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Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 25, 2005
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Music test
Enter "BGMXXXX" as a name. Note: In the Japanese version, enter "B-G-M-Ki-Ki-Ta-I" as a name.

In-game reset
Hold [R2] + [R1] + [L2] + [L1] during game play.

Control screen brightness (Japanese version)
Press [L1] to increase or [R1] to decrease the brightness in the "Sound Novel".

Score challenge mode (Japanese version)
Obtain the Book Of Life in Chapter two. Stop reading the book before reaching the "Good Ending". Then, read through the book again to access a hidden "Score Challenge mode". This mode allows the Chocobo Race sequence to be played for money.
Get Cloud
This trick must be used in Chapter 4. You should have four empty spaces in your formation. Go to Zeltennia Castle and listen to the rumor called "Cursed Island". Buy a Flower from Aeris at Zarghisdas Trade City, then go to Goug Machine City with Mustadio. The screen will fade and display a scene with Mustadio, Ramaza, and a steel ball. Go to the bar in Goland Coal City and listen to the rumor called "Ghost of Coliery". After this, go to Lesalia Imperia and the screen should show a bar. When you leave, invite Beowulf to join your party. Go to the red dot, right under the city. You will fight four battles, save Reis, and get the Zodiac Stone that will trigger the steel ball. Return to Goug Machine City again and a funny scene should appear. Let the Robot join your party. Go to Nelveska Temple and defeat the robot/ You will find out that Reis is a girl and will get a Zodiac Stone that will trigger Cloud and take him to your world. Go back to Goug Machine City and you will trigger Cloud into your world -- he runs out for now. Go to Zarghidas and save Cloud from the men that are punking Aeris. Note: If this did not work, make sure you killed Dycerag and Zodiac Soul Adramelk. Cloud can do nothing but Defend and Attack. Go to Bervania Volcano and equip the Move-Find Item.

When you go to the Bervenia Volcano, have the Move-Find Item equipped. Check the highest peak of the area to find the Materia Blade.

Get Cloud to a high level and give him Short Charge. He is as strong as Orlandu at a smaller level, even though his attacks take a turn or two to charge.

Defeating Gafgarion
Before the battle against Gafgarion, strip him of his armor, weapons, etc., then turn him into a priest or something very weak. You should be able to defeat him easily. Note: This will not have any effect when you face him again in the second chapter.

To easily defeat Gafgarion at Lionel Castle, change Ramza into a wizard and teach him Flare. Make sure he has enough MP to use it before you go into battle. Cast Flare on Gafgarion on the first turn and it should kill him in one hit.

Let Razma be a Summoner and learn any of the three (Shiva, Ifrit, Ramuh). Cast summons two times to defeat Gafgarion. This strategy also works with Underground Book Storage first floor, where you fight Wiegraf and Bosses alone.

To defeat Gafgarion at Lionel Castle, make Ramza a Monk and have him learn Chakra. Make him strong enough to make you heal more than Gafgarion's Night Sword. After Gafgarion uses his attack, immediately use Chakra. Keep repeating this until your other units have killed the other opponents. When they do, let Ramza open the gate and have your units enter. When they do so, team up on Gafgarion. This should make it a lot easier.

Let Ramza learn teleport and set it to him. When it is Ramza's first turn, teleport directly in front of the gate doors (moving him too far will fail) and defeat the enemies. When you are done, teleport to the other side and open the gate. Then, have all you men attack him. You should be able to kill Gafgarion very fast.

After you have defeated Gafgarion at the Golgrand Execution battle, buy enough Defense Rings (the ones that cancel Sleep and Death Sentence) for all the members of your party that you usually use in battle. Do not equip them, though. Go to the castle. A little bar with an arrow pointing at the words "The gate of the castle" will appear. There you will fight Gafgarion again. After you defeat him, you will be prompted to save. Do so if desired. The character screen will appear. Give everyone the Defense Rings. In this battle you will have to face off with the cardinal in a monster-form. The monster's only ability is a Nightmare attack that has two effects: Sleep and Death Sentence, with a very occasional Frog effect. To defeat him quickly, surround then kill him. Despite not giving you any numbers for the monster's health, the HP bar will still go down.

Defeating the Silver Ogre
When first fighting the Silver Ogre, attack his assassins first to end the battle quickly. Try using a Samurai with the Ninja's Two Swords ability, preferably using the most powerful katana.

Defeating Wiegraf
When you face him in Fovoham Plains, use either a male Thief with Steal Heart, a Ninja, a Summoner with an elemental attack, or a Mediator with Persuade, Invitation, or Mimic Daravon. Using Steal Heart or Invitation on his Chocobo or female fighters to make them attack other to the point that Wiegraf will hit them hard for a painful or fatal attack. Use the Ninja for hard hits on him or anyone else. Use a Summoner to severely damage his allies or him. Mimic Daravom or Persuade will stop Wiegraf from attacking. Do not use a Time Mage's Stop, as it may miss and kill your Mage.

