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Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
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Cheat mode
Hold [Square] + [Triangle] and press [Select] at the main menu. Instead of the password entry screen, entrance numbers will appear. Press [Right] to change the numbers from 1 to 20. The screen also shows the entrances and exits to the Boss levels when you press [X] on a number.

Level select
Enter "ULDLRLDULRRDRRU" as a password.

Super password
Enter "LLLLDRRLLDRDLUR" as a password to start at the final level of hidden island 5-B with all secrets.

Sound test
Press [Select] at the "Audio Options" screen.

Invincible falls
Pause the game as Croc yells while falling. Press [Select] and choose the "Quit" option. Then, select the "No" option. Press [Down] at the quit game screen so neither the "Continue" or "Quit" options are selected. Press [X] and restart the current level without losing a life.
When you run low on lives, return to the first level (And So The Adventure Begins). When you start, go to where the bee is located and jump to the floating platform furthest from the well with the Gobbo on top. Keep on Stomping (or double-jumping) on it until it will not let you jump any more. The game will proceed to a secret level with no monsters. Exit by going to the stars on the ground, and then finish level 1.

Be Weelly Careful: Bonus area
At the beginning when you go into the first doors and get to the first wheel, the floor is ice. Near the right hand corner, jump off the edge. If done at the correct location, you will land on a gray floating panel which will take you to a bonus.

Fight Night With Flibby: Bonus area
At the very beginning, turn around . You will see a rock covered in flowers. If you stomp or double jump on it, you will be taken two a bonus with lots of worms in wells. Go towards them, then step back so they do not kill you. When they go in again, jump into the well and you will land on some jelly. Jump on the jelly, and if you are in the center you will get a heart. Keep doing this on the rest of them of them.

Fight Night With Flibby: Extra lives
When start, turn around and double jump on the lump.

Leap Of Faith: Hidden area
You will find a small block in the level. After that, you will see a bigger block that disappears. The game will proceed to a secret area that has four Smash Boxes containing hearts. Keep in mind the wind will blow you into poison pits.

Leap Of Faith: Extra lives
In the very beginning, there are three spots to jump. The middle one falls. Stay on that and it will take you to a bonus level to get extra lives.

License To Chill: Bonus level
At the start, turn to your left until you see a door. Go through it. Jump onto the floating log platforms. Jump to the log platform farthest from the door. Stand still until the platform disappears. You should fall and land on a small platform. If done correctly, you will then be taken to the bonus level.

Lights, Camel, Action!: Hidden area
When you go through the locked door and go through the room, on the other side will be a Jelly Bounce. Stomp on it a few times (moving a little each time), and you will be warped to a secret area. To get out, climb on the pad in the acid, then climb on the cracking pad. Then, climb on the pyramid and go through the lights to exit.

Shouting Lava Lava: Bonus area
At the beginning when you go over the log and there are two rocks, one of them has some sparkly stars. If you walk into them, they take you to a bonus.

Tumbling Dantini: Jester Dantini
Go to The Tumbling Dantini level. You will immediately encounter a green and orange Dantini. Pause game play, and you can make out that the green is a green costume and he appears to be wearing a jester hat. He is only found on this level.

Glitch: Continuous "Whoa!"
Play as Swipe Swiftly, the Swordsman from Denmark's level, and land on the block that falls continuously (on which you must stay to survive). Jump straight in the air, and you will let out a scream, and keep screaming even when you have just landed back on the block.

Glitch: Jump through Platform Pete
In Platform Pete's level, try to jump at him. You will go straight through his platform, and him.

Glitch: Swipe Swiftly falling blob
When in Swipe Swiftly's level, when you are to fight him, jump straight up and perform a pound by pressing [X] in air. You will see Swipe Swiftly falling with you. When this happens, press [Start] to pause game play and Swipe can be seen as a blob with hair and a sword sticking out of him. He is always incomplete when he is falling. When he hits the platform, he will quickly convert to his true form.

Glitch: Surviving a fall off Fosley's Cliff
When fighting Fosley, kill him. Before the game stops and the "Press X to continue" message appears, quickly jump down the cliff, You will fall, but you will not die. You will not have to fight him again.

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