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Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 25, 2005
New partner Digimon
There are eight partner Digimon you can get. They are Agumon, Patamon, Veemon, Guilmon, Renamon, Kumamon, Kotemon, and Monmon. After the first three you get, you will need to find the Ultimate level Digimon for the rookie that you want. DRI people are in various locations and they will tell you which Ultimate Digimon they want DNA from. Defeat the Ultimate level Digimon to get the DNA. Take it back to the DRI person that wants it and you will get that rookie. For example, talk to DRI person in Tyranno Valley. He wants DNA from MetalGreymon. Go to Bulk Swamp to find MetalGreymon. Fight and defeat him to get the DNA. Take it back to the DRI person and he will put Agumon in your team. Go to Digimon Lab or see Piximon to switch to Agumon.

Permanent Digimon
Use the following trick get permanent Digimon such as Paildramon or Omnimon. For example, to get Paildramon permanently you must have a Digimon that can digivolve to Exveemon and Stingmon at level 5. To get Omnimon as well you must have a Digimon that can digivolve to Metalgarurumon and Wargreymon at level 40.

If you find yourself by the East Station house, you can find an Agumon under the top of the second tree from the top.

When Kail says that she saw Baronmon, go to the Protocol Ruins. Go to the left where a ladder is located. Baronmon will be on top of the ladder.

Train Skullgreymon to level 99. He is strong and has fire and dark attacks.

When you Digivolve Wargrowlmon and Kumamon together to make BladeGarrurumon, his attack will only be strong to the tolerances your Digimon have. For example, if Kumamon has strong Dark tolerance and Giulmon has strong Fire tolerance, it will only effect those two types. Before you DNA Digivolve, make sure you have your tolerance set correctly.

When fishing, land and stop on the yellow space all the way. Otherwise, you will just get the local Digimon in the water there. If you cannot land on the yellow, land on the other color (blue) and you will be confused, You can then try again without fighting.

Use either Angemon, or Grizzmon frequently.

Before you fight Galacticmon , make sure you have strong Megas and Rookies at least level 53.

The easiest Digimon to get Kaseidramon with is Veemon. Train Veemon to get Imperialdramon Paladin Mode. Train him to level 95, then do the necessary procedures to Veemon to get Gallantmon. Train Gallantmon's Dark Tolerance to 860 and to level 95. Then, exercise Veemon in the required procedures to obtain BlackWargreymon. Train BlackWarGreymon to level 99. If you have ImperialDramon PM, Gallantmon, and Black WarGreymon at their respective levels, you will get Kaseidramon for Veemon.

Kaseidramon is a Digimon from a Japanese-only Digimon film, appearing as a powerful neutral (not good or evil) Lupin III-esque infamous ronin thief. He is pretty much a Mega-level Flamedramon (but wears none of its armor) in a red Zeon-style uniform with white boots and gloves, with a utility belt around his waist (with a katana and handgun attached to it), with a black desert cape on his body. The front of it is thrown over his shoulder to show his front body, and the back of his desert cape as a yellow falcon sown into it. He has a shield that is similar in appearance to the RX-78-2 Gundam shield. His finisher is "World's Most Wanted" (fires off his handgun, making heavy smoke that materializes to duplicates of him with each of his weapons. One has his katana, the other his Beam Saber, the other his Beam Javelin, and the other his Stride Hammer. They each rush the enemy with their weapon and strike, then using Kaseidramon's infamous thieving skills afterwards to snatch an item).

Kaseidramon Zeta mode
After following the guidelines set to receive Kaseidramon, his Zeta mode is not too far off. Simply raising Kaseidramon to level 97 will grant you Kaseidramon Zeta mode. Zeta mode looks roughly the same as his normal state, with the exception of a necklace connected to the gigantic gray cross stationed by him. His finisher is "Mars' Wish" (sprints in the direction of the enemy, and zipping across the field, he simply delivers a hefty multi-part octagonal strike with his blade across the opponent's major structural points). What makes this attack so special is the swiftness and effort placed into the strike, along with its precision, which was the technique used in the film that put Gallantmon out of commission. The finisher nearly always warrants high critical damage.

Get all eight Digimon to receive Lopmon.

The easiest Digimon to get Megadramon with is Guilmon. You must have Wargrowlmon and its Dark Tolerance at 360, and Wind and Fire Tolerances at 300 or higher. Get Wargrowlmon to level 99. Megadramon is very powerful, but you cannot get its finisher until level 99.

The only time that you can get MetalGreymon's DNA is when you are bringing Sepikmon's mask to him.

Alternately, get Agumon to level 20.

To get Phoenixmon by DNA Digivolution, you need Taomon (Renamon's Ultimate) and Magnaangemon (Patamon's Ultmate). DNA Digivolve and your digimon will be at their best MP and HP.

Sepikimon says he knows a way to beat Zanbamon. He will tell you if you find his mask. Go to Baronmon in the Protocol Ruins. He says that he saw Sepikimon in Asuka City. Go there and you will see him. He says that he will not tell you because he found his mask. Go all the way to the Shaman's House. He says that was not him. Go all the way to Asuka City. Go to where the old man and woman are, near the big tree. You will see a Etemon. He is the imposter. He says Sepikimon went to Divermon Lake.

Raise Kyubimon's level to 20.

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