In Orbonne, he will more than likely get the first hit, which will render you helpless. Do the same as in Fovoham Plains, or if you are feeling lucky, attack with Leg Aim, Arm Aim, or a Statis Sword.

Before entering Riovanes Castle, buy a Chameleon Robe, Feather Boots, and a good shield. When you get to Wiegraf, equip these items; he will not use any Holy abilities or Earth Slash, and will more than likely miss his counters any Wave Fists. After his Transformation, hit him with Ramza as you will die anyway. Have a Priest and make sure you have learned Shell, Raise, Raise 2, Cure, Cure 2, and Cure 3. Use Shell first, and heal and revive when necessary. If desired, learn and cast Reraise on yourself. You may use any other characters if desired, but another Priest and an Oracle with Life Drain is recommended. All Lucavi monsters are damaged very much by this spell.

Get Ramza to level 43 and have Knight. Ramza should attack first, and it should do 200 or lower. Then they should talk and you will win. Do the same with Velius.

Defeating the undead
Use a Phoenix Down on anything that is undead to instantly kill it. You can also turn the enemy undead with the Oracle's skill Zombie then use the Phoenix Down.

Easy experience
Have Ramza know Yell, and everyone else Accumulate or some other move that you can use for free every turn. Make sure no one has any form of Counter equipped. Kill all but one enemy, surround that one, but do not kill him. Use Yell until everyone is up to maximum speed (50) and then keep using Accumulate repeatedly to gain EXP and JP.

Once Cid is obtained, get the Equip Sword ability. Equip Cid's sword, Excalibur, and the Equip Sword ability to someone. Change someone else to a fast healing person. (Chemist recommended) Enter a battle. At the formation screen, put the person in the front of the row and the healer beside it. Let that person do the most. It has more of a chance since it is in Haste. Let the healer protect itself and heal the person (if needed) at the same time.

Go to a random battle. Kill all enemies but one. This should be an enemy that cannot heal itself. It will just run away. Have your characters attack opponents that can heal themselves (Chocobos, a Monk that knows Chakra, etc.). You can get easy experience and JP. It is time consuming, but useful if you want to learn things such as Lightning Stab quickly.

Learn Accumulate and Move +1 with all your characters. You should also have Battle Boots equipped. Kill all the monsters except for one. Make sure it cannot heal itself. Next, hit the monster until his life is below 10. Then, keep running away and using Accumulate.

First, get either a Bard (Summoner level 4, Mediator level 4), for the male characters, or a Dancer (Geomancer level 4, Lancer level 4) for the female characters, and learn a song/dance that is quick and will work every time. Make that character any class that you want to level. Next, get into a random battle and kill all the enemies except for one. Bring the enemy down to within a few hit points remaining. Set your people as far away as you can and use your sing/dance attacks. Watch them rack up experience and JP points.

Before fighting in the Garrison, make sure your entire party has Accumulate or something similar that does not require enemies to get experience. When in the Garrison, kill all of the enemies but do not step on the switch to flood the Garrison. Then set the game so that the CPU does everything. Return later, and they should be at a very high level.

Easy win
This trick requires Ramza, a monk with Two Swords skill, secondary skill optional (Charge recommended); a male Fighter, Monk with Two Swords skill, steal as secondary skill; a Female fighter, Archer, Dance as secondary skill (for Nameless Dance only); Female Fighter, Wizard or Summoner, Math as a secondary skill; and any special character (Mustadio is best until you get Orlandu). All characters should have Move +2 as a movement skill as well. You find it in the Thief abilities section.

Note: This trick works best with level 99 enemies and uses Level 3 Holy as Math Skill. To win a battle with just one attack, have a Priest or a fast Mage with a Speed of 15 or more. Make sure your Mage is a high level (level 99 recommended) and knows Holy and all the Math Skills. Use the sword duplication trick and equit everybody (including the Mage) with Excaliber or something that absorbs Holy. When in a battle, use Math Skill: Level, Prime Number, Holy. This should attack all the monsters that have a level of 99 and attack your team; however your team can absorb the attack and survive.

Easy JP
Get in a random battle (early in the game preferably, such as after you leave Igros Castle).You should have three Attackers, and two Chemists or Magicians of your choosing. Have your Attackers take out all of the enemies except the last one on the screen. Badly injure that enemy to where it is crouching and cowers away. Then, have your Chemists or Magicians move directly next to each other. Make sure that one of them has either White Magic or Potions. Have them attack each other every turn. When they get low on HP, cure them. Keep at it for about an hour or so. You will more than likely be able to get a Summoner. Repeat this trick for the Summoner. When you have finished, you will have an unbeatable Mage. Also do this for a Black Mage. Once you have these two in your party (Summoner, and Black Mage), you will be unstoppable.

