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Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 25, 2005
New partner Digimon
There are eight partner Digimon you can get. They are Agumon, Patamon, Veemon, Guilmon, Renamon, Kumamon, Kotemon, and Monmon. After the first three you get, you will need to find the Ultimate level Digimon for the rookie that you want. DRI people are in various locations and they will tell you which Ultimate Digimon they want DNA from. Defeat the Ultimate level Digimon to get the DNA. Take it back to the DRI person that wants it and you will get that rookie. For example, talk to DRI person in Tyranno Valley. He wants DNA from MetalGreymon. Go to Bulk Swamp to find MetalGreymon. Fight and defeat him to get the DNA. Take it back to the DRI person and he will put Agumon in your team. Go to Digimon Lab or see Piximon to switch to Agumon.

Permanent Digimon
Use the following trick get permanent Digimon such as Paildramon or Omnimon. For example, to get Paildramon permanently you must have a Digimon that can digivolve to Exveemon and Stingmon at level 5. To get Omnimon as well you must have a Digimon that can digivolve to Metalgarurumon and Wargreymon at level 40.

Name your Digimon
After you get the TNT chip, Boronomon will go back to the Shaman's House. You will see Boronomon there. When you talk to him twice, he will say that he learned how to name Digimon. You can now name your Digimon.

If you find yourself by the East Station house, you can find an Agumon under the top of the second tree from the top.

Raise a Renamon and a Kotemon to level 10, then DNA Digivolve them. You can do this only if both of them are full of health and not K.O. (goes with all DNAs).

When Kail says that she saw Baronmon, go to the Protocol Ruins. Go to the left where a ladder is located. Baronmon will be on top of the ladder.

The easiest digimon to get Beelzemon with is Guilmon. Train Guilmon to level 40 to get Gallantmon, Gallantmon at level 10 will learn Grizzmon. Train Grizzmon to level 50 to get GrapLeomon. Train GrapLeomon's Dark Tolerance to 160 and his level to 20 and he will learn Devimon. Train Devimon to level 50, you will get Myotismon. Train Myotismon to level 99, you will get MaloMyotismon. Train him to level 40. If you have Gallantmon and MaloMyotismon at level 40, you will get Beelzemon.

Train Skullgreymon to level 99. He is strong and has fire and dark attacks.

When you Digivolve Wargrowlmon and Kumamon together to make BladeGarrurumon, his attack will only be strong to the tolerances your Digimon have. For example, if Kumamon has strong Dark tolerance and Giulmon has strong Fire tolerance, it will only effect those two types. Before you DNA Digivolve, make sure you have your tolerance set correctly.

When fishing, land and stop on the yellow space all the way. Otherwise, you will just get the local Digimon in the water there. If you cannot land on the yellow, land on the other color (blue) and you will be confused, You can then try again without fighting.

Diaboromon is a Digivolution of BlackWarGreymon and GranKuwagamon, both at level 99. You need to get those two. For BlackWarGreymon, first gain her mega, Sakuyamon. Then level her up to level 10 to get Devimon. Level Devimon up to level 50 to Digivolve to Myotismon (level 99 MaloMyotismon). Before letting Myotismon's skill level reach 20, make sure that Renamon's strength is over 300 or you will not get Grizzmon. Once you have Grizzmon, when its skill level is 30 and defense is over 280 (without any armor or accessories), you will get Greymon. Greymon turns into SkullGreymon at skill level 50 with Dark Tolerance over 250. When SkullGreymon reaches level 99, it becomes BlackWarGreymon, which then needs to reach level 99 itself. For GranKuwagamon, once Kyubimon reaches level 20 and has over 80 strength, Stingmon will appear. When Stingmon reaches level 40, Kabuterimon will become optional. The other Digimon besides Kabuterimon required to get GranKuwagamon is Imperialdramon, which is Paildramon at level 40. Paildramon is ExVeemon and Stingmon and level 5 (if you have Kabuterimon there is no need to worry about Stingmon for this). Raise Renamon to her ultimate, Taomon, and have Taomon's skill level reach 20 with her wind tolerance over 120. Once you have Kabuterimon and Imperialdramon, level them both to level 40 to get GranKuwagamon. Note: The Digivolutions explained here, such as Greymon to SkullGreymon and BlackWarGreymon can be done with their original Digimon (i.e. Agumon for Greymon, etc.)

