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Nov. 29, 2006
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Select same Digimon twice
Choose any Digimon at the character selection screen. Then, go back to the Digimon you chose and hold [Select] + [X].

Alternately, successfully complete the game then choose two player mode. Press [L1] + [R1] on controllers one and two to select the same Digimon.

Play the game under any difficulty setting without losing a round (not a continue). During the fight with the last Digimon before Reapermon, BlackWarGreymon will challenge you. Defeat him and Reapermon without losing a round to unlock him.

Imperialdramon (Fighter mode)
Enter "LINMON" as a password. In the Japanese version, enter "NOWROM" as a password.

Successfully complete the game with all three season three characters in single player mode.

When using Impmon, press [Triangle] and Impmon will use Summon. Keep holding [Triangle] and the crystals will keep coming. They will act as a shield for a while, but will eventually be released.

Enter "SERIUS" as a password. Alternately, successfully complete the game with Gabumon and Agumon in single player mode. In the Japanese version, enter "NAGOMI" as a password.

Successfully complete the game once.

Enter "KENSAN" as a password. Alternately, successfully complete the game with Renamon. In the Japanese version, enter "SKYAKA" as a password.

Get digivolved form
To receive anyone's digivolved form, successfully complete the game with them.

Young Digidestined
At the character selection screen, hold [L1] + [L2] + [R1] + [R2] for young (or old) digidestined. Note: This only works with Wormon, Stingmon, Gabumon, Metalgarurumon, Agumon, Wargreymon, Patamon, Seraphimon, Gatomon, Magnadramon, and Omnimon.
Defeating BlackWarGreymon
Successfully complete the game once (you can continue at least once) to unlock Reapermon. Play the game as Reapermon (and do not use continues) to face BlackWarGreymon. Use Bone Duster when he approaches you, and Grim Slasher when he turns around. Use his Tornado special when he is weak.

Start a two player, CPU vs., or a one player game. Play as Renamon. When you are facing BlackWarGreymon, keep fighting. When you notice he has full energy, keep your hand on the button that executes the Kohetnu attack. If he starts to use the Terror destroyer attack, wait until he releases the attack, then press "Kohetnu". It will switch places between Renamon and BlackWarGreymon. If timed perfectly, then BlackWarGreymon will get the hit instead of Renamon.

Defeating Reapermon
Choose Wormmon and use Silk Thread ([Triangle]) or Stingmon and use Spiking Strike ([Triangle]).

As a rookie, do as much damage as you can and when you digiolve do the same thing, but use [R1] before your blast gauge is almost gone.

Use these Digimon: Gatomon (Tailmon) or Patamon. Move right or left by using Lightning Claw or Slamming Attack, then move in the opposite direction still using that attack to eventually defeat him.

Easy win with Impmon
Confuse the enemy ([Square] + [Forward]) when your bar is full to digivolve. As soon as they become confused, digivolve to Beelzemon, and use Chaos Flare. The opponent will not be able to move while it is confused. Doing this will make it easier to win.

Easy win with Renamon
Press [Triangle] repeatedly to confuse the enemy.

Starting moves
For best results when fighting Digimon, the following are good starting and backup moves.
Agumon: Use Claw Attack ([Triangle]) and then when they get up, press [Square]x3, pause very briefly, then and press [Up] + [Square] (a four combo).

Gabumon: Use Blue Blaster ([Circle]) and back it up with Horn Attack ([Triangle]). You can use it twice if desired.

Gatomon: Use Lightning Claw ([Triangle]) or Cat's Eye Hypnotism ([Circle]), then back it up with your physical attacks (tap [Square] for better results).

Guilmon: Start with Rock Breaker ([Triangle]) and after they get up, back it up with physical attacks ([Square]).

Impmon: Start out with [Triangle] and use Baddaboom ([Circle]).

Omnimon: Start out with Transcended Sword ([Triangle]), followed up by Garuru Cannon ([Circle]).

Patamon: Use Boom Bubble ([Circle]), Slam Attack ([Triangle]), and then physical attacks (tap [Square] for repetitive physical attacks).

Reapermon: Use Grim Slasher ([Triangle]) and before the combo runs out, quickly press [Circle] for Bone Duster.

Renamon: If you are far away from them, press [Circle] for Diamond Storm, and run behind them so you can attack them for a 20 combo.

Terriermon: Use Terrier Tornado ([Triangle]), Bunny Blast ([Circle]), and then physical attacks (tap [Square]).

Veemon: Start off with Vee Punch ([Triangle]) and then Vee Headbutt ([Circle]).

Wormmon: Use Sticky Net ([Circle]) then Silk Thread ([Triangle]).
General moves
The following moves can be done by any Digimon.
Get close to the enemy and press [Forward], [Square].

Get close to the enemy and press [Forward], [Back], [Forward].
Character's digivolved form
Play the game, use no passwords, and use all Digimon in one player mode. All their digivolved forms will be in one player mode under the rookie stages. They will have the same special attacks and attacks as they would if you would have digivolved them.

Start second round faster
When your Digimon wins and there is mumbling as the opponent falls, press [Start] repeatedly to start the second round immediately.

Glitch: Move through door
Go to the top of the machine stage with any rookie to the side with the green lighted door (changes sometimes). Go through and you will appear on the other side.

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