Start your battle with at least these three people: Oracle with Berserk/Mediator with Insult, Wizard with Frog, and someone with healing powers. First, turn all of your enemies into frogs. Then, start turning your team into frogs except the Oracle or Mediator. When your team is turned, use your Oracle/Mediator to cast Berserk on them. Then with your remaining character(s), put them on Run like a Rabbit. This will get them away from the fight and not kill the enemies. You now have characters that can only hit for about 5 points, will fight on their own, and will not kill each other quickly. Allow the game to remain this way and return an hour later. You should have gained about 7 levels and have up to 2500 JP. Be careful, because while you cannot control your character because of Berserk, the enemies are smart and may use a crystal to replenish their life. Check on your team periodically.

First of all, make everyone in your party have the thief ability to "Steal Heart." Then make your men into the classes you want them to gain JP in. After that step, have everyone in your party equip the "Steal" skill. Once you have finished those steps take your party into battle (preferably with monsters). Kill all the monsters but one. Save the last one so you can steal its "heart", with everyone in your party, until you get the desired amount of JP and/or experience.

Have Ramza know Yell. Have another character have the Knight's battle skills. The Knight needs Power Break and Speed Break. Everyone else needs Accumulate. It is a good idea to have a Chemist as well. Kill every enemy except one. Surround the remaining opponent. Have Ramza, Yell at everyone. Everyone else needs to Accumulate. Have the Knight use Power Break until the opponent's attack power is one. Then, use Speed Break until their speed is one. Then, have the Knight Accumulate like everyone else. Since your opponent's power and speed is next to nothing, you can take your time and master each character's job class. However, make sure you progress through the game accordingly so you can get better equipment to survive.

If you only want one person to really get Job Points, then send only them into the battle. You will earn about two to five times as many JP as usual, but they must be strong and not die or the game will end. Also, try having something weak hit you and have either a High Potion, Chakra, or something that heals similarly. Have Punch Art on everyone so they are stronger and can heal themselves.

This only works with jobs that have enough abilities that you can scroll down the list. First, you need a small amount of job points, just enough to learn one ability. Press [Circle] to learn it, but when the screen appears to verify the choice, hold [Square] and press [Down] or [Up] (depending on which direction you are scrolling). If done correctly, another ability should be highlighted. That ability must be already learned or you do not have enough JP to learn it. Then, press [Circle] when that other ability is highlighted. If it works, you should have 0000 JP at the top and all the abilities should turn gray or black. Exit out of the learn ability screen and the list of job classes screen. You should be back to the screen with "Set And Learn Ability". Return to the learning screen of the job class. You should have 9,999 JP.

Whenever there is a mission or a quest, if you need JP in a different job, switch jobs before you send that person on the mission.

Make sure everyone in the battle has Accumulate and Basic Skill/Guts equipped. Then, turn all or one of your enemies into frogs via the Frog spell the Wizard class can learn. Next, put all of your characters on Auto Combat/Run Like A Rabbit. They should run away and use Accumulate. Then, just leave the game running for about eight hours. This should rack up the job points and increase you characters' levels greatly.

Increased HP
If you are on low health with your characters, equip the "Gained JP Up" ability , which is learned from the Squire. Then, learn the "Equip Armor" ability as Knight. Use the "Equip Armor" ability on your character and their health should go up. Then, re-equip the "Gained JP Up" ability and your character should still have that maximum HP as if he was still wearing that armor.

Increased accuracy
When you have an Archer and the enemy is too close to fire at, aim a couple squares directly behind him. Your chances are greater if you do not aim directly at him.

Decreased character levels
In Fohovam Plains, there are three traps. One is a steel needle that makes you lose HP, another that puts you to sleep with gas, and the last one is a degenarator. This one decreases the level of the character by one permanently. If you are were having problem with high levels monsters encounters, this will solve it.

Easy ability
When a human character dies, they may turn into a crystal or an item. If they turn into a crystal, you may be able to learn an ability without using ability points. If there is an entire list and you choose the skill on the bottom, you will get all of them.

Easy Brave points
This trick requires Ramza's Squire skill Cheer Up and Scream. Cast Ramza's Guts skill (Squire skill) and Cheer Up (at least three times) several times on any character. When you finish the battle, your character will have gained 2 or 3 brave points. If you do Ramza's Guts skill Scream several times (three or more), his brave will raise a lot.

Duplicate items
Note: The sword must be stronger than any weapon currently available or the best fit option must select it. Your character must be able to equip shield and sword. Go into any shop and try fit a weapon in the hand with the shield. This should also get rid of the weapon in the other hand. Best fit the character and exit the fit screen. You should now have another weapon in the inventory. You can also use this trick with the best weapon in the shop.