Use either Angemon, or Grizzmon frequently.

After you defeat the Sazaku leader in the Amaterasu server, talk to the Pi where Renemon stood in the Asuka server. He will move aside. Then, go to the dock to the Ug lake. At the very top is the Digiegg Of Reliability. You can call Digmon whenever you are at a hole with red dirt around it.

Before you fight Galacticmon , make sure you have strong Megas and Rookies at least level 53.

Use the following steps to have Imperialdramon Paladin mode as permanent Digivolution. First, you must have a permanent Omnimon. To do this, have a Wargreymon and Metalgarrurumon at Level 40. This gives you Omnimon. Next, you must have a Permanent Imperialdramon fighter mode. To do this, have a Imperialdramon dragon mode and at level 99. During a fight, DNA Digivolve Omnimon and Imperialdramon fighter mode to have Paladin mode. He will do an attack then disappear and de-digivolve. The next time you fight as Imperialdramon fighter mode, he can digivolve to Paladin mode anytime.

Use these steps to get Imperialdramon Paladin mode as a digivolution instead of DNA digivolution. It only appears once in battle and eats away at both Digimon's MP every time you do it. Veemon is the easiest to use to get Imperialdramon Paladin. Raise Veemon to level 5 for ExVeemon. Then, raise ExVeemon to level 30 for Stingmon. After that, raise Stingmon to level 5 and Veemon to level 20 for Paildramon. Raise Paildramon until he learns his signature attack. By then, you should have earned MetalMamemon and Greymon. If not, you have to train Veemon's machine resistant (go to Togemon's gym) and defense until he does. Train MetalMamemon until he learns MetalGarurumon (you might have to train machine resistant a little more). Then, train MetalGarurumon until level 40. Now train Greymon to level 40, MetalGreymon to level 99, and WarGreymon to level 40, and you should earn Omnimon. Train him to level 40. By then, Veemon should be past level 40 and have earned Imperialdramon. Train him to level 99 to earn Imperialdramon Fighter mode, then train him to level 40 and Imperialdramon Paladin mode is yours without DNA digivolving and using MP.

To get an Imperialdramon Dragon mode, you must have a Paildramon and grow it to level 50.

The easiest Digimon to get Kaseidramon with is Veemon. Train Veemon to get Imperialdramon Paladin Mode. Train him to level 95, then do the necessary procedures to Veemon to get Gallantmon. Train Gallantmon's Dark Tolerance to 860 and to level 95. Then, exercise Veemon in the required procedures to obtain BlackWargreymon. Train BlackWarGreymon to level 99. If you have ImperialDramon PM, Gallantmon, and Black WarGreymon at their respective levels, you will get Kaseidramon for Veemon.

Kaseidramon is a Digimon from a Japanese-only Digimon film, appearing as a powerful neutral (not good or evil) Lupin III-esque infamous ronin thief. He is pretty much a Mega-level Flamedramon (but wears none of its armor) in a red Zeon-style uniform with white boots and gloves, with a utility belt around his waist (with a katana and handgun attached to it), with a black desert cape on his body. The front of it is thrown over his shoulder to show his front body, and the back of his desert cape as a yellow falcon sown into it. He has a shield that is similar in appearance to the RX-78-2 Gundam shield. His finisher is "World's Most Wanted" (fires off his handgun, making heavy smoke that materializes to duplicates of him with each of his weapons. One has his katana, the other his Beam Saber, the other his Beam Javelin, and the other his Stride Hammer. They each rush the enemy with their weapon and strike, then using Kaseidramon's infamous thieving skills afterwards to snatch an item).

