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Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
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High resolution mode
Earn an International A License, then enter the GT League and win all four cups, including the GT World Cup. Alternatively, successfully complete all arcade mode tracks under the hard difficulty level.

Bonus FMV sequence
Select arcade mode, obtain the bonus tracks, then finish in first place on all tracks with any car. This must be done in A, B, and C class mode under the normal or higher difficulty setting. A "Staff Video" option will now appear under "Bonus Items".

Turn off engine
Get a lot of speed in a straight track, then press [Triangle].

Duplicate red Concept Cars
Unlock a Chrysler Dodge red Copperhead Concept Car in your garage and save the game onto a memory card. Remove the memory card, start a new game and select "Trade" from the Home menu. You will be prompted to have a card inserted in slot two. Do this, wait for the card to finish loading, and select the Concept Car from the garage. Normally it costs money to buy a car from this garage, but the Concept Car will cost 0 credits. You will be asked if you would like another car. Answer "Yes" and select the Concept Car again. Repeat this to have a maximum of 100 Concept Cars. Note: The advanced, dark purple Concept Car will cost 35,000 credits.

Demio Aspec
Use the following trick to buy or win a Demio Aspec in the GT Sunday Cup. Modify the car up as much as you can or to 204 hp, then race the GT Sunday Cup repeatedly. You will always win in this car, as it is faster than a normal car but not too fast to the point where you cannot turn corners.

Del Sol Car from Toyota
Finish first in the Japan vs. UK under "Special Events".

Dodge Viper GTS-R
Finish in first in the US vs. Japan race under the "Special Events" menu using a Dodge Viper GTS. The GTS-R will appear in your garage.

GTP Twin Turbo
The fastest car is the new GTO Twin Turbo. If you buy everything to make the horsepower rise, it will have 930 hp.

Imola Tan Subaru Impreza Sedan
Complete the Normal Car (Commercial Cars) championship under the "Special Events" menu and place first. A Subaru Impreza WRX Sedan with an exclusive Imola Orange Tan-like color will appear in your garage.

Nissan Nismo 400[R]
Get all gold medals in the International A license test.

R*Dodge Concept Car (purple)
Enter the Convertible Car Cup under Special Events and win first place.

R*Ford GT90
Enter the Seattle Circuit 100mi Endurance race and win first.

S14 Silvia LM edition
Go to the All Night #1 Endurance race under special events. Win the race to get 150,000 credits and the Silvia LM edition car.

Toyota Sprinter Turneo
When you begin simulation mode, you will start with 18,000 credits. There are not many cars in that price range, but the best possible car you can get is the Sprinter Turneo made by Toyota. With only a few upgrades you can race and win the Professional league and the Super Speedway Endurance race.

TVR Cerbera LM
Enter the UK vs. Japan race under the "Special Events" menu. A Japanese car is recommended. Finish first place in the championship. A limited edition Cerbera with 581hp will appear in your garage.

Fast cars
The fastest car in the game with best the handling and acceleration is the Mitsubishi 3000GT with all tuning for 930 hp.

The fastest car is the GTO*R. Tune it up it will easily beat all the other cars.

The fastest car is the Supra RZ. Be careful though, because it is a FR car and easily spins out.

The car with the most power when fully tuned is the Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R. With every single upgrade enabled, the car will have 955 HP. If you change the gear ratios, the car will go at speeds in excess of 600 mph -- however, there is no track long enough or strait enough in the game to reach that speed.

The purple Concept Car is the fastest car in the game. When properly tuned, it will beat any car in the game, including the GTO Twin Turbo and Skylines, by a good ten seconds in a three lap race.

If you have a 4WD or RWD car with at least 700 horsepower and it has the Full Racing Transmission, you can set individual gear ratios to make it faster. First, set the final gear to level 35 on a Supra (for example). Set each gear down three sets (for example, 0.332 to 329). Go to the Max Speed Test. You will notice your car may be able to top out at anywhere from 200 to 250 mph. Remember, setting the individual gears improves acceleration. Setting the final gear improves top speed.

The fastest car is the Toyota Supra RZ. It only has 910 hp (when fully tuned up). However, it can reach 255 mph. Go to the settings before any race, select the gear ratios and change them as follows: first: 3.214; second: 1.925; third: 1.302; fourth: 1.000; fifth: 0.752; sixth: 0.580; final: 4.011. The Supra should be able to do 255 mph however, it is a FR car. For races such as Mega Speed Cup, the Toyota Supra will definitely be your best choice.

Use the following trick to get the Escudo over 400 kph. First, make sure you have the Turbo Kit stage 4 on the Escudo (1791 hp). Try to get super soft tires, as these decrease skidding. Go into machine test, and on maximum run (full lap). Once done, find the main options before starting the "Settings" option. Then use the following settings: Ride height: Front: 75mm, Rear: 75mm; Gear auto setting: Wide; Final gear: 2.200; Downforce: Front:0.85, Rear 1.80. Note: You must take the corners carefully as the car's speed decreases the more you turn.

Best bargain when selling
When selling a car, look around the different car dealerships to see where you can sell a car for the most money in return. Note: The red Chrysler Dodge Concept Car cannot be sold to any manufacturer.
100 completion on simulation disc
You can actually get 100% completion on the simulation disc. The "Event Synthesizer" that is unlocked by completing the Special License actually gives you percentage towards completion when raced. Be aware that the professional setting is actually a tournament and not a single race.

Easier turning
When in a turn, hit the brakes until your hear your tires squeal. Then, turn with the D-Pad.

Drive forever (demo version)
Normally, you can only complete two laps before the game stops. If you turn around and go the wrong way, you can drive as long as desired. Note: You will not be racing.

Glitch: More maneuvering room
This trick is very helpful when in a tight spot and will work in both arcade and simulation modes. It is most noticeable in straight aways but takes effect anywhere in the course. When in a race and are surrounded by cars with no room to move, if you are on the camera angle where you are not in the car but the view that puts you closest to the car, switch to the view that puts the car farther away. All the cars (including your own) get smaller, however the track stays the same size. This gives you more room to make a move for a turn or to speed up and gain positions.

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