Using the duplication trick, you can duplicate any item the character holds in their hand (all weapons and shields). This works from the first battle of the first chapter to the last battle of the game. First, put the weapon or shield to be duplicated in the bottom hand (no two sword ability). Give your character all your items that he can equip that has the highest HP, Attack, and Pevade. Go into a shop that has the best weapons or shields that you can equip are weaker than the one you wish to duplicated. If they are same strength, this will only work if yours is more expensive than the shop's best. Then, to the "Fitting Room", choose the character with the item to be duplicated, then choose "Try it on". Pick the top hand, choose any weapon or shield on the list. This should make you lose the item in your second hand. Now, choose "Best fit". It should be your original items. Select "OK" to duplicate the item.

Use the following to duplicate weak swords, such as Excalibur. Go to a place that sells only samurai/ninja swords and various other utilities. Go to the fitting room (for example, with Orlandu having Reflect Mail, Bracer, Crystal Shield and Helmet and Excalibur). Try on the best samurai sword available. Use "Best Fit", and instead of getting the samurai sword, you should get Excalibur again. Check your inventory, and you should have an extra Excalibur. This will work with any other rare weapon or shield that cannot be bought. Note: This works with any shield weapon, as long as it ends up back in the best fit. However, if it is a Rare weapon and cannot be bought, it will not end up in best fit; only the shop's best. In order to have the rare/best weapon you want to end up back in your hands, it must be equipped when you first go in. You should be able to clone as many Gold Estucheons and Excaliburs as desired..

Obtaining strong weapons
Enter the Deep Dungeon (or explore around the Deep Dungeon) and fight random battles. After awhile a battle with a few male ninjas and one female ninja will begin. The ability catch on all of you characters must be present. Kill all of the male ninjas during the beginning of the battle. Then, wait until the female ninja throws a weapon (Chaos blade, Nagra rock, etc). Since you have the catch ability on, the weapons will be yours.

When you fight a human in a battle, you can check their status. The game will display what items they have equipped. If you have a thief or steal set on an ally, you can steal from them. You can get rare items at the start of the game by using this method.

Two handed weapons
Some weapons require both hands. If you have a weapon like this (except for longbows), teach your character the Samurai ability Two Hands. This will make your already two handed weapon more powerful.

Obtaining rare move find items
When obtaining move find items that are spread throughout the game, step on the panel that has the item hidden beneath and lower your brave level. This increases the chances of obtaining a rare item.

Obtaining Blaze, Blast, Glacier, and Stone Guns easily
You can get the four special guns by going to Germinas Peak. If you fight enough random battles there, you will eventually encounter a group of chemists with a mediator. Make sure that you have a thief in your party, because you have to steal the guns from the chemists and mediator. Note: The Stone Gun turns the person that has it equipped to stone. Use a Soft or something on the user to get or use it.

Blaze Gun
Use the following trick to get the Blaze gun early and easily in the game. Note: You will need a character with the "Steal Weapon" ability. Play the game until you get to the part where someone poisons all your characters in the desert. Notice that he is armed with a Blaze Gun. Move up to him (behind him is best), and try to steal his weapon. This should only take a few tries. Then, wipe him out and finish the fight. Note: A Ninja with the "Martial Arts" ability works best for this, as they deal out good damage.

Ultima spell
You can learn this ability in two battles, in Chapter 4 at the gate of Limberry Castle (recommended) or inside of Limberry Castle. You must change Ramza to a Squire and let one of the Assassins cast the Ultima spell on him. Ramza must survive the spell.

Zodiac spell
In the last level of the Deep Dungeon (End), you fight Elidibs with Apandas. Kill all the Apandas so that Elidibs is the only one remaining. Elidibs will summon a spell called Zodiac, which does about 700 damage. In order to learn it, you must change Ramza into a Summoner and set MP Switch on abilities to survive the spell. Ramza must get hit by the Zodiac spell. Only Summoners can learn this spell.

Golgarand Execution Battle
Make sure that you have either a Knight with Weapon Break (preferred) or a Ninja or Thief with Steal Weapon. When the battle screen appears, put Ramza with whoever you desire. On the 2x2 square, put the Knight/Ninja/ Thief with Agrias. When the battle starts, Gafgarion will probably go first. After his turn, use the Knight/Ninja/Thief to try to Steal/Break the Blood Sword. If you miss, or it is guarded, restart and try again. Without the Blood Sword, Gafgarion is an easy target. Try and take out the Archers and Time Mages first, as they have the longest range. To take out the Time Mages, send the Ninja to assassinate them. Once they are gone, go after Gafgarion. When Gafgarion is brought to critical, he will leave. Now, its just the Knights and you. You could bring down the Ninja (if you have one) and throw things or just use Ramza and Agrias. Agrias's Split Punch and Steady Sword are useful here. When the battle is done, they all decide to save Olivia, and you will need some things for the next battle. Make sure to pick up some Rubber Shoes, as the Archers in the next battle are equipped with Lightning Bows. The Element Balls will also be helpful.