Kaseidramon Zeta mode
After following the guidelines set to receive Kaseidramon, his Zeta mode is not too far off. Simply raising Kaseidramon to level 97 will grant you Kaseidramon Zeta mode. Zeta mode looks roughly the same as his normal state, with the exception of a necklace connected to the gigantic gray cross stationed by him. His finisher is "Mars' Wish" (sprints in the direction of the enemy, and zipping across the field, he simply delivers a hefty multi-part octagonal strike with his blade across the opponent's major structural points). What makes this attack so special is the swiftness and effort placed into the strike, along with its precision, which was the technique used in the film that put Gallantmon out of commission. The finisher nearly always warrants high critical damage.

Get all eight Digimon to receive Lopmon.

Talk to the scientist in the Mobius Desert then go to Ug lake. Defeat Kyukimon and return to the scientist. Kotemon should be with Piximon or the doctor in Asuka city (lab).

The easiest Digimon to get Megadramon with is Guilmon. You must have Wargrowlmon and its Dark Tolerance at 360, and Wind and Fire Tolerances at 300 or higher. Get Wargrowlmon to level 99. Megadramon is very powerful, but you cannot get its finisher until level 99.

DNA Digivolve Digitamamon and WarGrowlmon.

Get a MetalGarurumon to level 99.

The only time that you can get MetalGreymon's DNA is when you are bringing Sepikmon's mask to him.

Alternately, get Agumon to level 20.

The two-handed weapon you get with Monmon at the heavy armory after you get past Mr. Smith gives you a good chance of confusing the enemy; especially with Armormon you learn at level 20 and with an attack such as Bug Buster. This still gives a chance of confusion and a better hit against certain Digimon.

To get Phoenixmon by DNA Digivolution, you need Taomon (Renamon's Ultimate) and Magnaangemon (Patamon's Ultmate). DNA Digivolve and your digimon will be at their best MP and HP.

To get Rosemon, you need Renamon. Train her until you get Angewomon. Train Angewomon to level 40 and you learn a new digivolution. It is Rosemon. She has a powerful finisher technique, Thorn Whip, and can learn the Grand Wave. Rosemon also has a powerful fight attack.

Sepikimon says he knows a way to beat Zanbamon. He will tell you if you find his mask. Go to Baronmon in the Protocol Ruins. He says that he saw Sepikimon in Asuka City. Go there and you will see him. He says that he will not tell you because he found his mask. Go all the way to the Shaman's House. He says that was not him. Go all the way to Asuka City. Go to where the old man and woman are, near the big tree. You will see a Etemon. He is the imposter. He says Sepikimon went to Divermon Lake.

Raise Greymon to level 50.

Raise Kyubimon's level to 20.

Get the Digi-Egg Of Sincerity. You can now call Submarimon from any dock. The docks are the strange little square things. A "!" will now appear and you can call Submarimon. There are mostly Dolphmon and Gesomon in the Seabeds . Make sure you are at least level 15 before attempting the Seabeds.

In Amaterasu Server, when you go fishing you will probably catch Ebidramon. However, when you get transported by Submarimon, there are mostly MarineDevimon and Dragomon found in the seabeds.

Train Renamon to level 20.

When you are playing hide and seek, never leave Kicking Forest or you will not be able to get the boots. From the entrance at the left set of trees, go down. Sometimes it is in the lower section.

To find the Veemon to get the Tree Kicking Boots after the girl in Plug Cape tells you about them, go to the Lamb Chop. Talk to the waitress that is not behind the counter, She will tell you to go to Windy Trail to find the Veemon. Look under the first few trees by [X] under them. You will eventually find him.

To find Veemon in Kicking Forest, after talking to him in the Windy Prairie, go to the group of trees just before you cross to the other side (over the river). Stand under the head of a tree and press [X] until he says "Oops, you found me."

Defeat the real Byakko Leader at Mirage Tower. Have one Digimon with you and go to Protocol Ruins to talk with the DRI about Veemon. Your Digimon must be level 20 or less to talk to DRI Bob. Paildramon should be in Bulk Bridge.

Train agumon to level 40.

To get the Wargrowlmon's DNA, it can be found in the Ether Jungle.

Defeating Bulbmon
Get pack A or B. Train Monmon or Kotemon to level 50 through level 55. Train Kyubimon to level 30.Use Kotemon's champion or Monmon's champion to weaken it, then use Kyubimon's Lightning Strike to finish it off.

