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In-game reset (Japanese version)
Hold [L1] + [L2] + [R1] + [R2] + [Start] + [Select] during game play.
Enemy conversion
When being chased by an enemy, to convert them to another species with a different habitat, lead it into another atmosphere. For example, in Carmathen, an enemy in the plains can be converted into a Swamp creature if you lead it to the swampland.

Have Baby run through doors
Walk out a door, and do not move. Immediately have Baby fetch, and he will run straight through the door, into the house, and come out.

Attacking Ringsider
If you have Ringsider the toy, go into battle, use him, and start attacking him. He will say things such as "Knight, take it easy big fella'!". When he is killed, he says something like "Nice talking to you people! I gotta go now!".

Parent's unusual phrasing
Before you talk to the man with the newborn baby in Junga, save the game. Then, speak with him. He will ask what his boy's name should be. Name him anything, and pay attention to what the man says after he repeats the name. Turn off the game, reload the save, and name the child something to fit the sentence to where it looks as if the man has just said a comment not dealing with the created name. Rather than, "<name> is such a nice name for my son!", name the child "It" and he will say "It is such a nice name for my son!".

Training Mountain
When Baby can fly, go to the eastern continent. There is a mountain to the north of Trisken. The mountain has a hole in it. Disembark from Baby, and you will see no trees or monsters in this area, just a pond and plains. Walk around. All of a sudden, a difficult monster will appear. It is gray with red eyes. When you battle it, it will be any monster in the world, only much more difficult. You will get ten times the rubies and experience. Note: Having all the Holy Armor or the Platinum Armorfrom Bonik in Jungo is recommended.

Training Island
The Training Island is the same as the Training Mountain, except it is north of The Castle of Ryan.

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