Strong Ramza/Party Unit without stealing weapons
Learn the Two Swords skill from the Ninja Class, and gain levels until you get Orlandu and Meliadoul. Then, take both of their swords. Those are the strongest you can get without doing anything special. Give whoever else has this a Power Wrist, or something that increases power. Also, if you are not a Knight, buy the Headgear hat to increase physical attack power by one. Whenever you are fighting with this character, also include a Black Chocobo in your party. It can be obtained with a Mediator, or by waiting for one from Boco's egg. Get behind an enemy and use a physical attack. Your character should do 400 damage per strike.

Powerful party
Start by making as many people as you can Mediators. Have them learn Praise and Preach. Then, go into battle and kill all but one enemy. Have one Mediator use Mimic Daravon on it. Have all your players surround the sleeping enemy. Have them use either Preach or Praise on one another. Their Faith and Brave will skyrocket. Repeat this as needed. Praise/Preach equals four Brave/Faith (lasts until the battle ends) 1 Brave/Faith permanently. Note: Do not increase their Faith over 80 or you get warnings about them only trusting the Lord, etc. all the time. Use Solution if this happens.

First, never have more than three of the same class in your party. The best way to be effective is to have a well-balanced team. For example, never have a team of two Wizards and three Summoners. A well-balanced party can consist of one or two Knights, a Summoner, one or two Archers, and a Priest. It might not be the strongest or fast killing team, but is very difficult to defeat.

Keep Beowulf
Be sure to get and keep Beowulf. Against any Zodiac Demon, he can cause 500 to 700 damage with his magic sword attack drain and usually has a percentage of 94%.

Beowulf's Shock Tech
In any battle where there are strong enemies, beat Beowulf within 10 to 80 HP and move him accordingly to use Shock. He will kill almost any enemy with one Shock. This works best if you have a Knight with two swords with Excalibur and any other sword except the Ragnarok or Chaos Blade. Hit Beowulf from behind to bring his health to about 40 or 50. This is very useful in the Deep Dungeon.

Viewing class descriptions
When the game is first loading, allow it to go through the story three times. On the third time the game will give descriptions of all classes except the mime, visuals of male and female units attacking, and five major monster classes (chocobo, goblin, ghoul, cougar, and the winged eye-ball).

Cloning swords
The sword to be cloned must be weaker than any other sword that can be purchased. First, change your character to a Knight and equip two swords on him or her. Then, equip the sword to be clone in your character's lower hand and a shield in the upper hand. Go to a shop, select best fit, and purchase it. Your character should now have two of the desired sword.

You can also use this trick to clone rare weapons such as Excalibur. To do this, put an Excalibur in your left hand instead. Orlandu (or T.G.Cid) has the Excalibur.

Cloning Samurai and Ninja swords
Note: Orlandu must on your team to perform this trick. The sword to be cloned must be weaker than any other sword that can be purchased. Change Orlandu to his primary job and equip two swords on him. Then, equip the sword to be clone in the lower hand and a shield in the upper hand. Go to a shop, select best fit, and purchase it. Your character should now have two of the desired sword.

Stealing items
To steal items from human characters cast Don't Act on the enemy or Steal from the back. If you steal the enemy's shield the percentage of you stealing another item from the enemy becomes greater. You can cast Stop on them also, or you can combine all those methods for the best results.

The easiest way to steal items from enemies (as long as they do not have the "Maintenance" ability equipped) is to raise your stealer's speed to the maximum. The main thing that determines your steal percentage is the character's current speed. If you raise his or her speed to 50, it will put the success rate at about 75% to 100%. It is even more effective if you combine this with one of the strategies listed in one of the above hints.

To always steal and never miss, you must be an Archer that knows Concentrate. The second action must be Steal, and you must have the Steal ability that you want to use. Equip Concentrate to your Archer, which allows the accuracy to be at 100%. Get directly next to the enemy and use the Steal ability. Since you have Concentrate, your Steal will be 100% and you will always receive what you want.

Easy items
When Gafgarion or any other powerful character comes to the party, change their class and take their armor, weapons, and other items.

Easier item use
This trick is used to increase item delivery range. Turn the person you want to use the item into a Chemist, and have the Squire skill Gained JP up. Get into many random battles to get 350 JP. Go to the learn menu and learn Throw Item. This skill is especially useful at the beginning of the game.

Long range Break skills
Create a Knight character and learn any or all Break skills desired. Then, change your job to an Archer (Bows) or a Chemist or Mediator (Guns). Set Battle Skill as your secondary job command and you can basically snipe the enemy's equipment and parameters. This also works with Mustadio as an engineer -- do not forget to learn the skills.

