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Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
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Cheat mode
Enter the following player names to enable the corresponding cheat features. Note: All of the code in the game may be used in combinations. Enter and accept a code, then go to "Rename" and enter another code. Your character can also be renamed to any desired name after the last code is entered.
Enter "BSTARD" as a player name for all weapons, unlimited ammunition, level selection, ninety-nine lives, armor, get out of jail, coordinate display, maximum wanted level, and the 5x bonus.

Enter "THESHIT" as a player name for all weapons, unlimited ammunition, level selection, ninety-nine lives, armor, get out of jail, and the 5x bonus.

Enter "MADEMAN" as a player name for all weapons, unlimited ammunition, level selection, armor, and get out of jail.

Enter "GROOVY" as a player name for all weapons, unlimited ammunition, armor, and get out of jail.

Enter "PECKINPAH" as a player name for armor, all weapons, and a "Get Out Of Jail Free" card.

Enter "HANGTHEDJ" for all cities, money, and all weapons.
Maximum wanted level
Enter "EATTHIS" as a player name to set the wanted level to four.

Display coordinates
Enter "BLOWME" or "WUGGLES" as a player name.

No police
Enter "CHUFF" as a player name.

All cities
Enter "TURF" or "INGLORIOUS" as a player name.

All cities (1 and 2)
Enter "CAPRICE" as a player name.

City skip
Enter "WEYHEY" as a player name to instantly collect 9999990 points.

Liberty City (1 and 2)
Enter "FECK" as a player name.

Liberty City (1 and 2) and San Andreas City levels
Enter "TVTAN" as a player name.

All cities (1 and 2), except Vice City (1 only)
Enter "URGE" as a player name.

Ninety-nine lives
Enter "SATANLIVES" as a player name.

5x multiplier
Enter "EXCREMENT" as a player name.

Level select
Enter "SKYBABIES" as a player name to choose any level up to "Mandarin Mayhem".

Insert the game disc in an audio CD player and play tracks 2 and higher to hear music from the game.

Drive sideways
Start doing doughnuts in a place where there are no cars. Do them for about twenty seconds and the car will sort of turn around very suddenly. Stop doing doughnuts when the car turns around. Accelerate to drive the car sideways.

Invincibility (PAL version)
Press [Square], [Triangle], [Circle], [X]x2, [Circle], [Triangle], [Square] at the main menu.

Change music
Start any level, then press [Start] to pause game play. Switch the game CD with an audio CD of your choice. Resume game play. Every time a car is hijacked a random song on the CD will play. Note: Replace the game CD before completing the level.

For true "80's" car music, play Metallica's Garage Inc. album disc two and get into the Thunderbird car with the music set to radio. "The Prince" should play.

A tank can be found on top a building on level 2. The easiest way to find it is to enable the "Display coordinates" code. Go to coordinates x 30, y 175. Use the stairs to climb the building, then get in the tank and drive off the short ledge. It will be a kill frenzy time limit for 20 cars to blow up.

To obtain the tank in San Andreas, drive to the big red bridge and continue to drive south on it until you reach the end. Along the way, you should see an island with a tank off to the right in the water (if you are driving against traffic). Turn left at the end, then turn up and drive up past the bomb shop until you get to the water. Get out and walk along the water (but do not fall in) until you see two lines in the water that look like a bridge. Walk straight out into the water. Stay on the "water bridge" and you will not die. Keep walking until you reach the island with the tank. Get in and drive back down the bridge. Do not get yourself stuck between any buildings on the way back -- it is easy to get the tank wedged in small places. Take open routes, and try not to drive between trees, as you can also get stuck between them.
Avoid pedestrians
Beep the horn when driving near people.

Crawl under fences
Take a truck or another vehicle that you can crawl under and park it lengthwise, facing a fence. Go to the back and press [R1] to crawl underneath. Note: Make sure that you can get back out before trying this.

Disappearing man
Find a motorbike, then select punch as a weapon. Hold [Circle] and get on the bike. Press [Circle], then crash into another vehicle so you can fall off. Your character should keep punching. Try to get back on and your character will jump. Get in a fast car and crash into the bike. Your character will fly off the bike, allowing you to control him and the car simultaneously.

Change clothes
Go to a railway station and walk near the closest wall. Stand still and shoot the wall with the rocket launcher to set your character on fire. Then walk on the railway line to electrocute your character. When you return, your character should be dressed in the clothes from the PC version of the game. Note: The clothes change back when your character enters a car.

Instant kill frenzy mission
When you are on a kill frenzy mission, enter a car and drive through the respray shop to complete the mission will be successfully.

More money
When selling cars to the illegal car dealerships, that the faster the car the more money you will get for it. Exceptions are squad cars and ambulances.

Steal a taxi cab and stop at a sidewalk. Wait for someone to call a taxi and take them to their destination to receive money. Repeat this to receive your desired pay from this job.

Steal a car and take it to a crane, then dump it there. The crane will pick it up, and you will get money.

Flashing lights with no siren
To turn on the just the flashing lights and no siren in an ambulance or police car, continuously press [R2] and press [Square] to get into the car. As soon as the door closes, stop pressing [R2]. If done correctly, the lights should start flashing with no siren.

Continuous bike horn
Drive around and look for a superbike. When you see one, block it with your car. Get out of your car. The man on the bike should honk the horn. When he does, try to get on the bike when he is honking. When you get on the bike, the horn should continue beeping.

Drive car sideways
Hold [Left] or [Right] while holding the handbrake and [X] to accelerate. Keep going around in circles until you see your car driving sideways. This may take a few minutes. If you hit something while going in circles, then you will have to do it again. As soon as you hit something while driving sideways you will start driving normally.

Keep weapon active
To keep your weapon on without holding the button, hold [Circle] and press [Start].

Hold [Circle] to fire and press [Start] to pause game play. Release [Circle] and resume the game. Your character will fire indefinitely, non-stop. Note: It is recommended that you execute use this trick with one of the unlimited ammunition codes.

Kill all twelve boy scouts at once
Find a group of the little orange boy scouts and stand in front of them so they will come over to you. Then, lead them to an electric train station. Lead them onto the tracks and run away quickly.

Gouranga message
When you see the orange boy scouts, wait until they line up then run them all over. If done correctly, a message reading "Gouranga" will appear.

Glitch: Ghost Bike or Super Bike ride
Get on a Bike or Super Bike. Then, get a little bit of speed and repeatedly press [Square] (exit car command). If done correctly, the bike should keep going and start driving down the street with no one on it. It will even make turns by itself. This may require a few attempts.

Glitch: Drive charred hippy van
Get a kill frenzy with a hippy van, which drives small toy cars with bombs on them. Drive one under the hippy van and explode it, A "Frenzy Failed" message will appear, and can still drive the charred remains of the van for a brief amount of time.

Glitch: Ghost cars
Go to the docks in Liberty City and sell lots of cars and kill lots of people. Eventually, cars will begin to appear and disappear.

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