Defeating Galacticmon
When fighting the tail, have a Digimon with good power. Galacticmon is weak against fight attacks. The attacks that weaken him the most are Thunder attacks. Just before you defeat the tail, have your weakest Digimon out. The tail will disappear and the body will use a attack called Gracnark Cannon. Your Digimon's HP will go down to one and Galacticmon will copy one of your attacks. Next, fight the body. This is very difficult. Nothing does a lot of damage on him. Thunder attacks still work well. When you only use fight enough times he will stop attacking for awhile, but his main attack is to counter attack then hit you with a attack called "????????". It does not do that much damage. After you have hit him enough times an FMV sequence of him exploding will begin.

This trick requires a very powerful Digimon who can digivolve into Angewomon and two other Digimon of your choice. Note: Angewomon needs to only know Antidote. As soon as the tail is just one, fight attack away from losing. If not on the field, get Angewomon on the field and finish off the tail. When the head comes and learns the only Tech she knows (because it is all it can use), you can attack as much as desired.

Defeating Megadeath
Fuiginmon (Digimon of Speed) is only weak to Fight attacks. If you have a Gallantmon or Cannondramon, he will go down quickly. Next is Suiginmon (Digimon of Power). He is weak to water and ice attacks. His Fight attack hits you four times -- have some Ultracharges ready. Last is Rajinmon (Digimon of Thunder). He is fairly easy if your Digimon are trained well. Water and ice attacks work on him. After all of them are defeated, prepare to take on Galacticmon.

Defeating Metalgreymon
Have Wargrowlmon at level 7 or another Metalgreymon at level 10. It will beat Metalgraymon with just two hits.

Defeating The Game Keeper's Persiamon
Use a Rookie at the beginning so that it will do an attack that turns Champions, Ultimates, and Megas into Rookies.

Agumon Suit
After you talk to the girl after getting the Suzaku Badge, you will need a Agumon Suit. To get it, first talk to the owner of the Azuka Bar. Then, talk to the girl just outside of the bar, Next talk to the grandfather and grandmother near the yellow cruiser. Go to the other way of the secret passage and talk to the boy. Then go back to the main lobby and talk to the same girl again, and again to the secret passage boy. You now have the Agumon Suit.

Digi-Egg Of Knowledge
Go to the second sever where the Aoa is located, then go to the city in the south sector. Defeat the leader, then go to where the Digimon is behind you. Go down the ladder and proceed until you can use Submiranemon. Take the water to Ug Lake. Go to the very top and you will find the Digi-Egg. The Digi-Egg Of Knowledge lets you go underground at a Red Hole.

Digi-Egg Of Reliability
Defeat Suzaku Leader. She will tell you a little about it. Talk to girl in Phoenix Bay. She will tell you to go to Bios Swamp. This is right from the Bulk Bridge area. Find the Shrine and you will find Crest of Sincerity (sic, as appears in the game) then you will think about asking Sepikmon. Go to see Sepikmon. He suggests seeing Baronmon about a bomb. Go to Tyranno Valley. Defeat some Triceramon until you get a TNT Ball. Take the TNT Ball to Baronmon in Protocol Ruins. He will make a TNT Chip. Go all the way back to Shrine and blow up the wall. In the Shrine, climb down the ladder to find the Digi-Egg Of Reliability. Note that your character calls it the Digi-Egg Of Sincerity.

Fishing pole
Go to Smith's Shop and buy a Bamboo Spear. Then, go to the Protocol Forest and fight Dokugamon until you get a Spiderweb. Next, go to Divermon's Lake and go to the left side of the screen. There will be a ladder there. Go down it and walk down the bridge until you see a Divermon. Talk to him and he will ask for help. Help him and he will give you the Red Snapper. Then, go to Shell Beach and find the man that is fishing. Talk to him a few times and he will make you a Fishing Pole.

Epic Items
Once you defeat Gallacticmon, go to AM Wind Prairie and go to Amaterasu Seiryu city. Talk to him and afterwards he will not fight you. Instead, he will ask you to find the five Epic Items One of them can be found in the AM Wind Prairie. Go to the hole and go down. Follow each path until you get to the Armour Corp. Note: On the path you will have to fight Boss Digimon (as in BK Megagargomon to BK Kingnumemon) which are blocking the path.