Best equipment and its location
Sword: Nagra Rock - In the back of Nelveska Temple or poach:Porky
Knight Sword: Break Blade - Last battle of Deep Dungeon
Bow: Perseus Bow - 8th battle of Deep Dungeon
Crossbow: Gastrafitis - Shop
Knive: Zorlin Shape - Poach a Plague
Stick: Whale Whisker - Poach: Tiamat
Hammer: Scorpion Tail - Poach: Hyundra
Axe: Slasher - Shop
Katana: Chirijraden - Last battle of Deep Dungeon
Ninja Sword: Kogo Knife - 7th battle of Deep Dungeon
Gun: Blast Gun - 6th battle of Deep Dungeon
Spear: Javelin II - Right podium of Nelveska Temple
Staff: Sage Staff - 7th battle of Deep Dungeon
Rod: Faith Rod - 4th battle of Deep Dungeon
Book: Madlemgen - Poach: Great Morbol
Harp: Fairy Harp - 4th battle of Deep Dungeon or poach: Treant
Fabric: Ryozan Silk - Poach: Tiamat
Bag: FS Bag - Poach: Wild Boar
Shield: Escutcheon II - Left podium of Nelveska Temple
Helmet: Grand Helmet - 9th battle of Deep Dungeon
Hat: Thief Hat - Shop
Ribbon: Ribbon - Poach: Wild Boar
Armor: Maximillion - 9th battle of Deep Dungeon
Robe: Robe of Lords - 8th battle of Deep Dungeon
Cloth: Rubber Conscious - Poach: Hydra
Gauntlet: Genji Guantlet - Steal: Elmdor
Ring: Angel Ring - Shop
Mantle: Vanish Mantle - Gemineas Peak
Perfume: Chantage - Poach: Porky
Job classes and requirements
Squire: None
Knight: Squire level 2
Monk: Knight level 2
Geomancer: Monk level 3
Archer: Squire level 2
Thief: Archer level 2
Lancer: Thief level 2

Chemist: None
Priest: Chemist level 2
Oracle: Priest level 2
Mediator: Oracle level 2
Wizard: Chemist level 2
Time Mage: Wizard level 2
Summoner: Time Mage level 2
Combination classes
Samurai: Knight level 3, Monk level 4, Lancer level 2
Ninja: Archer level 3, Thief level 4, Geomancer level 2
Calculator: Priest level 4, Wizard level 4, Time mage level 3, Oracle level 3
Dancer (female only): Geomancer level 4, Lancer level 4
Bard (male only): Summoner level 4, Mediator level 4
Mime: Chemist level 8, Squire level 8, Geomancer level 4, Lancer level 4, Summoner level 4, Mediator level 4
Obtaining a powerful party
At the start of the game, make sure every person has 70 or higher Brave and 70 or higher Faith. If they do not, remove them and gain characters with those stats from the soldier office. When working up jobs, do not change anyone's job until he or she has mastered it. Under no condition do you change their jobs. Later, when you have a Mediator or two (preferably), make their every turn using either "Preach" or "Praise" either on themselves or others. Even though after the battle they lose a lot of their Faith or Brave that were built up, their maximum will still increase quite a bit. Note that most women are better with magic than men. If at all possible, always make the women master the magical classes, and the men the physical classes. About level 20 or so, you will have a party with incredible strength.

Raise HP
When you have reached level 99, step on a trap that permanently reduces one level from you. Keep stepping on and off that trap. If you have the patience to go to level 1 and level up to level 99 again, you will get an additional 300 HP.

Raise Worker Faith
You can raise the Worker 8 Faith using the Mediator ability Preach. Each time you use this ability, Worker 8 faith will be raised by one permanently. Though Faith changes from zero, he will remain innocent.

Powerful Monk
At the very beginning of the game, keep Ramza as a Squire and make sure he learns Accumulate. When he learns that and whatever other desired abilities, turn him into a Monk and equip Guts as is second ability so you can still use Accumulate. In battle against a Boss, use Accumulate as many times as you can. When you attack, you will take off about 200 damage instead of only 15 to 30. At the end of the game, repeat this and you should be able to take off severe amounts of damage, killing almost all monsters with one hit. This trick also works with Orlandu, and it also boosts their Monk attacks.

Select a male Squire and have a Mediator use Praise or something similar to raise Bravery until it is 99 or 100 at the end of the battle. He will keep approximately 1 Bravery point every time you praised him. This also works with Faith, but at level 99 he or she will leave the party for religious reasons. When he has 99 Bravery, give him the Two Swords ability and make him a Monk. Give him a bracer and he should be doing 899 to 999 damage per hit, even to Bosses. Also, high faith will make your Mages very powerful.

Make your main character a monk with the Equip Armor Support Skill Auto Potion (on X-potion) on the Reaction Skill move, Hp Up as movement skill, and as a secondary skill, the Mastered Lancers Jump ability. You will have a nearly unstoppable character.

Powerful Ninja
First, change your job to Monk and remain in that class until you have enough JP to learn Martial Arts. Next, become a Ninja and set the circular arrow symbol for Martial Arts. This is better if your character has some kind of gauntlet or an item that increases power. Because you are a Ninja, you can attack twice, dealing serious damage that is usually more powerful than most ninja swords.

