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In-game reset
Hold [L1] + [L2] + [R1] + [R2] + [Select] + [Start] during game play.

Easy Chocobo races
Hold [R1] + [R2] while racing a Chocobo to slowly restore energy. Then quickly press [Circle] to get energy back.

Defeating Teyioh
When Teyioh appears on the screen that shows your opponents, press [Start]. When the starting line appears press [Select] and hold [Circle] until your Chocobo has about one tenth of its stamina remaining. Hold down [L1] + [R1] + [L2] + [R2] and restore its energy. When it gets back to two tenths or more, then lower it back to one tenth. Note: Do not use stamina at the ending space background unless your Chocobo is green or better.
Avoid back attack
When surprised with a back attack, try running away to automatically turn around (hold [L1] + [R1]). This allows your party to take less damage, however the enemy will get the first strike.

Faster time bar
When you get into any battle, rapidly press [Circle]. However, if this slows the time bar down, rapidly press [Triangle]. If [Triangle] slows you down when it was speeding up, then rapidly press [Circle] again. Keep switching if you have to.

When you are fighting one of the more difficult battles and run low health or need to attack quicker, open the PlayStation's lid and let the game idle for awhile. While it is searching for the game disc, your time gauge will still be recharging.

Maneuvering the Highwind
The Highwind can be turned sideways or flown backwards without turning around. Hold [Square] and press the D-Pad in the desired direction while flying.

Instead of pressing [Square] + D-Pad to fly the Highwind, press [Circle] to go forward. Press [R1] or [L1] to turn sharper.

To fly crooked, hold [R1] + [Left] or [L1] + [Right] while moving at full speed forward.

Easy Key to Sector 5
Instead of going through all of the digging to find the "Key to Sector 5" on the top level of the Bone Village, go to the village in Disc 3. There should be an X on the ground in front of the ladder to the second level. Talk to the man and dig for normal treasure in the exact center of the X three times. The first time you should get Cid's mop, the second time you should get W-Summon, and the third time you should get the Key to Sector 5.

View Cloud's Omnislash from behind
When you get Omnislash, use it. Immediately after you select your enemies, open the lid on the PlayStation. The game will go through all of the camera movements of the Omnislash, but Cloud will not use the technique. When the camera stops the second time, close the lid. About 15 seconds after you close the door, Cloud will use Omnislash. Note: Sometimes the camera will go in front. Make sure you have either Cloud or Red XIII in the middle or you may not see Cloud.

Bahamnant ZERO Summon Materia details
Walk around after boarding the Shinra No. 26 spaceship on disc two. Your party will be able to go down to the space pod or up the ladder to the right to the huge materia. Go to the huge materia and use the talk button at the tall glass to speak with Cid. He will explain the controls in this part of the game. Talk again at the case and enter the password [Circle], [Square], [X], [X] to collect the Key Item "Huge Materia". After travelling to Cosmo Canyon later in the game, talk to Bugenhagen. He will take your party up to his observatory. Approach to the Blue huge materia and get closer. Your party will receive the Bahamnant ZERO summon materia.

Sense without wasting a turn
Press [Select] to display a window above the time bars, then sense the enemy. From this point on whenever you attack that enemy while selecting, look in that window to see its current HP and name. Note: This only works during the current battle.

Play Cosmo Canyon song
You can play the Cosmo Canyon song on your own by going to Tifa's house in Nibelheim. Then, press [Square], [Square], [Square], [X], [Square], [Circle], [Circle], [R1] + [X], [Circle], [R1] + [Square], [R1] + [Square], [R1] + [Square], [R1] + [X], [Circle], [R1] + [X], [R1] + [Square], [R1] + [X], [Circle], [R1] + [X], [R1] + [Square], [Circle], [Square], [X], [Circle], [Square], [X], [Square]. Note: This serves no purpose in the game.

Play Her Ghost In The Fog song
Going to Tifa's house in Nibelheim and play the following for Her Ghost In The Fog (by Cradle Of Filth): [R1] + [Square]x7, [R1] + [Triangle]x7, [R1] + [X], [Circle], [R1] + [Square]x7, [R1] + [Triangle]x7, [R1] + [X], [R1] + [Circle].

Glitch: Gold Saucer FMV
When flying to Gold Saucer for the first time, the propellers are facing the front, in the direction that it moves. In the FMV sequence, they are on the back, propelling it.

Glitch: Gold Saucer Battle Square entrance
When you go to the Gold Saucer, go to the Battle Square. Choose to enter the Battle Square with Cloud. Make sure you have a different weapon, such as the Ultima weapon, equipped and enter. When you see Cloud running in, he has his original Buster Sword equipped. However, when you start battling, you see him with the sword you equipped before entering.

Glitch: Unfinished cave
There is a hidden cave on the pathway to the Ancient Capital. This cave can be found right after the two screens of the Sleeping Forest. Move to the right of the screen where the log bridge is located. You will notice a vine hanging from a cliff. A large opening, which is most likely a cave, can be seen hidden within the shadows of the cliff . There is a small detour that leads to the vine, but you cannot climb it. It has been theorized that this "cave" is a glitch and was probably the remnant of a side-quest in the game that was taken out.

Glitch: Missing part of the world
During Disc 3, while riding a Chocobo or flying the Highwind on the world map, a part of the world will be cut off. You must go to another location immediately. If you remain at the cut off place too long, the screen will freeze and turn black with a small, gray box and a flashing question mark inside. If you wait, the game may recover, but it sometimes does not. Note: The cut off part of the world map will be black.

Glitch: Golden Saucer Battle Square
Note: This trick is done with Cloud. Equip any weapon that he can use except his initial weapon, the Buster Sword (for example, Ragnarok). When you register for the Battle Square, choose Cloud to enter. When he runs in the battle room, he will have his Buster Sword. However, when you go into battle you will have the other sword that was equipped.

Glitch: Aeris' ribbon
In the FMV sequence where Aeris has her final scene, her hair ribbon and the White Materia will come off her. After the FMV sequence, Cloud runs up and catches her. She will have the ribbon in her hair.

Glitch: Cloud walking on house
Go on the hill between Icicle and the Great Glacier and walk to town. Cloud will walk on top of one of the house graphics if you walk into it.

Glitch: Frozen game
When you are dressed as a woman in the sector Don Corneo lives in, go in front of the Honey Bee. When all the men move towards you, the fat man in the red vest will be the last one to block you off from the Honey Bee. Before he blocks you off, quickly close all dialogue boxes and run around him. A box that says "Hey, Cloud" will appear and the game will freeze.

Play the game on a PlayStation 2. Select the "Config" option at the menu. Then go to "Customize" at "Controller" screen. Press [R3] or [L3] and the screen will glitch. When you try to exit, the game will freeze.

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