag fully upgraded, your house upgraded at least twice, and give her as many flowers as you can. After a day of doing that, her heart will have gone up by one. Repeat this for at least two weeks for a red heart. You can enter the Harvest Festival on the first year and put in a Poisonous Mushroom; second year a Wild Berry; third year another Wild Berry; and so on. However, also talk to her every day at the Hotspring. Some times she will ask questions, but reply with the kindest answers because it will affect your love life with her.

If you have Popuri with a blue heart she will give you an egg. Note: You must not be married to anyone.

If you like, Popuri, give her a Spa Boiled Egg or Toy Flowers at Summer 3 to increase your relationship.

When Popuri's heart level gets blue, she will give you an egg. Name the chick Popuri and her heart level will increase by one.

Once you have bees in your yard, give the honey from them to Popuri every day for about a year and a half for easy heart increases. She loves honey.

Your anniversary will not appear on your calendar. If you know the date, enter your house at 12 o'clock in the day. There will be food on the table. Speak to your wife. go outside and when you come back inside, the food will be gone. Also, your anniversary is activated after 12 in the day.

About one month after you get married, your wife will act a bit strange. Go to the clinic and she will be there with the doctor, who will tell you that she is pregnant.

Make your wife leave
Give your wife many things that she hates (preferably weeds) until her heart turns black, and she has no hears on the start menu screen. Then, go to sleep. The next day the game will state that your wife is gone and you will shake your head.

Note: If you make your wife go away, you cannot marry another girl. They will all be gone until you apologize to your old wife.

Use the following trick to rid of weeds and your wife. Give her lots of weeds until a purple or black heart appears or your weeds are gone. Then, go to sleep and a " Huh? (your wife's name) is gone". If you want your wife back, go to her house. If she is not there, look in the bedroom. If you do not want her back, leave her there.

To confess for anything that you have done, go to the door at the top left corner of the church. Pastor Carter cannot be standing in that room or this will not work. Sometimes you can choose an option stating that you littered. You will litter any time you throw unwanted items from fishing. To get rid of your garbage without littering, go to the Rose Square. There is a garbage can there. Use it to avoid making the Fairy Goddess mad.

Throw items far
If you are holding an item, stand on top of some steps and throw the item down. This also works if you stand on a bridge.

More money for honey
If you plant flowers on your farm and have a beehive, give some honey (worth 10G) to Louis. A day later he will say that it was a rare species and you will get more money for the honey.

Endless animal help
Hire any or all of the Harvest Sprites to take care of your animals. When they arrive to help out with the Animals, immediately go inside the barn to watch them. While you are in the Barn, time will not pass. Do not leave until the Harvest Sprites have finished their work. This way, you will have all your animals tended to, and still have a full day to work.

Save money on animals
If you want more animals, go to the Yodel Ranch and go to Barley. Buy the Animal Potion (the one to make them pregnant) for 1000G. Go back to your farm and sprinkle it over the animal. The animal must be over one year old and not sheared for this to work. Also, make sure it is the correct animal. In about 22 days, your animal will have a baby. It saves you buying a cow for 6000G or a sheep for 3000B. Note: The Yodel Ranch is closed on Mondays.

Free chickens
When Rick asks if you can take care of his chickens, answer "Yes". When you take one egg and put it in the incubator, he will take the chickens away but not the egg. The egg will become a chick and grow up and lay eggs.

Easy animals
Play the game until you can afford to get an animal (sheep or cow), then buy it. That night, save it in another slot, and repeat saving in different slots for your desired amount of animals. Then, start a new game, load it, and take the one animal from each slot and transfer to the new game. If desired, transfer them all to the old game.

When you want a lot of money, buy a cow or sheep on one game, and save that game. Exchange that animal with another file, but do not save the original file. Keep trading the cow/sheep/chicken with the other file until they are at maximum, then go into that file and trade over so the original file has maximum. On whichever file you want the money on, sell all 5/10/20 animals, then switch over and exchange more and sell those.

Get a cow, sheep, or chicken in one base file. Save you base file. Start a new game and save it to a different slot than you base file. Go to your base file and choose to exchange animals. Send the cow (for example) over to your new file and overwrite it. Go to your Diary, and choose "Read Diary". Go to the new file that you sent your cow to, without saving your base file. Now that you are in your new file, send the cow back to the base file. Go to your Diary and choose "Read Diary". Go to your base file without saving your new file. Your base file should now have two cows. You can get up to ten cows if you do not have the barn extension. Repeat the steps from "Go to your base file and choose to exchange animals" onward until you have ten cows. Once you have ten cows on your base file, save it, then send them over to your new file. Without saving your base file, go to your new file and you will have ten cows on each file. You can sell the ones on your new file, but do not sell the ones on your base file -- so you can keep going to your base file and sending them over to your new file. Note: If you take cows from the base file it will rewrite the base file with no cows, so you have to send cows from you base file.

Faster animal care
To cut down the time required to take care of your animals, you can talk and brush/milk/sheer at the same time if you press [X] + [Square].

Non-stop help
This is especially useful when you are full on animals and it becomes difficult to feed them, talk to them, and tend their products. Give the harvest sprites flour bags every day for the first year so their heart-o-meter is full. Then in two sections of four, send them every other week to help the animals. While one group is helping you, give flour bags to the four that are not helping. They will do an excellent job of taking care of your animals and you do not need to worry about them until the end of the day when, if desired, you can talk to them to raise their heart levels slightly quicker.

Recycling garbage
If you cook garbage you get from fishing, you can give it to May or cook it and give the ruined food to Karen.

Free lumber
if you have upgraded your ax at least once, go to the Hot Spring and near the lumber place. Chop down the tree stumps for six lumber pieces each.

Dumb fox
If you put a fox inside the chicken house, it will do nothing.

Run like an Olympic runner
To run like an Olympic runner, go outside of the mine located behind the waterfall. Stand at the top of the steps, face away from the mine and press [Circle].

Strong fence for animal pasture
At the beginning, save the rocks in the bottom corner or other place. When you clear the fields, use these to set up a fence. Note: This does not protect against wild dogs.

Try not to build fences with wood. Instead, if you have any small rocks, use them. They do not let animals out and save money for expanding buildings because you will save wood. Note: This does not protect against wild dogs.

Glitch: Library
This glitch may happen in your 5th year. Go to the library on a Wednesday around 12 p.m. and it will be closed. Read the sign and it will say that is closed on Wednesdays, instead of being closed on Mondays as it is supposed to be.

Glitch: Animal birthday
When an animal such as a cow or sheep is supposed to be born on a major holiday, it will be born the next day but still have the birthday on that holiday. You can milk or shear the once pregnant sheep or cow the day it was supposed to be born.

Glitch: Invisible crops
If you plant orange cup crops in any season except from Winter, they will grow but you cannot see them. You cannot walk through them, so if you want to know if they are ready you should try and pick on every day until you manage to get one. They take nine days to grow.

Glitch: Misspelling
In the Clinic, the Doctor says "Bodigizer" when you ask for medicine, but if you look in the bookcase behind Elli, it is spelled as "Bodigzer".

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