If you have a Ninja, put him in the Samurai class and learn the Equip Knife ability. Set the ability on the circular arrow and turn the character back into a Ninja. This works best in the Chapters 3 and 4, as there are better Samurai Knives available. Equip the best Samurai Swords you can afford on your Ninja. Since the Ninja hits an enemy twice, they can do an extreme amount of damage. At level 75, it can do about 275 points of damage with each blow, which is equal to 550 in all.

Powerful Ninja-Knight
This trick is lengthy but is worth the effort. Early in the game, train a Ninja (Archer 3, Thief 4, Geomancer 2). Stick with it until you master the Ninja class. Since you have mastered the Ninja, you will know the "Two Sword" ability, which is a universal skill and allows any class to wield two weapons. Change your mastered Ninja into a Knight. Make sure the knight has "Two Weapon" ability equipped. Then, acquire the Chaos Blade and use the "Duplicate sword" trick. You should now have a Knight equipped with two Chaos Blades, doing about 1600 to 1800 damage (over 850 each hit).

Powerful Ramza
First, make a Ramza/Party Unit a Ninja. Get them to learn the Two Swords abilty. Then, turn them into a Monk. Equip the Two Swords ability, but do not equip any weapons. This will double the Monk's Powerful attack; he will punch twice. If you get good Move + techniques, it will make it even better. All other abilities can be your choice. The Equip Armor ability, learned by being a Knight is recommended so that you can have a solid offense and defense.

This trick requires items from the Deep Dungeon but can be done to a lesser extent without them. Set up Ramza as follows: Class: Squire, LH: Excalibur, JA: Guts, RH: Venetian Plate, JA: Math Skill, H: Your choice, RA: Abandon, AR: Robe of Lords, SA: Magic Attack Up, AC: Feather Mantle, MA: Move+3 or Teleport. Suggested helmets are the Grand Helmet (for HP), Thief Hat (for speed, cancel do not move/do not act), or Flash Hat (for speed and magic). The Ventian Plate with Abandon prevents physical attacks entirely from the front or side. Enemies will not even attempt an attack. It also lowers the enemies' chances of a magic attack to 20% from the front or side (assuming neutral zodiac). With the Feather Mantle, their best chance to attack you is from behind, but with Abandon they only have a 20% chance at a physical attack and a 40% for a magical attack. The Ventian Plate also gives you half damage to fire/lightning/ice attacks. The Excalibur not only absorbs Holy, it strengthens it; and with the magic attack up will do some nasty damage to enemies or some nice healing to you. Note: If your other characters' job class allow it, put them in Chameleon Robes which also absorbs Holy and cost 5000G at most stores. Also, between the Excalibur and Robe Of Lords you are Auto Hasted, Auto Protected and Auto Shelled. You almost cannot be hit. You are protected/shelled with elemental protection/absorption and can do large amounts of physical and magical damage.

Powerful Samurai/Knight
When you complete the necessary job levels to become a Samurai you should learn Two Hands. Turn back into a Knight, equip the Two Hands ability, and get the best sword you can in your chapter. It should raise your hitting power twice or higher.

Powerful Samurai/Ninja
Note: This strategy can be used with Ramza. First, use him as a Samurai. Make sure you learn all his skills, including Blade Grasp and all the Draw Out skills. Then, switch him over to Ninja, set the Draw Out skills on him, along with Blade Grasp and Equip Knife and a Movement Skill of your choice (skills that increase your movement such as Move +1, +2, etc. are recommended). Once you learn all his skills as a Ninja, he will be quite unstoppable. Throw a something that increases damage on his accessory, and equip Samurai Swords on him. You will have a very fast powerful hitter that can Shell/Protect, Haste/Regen, and heal your party, as well as attack one and/or many enemies at the same time. If you do not have any qualms with duplicating swords, create a few of the Masamunes and Chirijiradens once you get them.

Powerful Ninja/Knight/Samurai
Get a Ninja and teach him the Draw Out skill. Then teach your Ninja Equip Sword. You will now have Draw Out, Two Swords technique, and you have two Knight Swords. If you are low on health, use Draw Out.

See Deep Dungeon without Light Crystals
Have one of your characters learn the Lancer Skills Level Jump 8 and Vertical Jump 8. Take that character as a Lancer into the Deep Dungeon. When the Lancer's AT appears, select the Jump ability. In red highlight, you can now see half of the Deep Dungeon, as well as the map. Being a Lancer also lets you pick off enemies before they can harm you, which gives you a perfect opportunity to find all the treasures and the gate to the next level.

To see the entire Deep Dungeon level, have someone in your party learn the Time Mage skill. Teleport and equip it to the character. Enter the Deep Dungeon with that character and whenever it is his or her turn to move, the entire floor of the level will be revealed. You can do this with as many characters in your party as desired.

When you are in the Deep Dungeon, you can see the entire field by having the Teleport ability learned by Time Mages. Equip it, go to the Deep Dungeon, and choose the command Move. The whole field will be shown in blue.