Hidden Bosses
There are some hidden Bosses in the Amaterasu server. Check all the areas that you fought other Bosses. For example, BK Imperialdramon will be where Mastertyrannomon was in the Azuka Server. Some Boss spots are (for both servers): TyrannoVally, Controlroom, Dum Dum Factory, Jungle Shrine, Sewers, and Jungle Grave entrance.

Alternate forms
You can get alternate forms to your Digimon's Rookie. The first will be at level 5. Champions seem to grow in levels faster than Rookies. Depending on your tolerances, you will get other forms as well.

Getting Champion and Ultimate form Digimon
Champion: Raise Rookie's level to 5 and it will have a Digivolution.
Ultimate: Raise Rookie's level to 20 and it will have a Digivoulition.
Note: Ultimate Digimon learn their Signature attacks from the show at level 70
In battles when the static bar goes all the way up, you will digivolve to your Ultimate form. You are also healed completely.

Digimons digivovle to Mega forms at level 40.

Signature attacks
Champions get their signature attacks at levels 60 to 74. Ultimates learn them at level 75 to 80 or 85. Megas learn them at level 81 or 86 to 99. Also, BlackWarGreymon has a different name but a simillar signature attack. WarGreymon's signature attack is Terra Force, but BlackWarGreymon's signature attack is Terra Destroyer. There maybe other similar occurrences in the game.

Note: All Digimon learn the attacks at the same level. All Champions learn their signature attacks at level 60. All Ultimates learn their signature attacks at level 70. All Megas learn their signature attacks at level 85.

Easy experience
Tag in all your weaker partners first, then tag in your strongest last. Do not forget to heal them to get the experience. Then, finish with the strongest Digimon. All the digimon will get the same amount of experience.

Note: This trick requires a controller with a auto-fire feature. Go anywhere where you can kill the enemies in one hit with attack. Set the auto-fire to [X] and use a rubber band to keep [X] and the D-Pad held. Allow the game to remain in this condition for an extended amount of time.

Go to Amateratsu Dungeon. Fight until you reach the Fire Dungeon. Defeat the leader there and he will give you an EXP Adaptor. This item can get you more experience in battle for one Digimon.

Get to the north sector in the Atmurutsu server, or to the north sector.

After you defeat the Sazaku leader, go to the underground lake and you will find Shogungekomon. Defeat him and you will gain levels for your champion's forms easily. Note: Make sure your champion level Digimon is at level 10 or more. This does not work on all Digimon.

Easy Bits
Go to the Jungle Shrine in the Ether Jungle and keep fighting Numemon (Blue). You will get an easy 660 bits every time you defeat him.

Note: You must have a Counter Crest, low defense, high attack and any elemental accessories on your Digimon for this trick. Go to South Badlands or North Badlands E in Amaterasu. You may encounter Numemon (light blue or so). Before you fight him, equip the Counter Crest and the elemental accessories. When you fight him, you can attack him with the "Fight" ability or a special attack. When he attacks you, counter it with the Counter Crest. It does the same amount of damage that he did to you, and with the low defense, it should do even more damage. Also, with the elemental accessories, it should do slightly more damage to Numemon. After you defeat him, you will get 399 experience and about 1110 bits.

In Asuka City at the inn, go to the left of the door and down the ladder. Go through the door that should be to the right of you. You will go through a underground passage. Turn left and follow that path until you rach a little place where the screen switches. There should be a box there. Open it for 300 bits.

Hint-Save Bits
If you train only one Digimon, besides that have one Digimon who has a healing technique. Go to Digimon Lab or Piximon and leave the third Digimon there. You now do not need to use healing items, and you only pay for two Digimon at inns.

Easy Power Charges
Defeat a Betamon. Most of the time, they will give you a Power Charge which revives 500 HP.

Dueling island
Once you get the egg that the Sazuka Leader tells you about, go to Divermon's Lake. Go down the ladder at the entrance of the lake. You will see Divermon in the water. Talk to him and he will give you a Divermon card. Go to the square platform and press "Action". When you are in the water, keep going to the right. You will see light. Go to it and press [X]. You will go up and a message reading "Welcome To Dueling Island" will appear.