Item locations in Deep Dungeon
To use these locations properly, rotate the view so that your characters are facing the bottom left at the start of the battle. The first number is the horizontal and the second number is the vertical value. Some items require 10 Brave points.
Battle 1: Nogias
(2, 2) Blaze Gun
(0, 9) Glacier Gun
(9, 4) Kiyomori
(0, 6) Elixir

Battle 2: Terminate
(6, 7) Blood Sword
(2 ,10) Elixir
(0, 1) Save the Queen
(4, 0) Elixir

Battle 3: Delta
(5, 3) Elixir
(1, 6) Mace of Zeus
(2, 15) Elixir
(7, 9) Yoichi Bow

Battle 4: Valkries
(2, 12) Elixir
(8, 4) Faith Rod
(10, 5) Kaiser Plate
(9, 4) Fairy Harp

Battle 5: Mlapan
(8, 2) Excalibur
(11, 0) Elixir
(11, 6) Iga Knife
(0, 6) Elixir

Battle 6: Tiger
(9, 9) Secret Clothes
(10, 9) Elixir
(10, 8) Blast Gun
(9, 8) Cursed Ring

Battle 7: Bridge
(4, 4) Elixir
(10, 4) Sage Staff
(12, 4) Koga Knife
(14, 4) Elixir

Battle 8: Voyage
(6, 4) Perseus Bow
(7, 6) Robe of Lords
(8, 9) Ragnarok
(10, 10) Elixir

Battle 9: Horror
(4, 3) Grand Helmet
(5, 3) Venetian Shield
(0, 9) Maximillian
(10, 3) Elixir

Battle 10: End
(7, 10) Chaos Blade
(5, 12) Chirijiraden
(7, 12) Elixir
(5, 10) Elixir
Super battle
To get to the hardest battle in the game, go to Barious Hill with one of your characters at level 99. Sometimes, you will fight a Hyudra, King Behemoth, Dark Behemoth, Hydra, some type of Dragon, and sometimes an Apanda, Black Chocobo, or Red Chocobo. All of them will be at level 99.

To get the hardest battle in the game, go to Barius Hill with a level 99 character included in your squad. Also, nobody in your squad can have the Monster Talk ability. This is the only way they will show up in almost always every battle in Barius Hill.

Drowning your party
When fighting in the Garrison, place your party in front of the drawbridge. Take Ramza up to the top, and open the drawbridge. Water will Flood out, and when it is all clear, your party and everyone in the way will be gone. This is not permanent, and it just appears as if they were all flooded away.

Stepping stones
You can use Worker 8 as a stepping stone to get up on high places. This can be useful in Nelveska Temple on the two pillars, which have a height of 7. Move Worker 8 beside the pillar and use him as a boost.

The amount of gil and JP you receive for completing a Proposition is affected by which jobs you send on the proposition. Use fighting jobs for the fighting-type propositions and magic jobs for the magic-types. If you use the correct jobs, you will get a lot of gil and JP. If you use the wrong jobs you will not get that much.

Recommended abilities
One of the first abilities that your Squires should learn early in the game is Gained JP Up. It is only 200 JP.

Glitch: Monk with a weapon
This glitch allows female Monks to equip the "bag" weapons. First, have to have a Monk that is at least level 4. Then, turn her into a Samurai and learn the skill "Two Hands". Then, turn her back into a Monk and equip the Two Hands skill. She will have a bag in her left hand.

Glitch: Rumor message errors
If you go into a bar and listen to the rumor "The 50 Year War", you will notice several spacing error on the last page.

Glitch: Germonik Scriptures
Read through the Germonik Scriptures. You will notice about five errors in the words.

Glitch: JP
The following will work with this glitch: Chemist, Geomancer, Holy Swordsman (Orlandu), Lancer, Mediator, Ninja, Oracle, Priest, Samurai, Squire (Ramza Chapter 4), Summoner, Temple Knight (Beowulf), Time Mage, and Wizard. Get a character who has access to one of the job classes that are mentioned previously. On the world map, press [Triangle] to bring up the main menu. Select "Formation", choose your character, go to "Ability", then to "Learn". Select any class form the list that will work with this glitch and go to an unlearned ability that you have enough JP to learn. Refer to this as "Ability X". Press [Circle] on "Ability X" and a dialog box will appear, stating, "Is 'Ability X', OK?". Do not select "Yes" yet. Instead, hold [Square] and press [Down] or [Up]. The pointer is no longer highlighting "Ability X", but the dialog box is still there, patiently waiting for you to confirm or deny it the right to spend your hard earned JP.

To get all Lancer abilities, go to "Lancer" and pick the first ability to learn. When it asks you to confirm, do not answer "Yes". Instead, press [Square] and hold [Down]. It will switch to a different ability. Then, answer "Yes" in the confirmation box. It will give you 0000 JP, but you will now notice you can unlock anything. You can do the same thing with Samurai, but it will give you 1120 JP instead.

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