Attack twice occasionally
Sometimes you can attack twice. One way is to get your opponent's health to the reds. The second method depends on your speed/movement.

Each Digimon and its evolutions only can have one finisher. For example, :Monmon has Swing Swing as its finisher, Gallantmon has Final Purification, and BK (Black) Wargreymon has Terra Destroyer.

Press [Triangle] just as the enemy is about to hit you. They will miss about half of the time. If it does not work, your Digimon will need more defense and speed.

To help evade an attack while in battle, press [R1] as they are about to hit you. This works about half of the time.

If you do not want to battle and just want to get to a save location, place your strongest Digimon in front. When you get to a battle, it will hopefully be strong enough to allow you to run away.

When you are training your Digimon, quickly press [Circle] repeatedly and he should get it correct most of the time.

Raising your Digimon
If you are stuck on a hard Boss Digimon, stop trying defeat him and take the time to raise just one Digimon until it is strong enough to defeat that enemy.

Master room password in Asuka City
If you are having trouble in learning the password to the Master room in Asuka City, touch the pictures in this order: MMOONNSSTTEER. Then, get ready to battle the Game Master.

El Dorado items
When you go to the auctions at El Dorado always buy it if you have enough money. Sometimes they sell for five times as much.

Mobius Desert
Use these directions to get out of the Mobius Desert. Start at the top right corner, go to the top left corner, the bottom left, top left, bottom, then finally top left. You should be at the Mirage Tower.

Mirage Tower
When you get to Mobius Desert in the West Sector, go north (from your perspective, and not your character). When you are in the next part, go to your left. Keep repeating the process until you arrive.

North Sector
After you get the Digi Egg Of Knowledge at the top of Ug lake, go to Plug Cape. Go to the hole which you need to climb a ladder to reacy. When you are in the hole, pass Renamon and Agumon. If you passed Agumon, then go right on the next screen. Then, keep going up until you get to the shining hole. When you go through it, you should be in boot mountain.

West Sector
Have the Digiegg Of Reliability and go to the Plug Cape. Then, go all the way to the top to a dock and go to the edge. A "!" will appear. Press [X], then go left until you find an exit.

Getting to forest from Asuka City
When exiting of Asuka City and you keep getting into one of the beaches, take a left in the middle of the park. You will end up in the forest.

Gabumon card
To find the Gabumon card, look in the boxes in the Inn in Asuka City that are being cleaned.

Blue card
Defeat the Sieryu leader and go to East Station in Kicking Forest. Go to the machine and it will say that Guilmon possesses a Blue card. Go to Asuka City and enter the Inn. Go into the room full of beds and you will find Guilmon. Talk to him and he will say his cousin has a Blue card and he will be going somewhere to eat. Go to the Forest Inn, and beside the Guardromon you will see a Guilmon. Talk to him and he will say he is in Sieryu City. Go to the Sieryu Inn and talk to the Guilmon on the bed. He will give you a Blue card (which is a fake). Go to East Station to that machine, and it will tell you that it is fake. Return to Sieryu City and you will see a Guilmon on the streets. Talk to him and he will say that Guilmon is a trickster and that he likes to hide in spooky places. Go to the Forest Inn. Go to the bottom floor to find him. Talk to him and he will apologize and give you the Blue card. You can then go to the East Station and go to the South Sector.

Legendary card
Defeat BlackAgumon, Numemon, or Tamers in card battle. However, you must defeat KingEtemon first in AM Duel Island. To get fourth Etemon's Mic, find BK Agumon in a hole in Asuka Jungle Grave (hole near in first time you meet Zanbamon). After defeating him, he will say that his leader has it. Go to a hole in AM Central Park; the nearest hole with Panjamon's Gym. Defeat the BlackKingzLeader and you will get the Etemon's Mic. Return to AM Duel Island and defeat KingEtemon. After that, check every hole in the following places to find the Legendary card.
Asuka Noise Desert: R-B1 & Fortune Gate
Asuka Freeze Mountain: R-B2 and Anti Power
Amaterasu Freeze Mountain: R-B3 and Mystery Gate
Amaterasu Plug Cape: RB-4 and Delete Matrix
Asuka South Badlands: RB-5 and Desired Access

Amaterasu North Badland West: RB-1 and MarineAngemon
Amaterasu Boot Mountain: R-B2 and SaberLeomon
Asuka Freeze Mountain: R-B3 and RosemonII
Amaterasu Freeze Mountain: R-B4 and Gryphonmon
Asuka Snow Mountain: R-B5 and Creepymon
You can also get from these tamers, if you have total more than 2500 charisma on your three Digimon. Find these tamers and Digimon Battle and Card Battle with them to get another Legendary card. All these tamers are in Asuka Server.
Tamer Mitch (holding bag), in Wire Forest Entrance; give Wield Aura.
Tamer Bob (old man), in Kicking Forest; give Tidal Wave.
Tamer Jessica (old woman), in Tranquil Swamp; give Volcanic Cannon.
Tamer Nakano (fat boy), in Mirage Tower; give Sacred Spear.
Tamer Mitaka, in Kulon Pit; give Darkness Gale.
Good cards
At the very start of the game (when you get into the Digital World), you can purchase cards such as BKImperialdramon, Megagargomon, Seraphimon, and other very powerful cards from the Divermon in Asuka City. The only downside is they are 10,000 or more each.

Defeat the first Boss. After you defeat Master Tyranomon go to the secret item crazed club. If you are not accepted, you might need to get your Digimon's charisma up or get your Digimon to a high level. Go to the secret auction in the items club. Go down the ladder and talk to the person who is near the paintings on the wall. If he or she says you can go to the secret auction, go through the door. Then, go to the door and enter. You will buy an item for about 800. Once you get it, sell it to the item shop that Wizardmon owns to get 10,000. Then, go to Divermon and buy any card that is 10000 or less.

Recommended booster packs
To get the best booster pack, defeat Cardmon in Amaterasu Ice Lake. He will give you a booster pack 15B.

The best booster pack is R-Booster-05. You can get this in the Amatsearu Server in Ice Lake by aew certain attacks and by some of the Black Agumon (the digimon that stole Etemon's mike).

When you start a new game, choose pack B. It has Renamon and Monmon. Renamon digivolves into Kyubimon at level 5, and Monmon digivolves into Hookmon. Champion level Digimons digivolve into another Champion level Digimon at level 20. For Renamon, it is Stingmon, and for Hookmon it is Ex-Veemon. These two Champion Digimon DNA digivolve into Imperialdramon, which is one of the most powerful DNA digivolving Digimon. The other Digimon in Pack B is Agumon. It has a powerhouse Mega level which is WarGreymon. If you are lucky, There might be a MetalGarrurumon somewhere throughout the game and you can catch it. When MetalGarrurumon and WarGreymon DNA digivolve, they become Omnimon, which is the best digivolving Digimon in the game.

Recommended Digimon
Get Guilmon and Renamon. When they digivolve to Mega level, they will be a strong team (Gallantmon and Sakuyamon).

Get Guilmon, and Agumon on your team. Guilmon's last evolution is Gallantmon, which is a very powerful Digimon. On the other hand, Gabumon's last evolution is MetalGarurumon, which combines with Agumon's last evolution (Wargreymon) to make Omnimon.

Note: You cannot get Gabumon in the game. It does not matter which Digimon you get, they can all digivolve into the same Digimon.

First, learn how to get new partner Digimon. Then, you should have a strong Veemon, a strong Kumamon or Agumon, and finally a strong Guilmon.

Eight Digimon's Digivolutions
No matter what three Digimon you start out with, all of them can learn the same Digivolutions. The difference is with the requirements for the Digivolutions. For example, Omnimon is a very powerful Digimon, and is required to get another strong Digimon, Imperialdramon Paladin Mode. All eight Digimon can Digivolve into both Omnimon and Imperialdramon PM, but Agumon and Veemon can digivolve into the two easier because they are both a base digimon of Imperialdramon or Omnimon.

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