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Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
Primary Collection of Cheats
Spyro The Dragon demo
Press [Up]x2, [Down]x2, [Left], [Right], [Left], [Right], [Square] at the title screen.

Hot Coco bonus level
Go to Level 14 and ride about half way through the level to find alien crossing sign on the left hand side. Run into the sign to be transported to level 31.

Eggipus Rex bonus level
Go to Level 11 and take the yellow gem ride. Continue until reaching the area where the huge dinosaur chases Crash. Allow the second pterodactyl capture Crash to reach level 32.

Secret warp room
Find all 25 crystals, then fight and defeat Cortex. After the credits, go to the gem in the center of the main room (with Coco and the load/save screen). Step on it and it will take you to another warp room with five extra levels.

Alternate credits screen
Collect all crystals, relics, and gems to gain a 48% completion and a new credits screen featuring Cortex and Tropy fighting over Uka Uka as babies will be unlocked.

105% completion
Collect all relics and gems, including those from the Hot Coco and Eggipus Rex bonus levels. The relics that are collected must be at least gold or platinum. Then, approach Crash's sister, next to the save spot, to find another clear gem. Take the gem to view a very nice fireworks display and finish with a 105% completion status.

Instant Uka Uka (PAL version)
Press [Triangle] + [Circle] + [X] + [Square]. Note: This may only be done once per life. Relic times:

1. Toad Village1:03:000:57:530:44:06
2. Under Pressure1:46:001:17:931:10:50
3. Orient Express0:41:000:27:800:18:10
4. Bone Yard1:45:001:40:211:21:00
5. Makin' Waves1:08:000:58:230:53:26
6. Gee Wiz1:35:001:22:731:05:93
7. Hang'em High1:24:000:52:660:43:80
8. Hog Ride0:45:000:41:460:35:06
9. Tomb Time1:42:001:10:000:53:93
10. Midnight Run0:53:000:38:230:18:20
11. Dino Might!1:34:001:25:761:03:00
12. Deep Trouble1:47:001:25:161:18:36
13. High Time2:12:001:04:120:56:96
14. Road Crash1:25:001:20:731:17:10
15. Double Header1:27:001:21:160:59:43
16. Sphynxinator1:42:001:22:660:56:70
17. Bye Bye Blimps1:09:000:58:430:51:50
18. Tell No Tales1:42:001:25:661:05:26
19. Future Frenzy2:01:001:34:001:19:66
20. Tomb Wader2:44:001:45:061:24:00
21. Gone Tomorrow2:05:001:25:601:02:13
22. Orange Asphalt1:36:001:31:301:21:80
23. Flaming Passion1:43:001:13:100:59:40
24. Mad Bombers2:08:001:55:231:38:16
25. Bug Lite1:49:001:34:861:14:93
26. Ski Crazed1:16:000:50:500:33:33
27. Area 51?1:53:001:49:831:44:50
28. Rings Of Power1:20:001:01:460:51:76
29. Hot Coco1:00:000:30:100:19:96
30. Eggipus Rex0:55:000:50:030:44:83
Easy lives
If you are running low on lives, repeat the first level again and again.

When you defeat N. Tropy, you will get the ability go with Tiny Tiger. When the lions appear, kill many in a row using the ability. You will receive one life. Repeat this as many times as desired.

In the second room, where the white bear is sitting, body slam him five to ten times and eventually it will give you ten lives.

Extra high jump
When you already accessed the higher jump from the first Boss, you can do a higher jump by holding [L1] + [L2] + [R1] + [R2] and pressing [X]x2. You should jump slightly higher. Note: This is very useful when getting the five extra lives by jumping over the yellow gem ride.

Hold [Circle] or [L1] and press [X], then [X] again when in mid-air. You will jump slightly higher because Crash crouches before his jump. Note: You cannot run and do this because you will slide.

Speed boost
On any Motorcycle level, when you hit a speed booster hold [X]. You will still have the boost and will be popping a wheelie for as long as [X] is held. Note: It will be hard to turn and the boost and wheelie will end if you either release [X] or go over a jump.

While playing with the tiger, press [Square] for the tiger to go extra fast. This is especially useful when trying to get extra lives off the hot air balloons that are in the air.

Deep Trouble: Red Gem
Near the end of the level, you will see a stack of silver and T.N.T. boxes. On top, you will see a clear box, then at the end of the level you will see a silver exclamation (!) box. Spin that, then return to the stack of silver and T.N.T. boxes. The clear box will now be a T.N.T. box. Touch the T.N.T. box. It will explode and open a path. Follow that path, and at the end you will see the Red Gem.

Dino Might! level: Five extra lives
Begin game play on level 11 (Dino Might!) and take the yellow gem ride. Go all the way to the end, and use a double jump over the yellow gem. Then, use a double jump to cross over the steel wall to find five lives.

Start the level and take the yellow gem ride. Follow it through until the big dinosaur starts after Crash. Let the two birds pick up Crash and take him to Eggipus Rex. Once there you can find 15 extra lives in plain sight.

Dino Might! Level: Triceratops appearance
In the bonus round, when you see the ground run straight. The triceratops will crash out of the cave.

Egyptian levels: Extra Wumpa fruit
Somewhere down the way in the Egyptian levels is a group of vases with monkeys in them. Use the spinning attack to break the vases and knock out all of the monkeys. If done correctly, there should be one monkey left. Jump on him ten times to receive extra fruit.

After defeating N.Gin, go back to the Egyptian levels. When you see some vases, do not pass them by. There will be monkeys jumping out of the vases when you go near them. Quickly press [Square] to break the vases and knock out the monkeys. If done correctly, there will be one monkey remaining. Hold [L2] to take out your bazooka. Then, press [Square] to shoot the monkey. When your targeting turns red and makes a sound, shoot to get a Wumpa fruit. Keep [L2] held and shoot again to get more than one Wumpa fruit.

Egyptian levels: Using bazooka on oil surfaces
When you are standing on an oil surface in an Egyptian level, press [Circle] to crouch, and while crouching, hold [L2]. Then, release "Circle "while still holding [L2]. Crash will take out the bazooka and you can use it. You can even move around the oil surface while you are using the bazooka by pressing the D-Pad in the direction you want to move.

Future Frenzy: Secret Gem
To get the Secret Gem, you need at least twenty Relics. Go to the secret warp room and go to the level 29. During the level, you will find a Secret Gem. After that, there will be a platform that takes you to the regular Future Frenzy level.

Hang'em High: Extra lives
Continuously spin the first guy on a rug you see to get a lot of lives.

High Time: Purple Gem
Near the end of the level is a skull and crossbones platform. Jump on the platform and it will take you to a secret path. At the end of the path is a Purple Gem. There will then be a warp that takes you back to the Warp Room.

Hog Ride: Fake Crash
Drive until you get to the area with the three cop cars (close to the finish). Go slow and look to the left. You should pass Fake Crash.

Jet Ski levels: Extra life
Go on a jump and land on one of the pirates in a boat for an extra life.

Makin' Wave level: See Fake Crash dance
After you get all the Crystals, Gems, Powers, and Relics (or complete the game 104%) go to the Makin' Waves level. After you get the first 23 boxes and are about to get your 24th box, look to your right. You will see Fake Crash doing his own version of Crash's dance on a sand bar.

When you have all Crystals, Gems, and Relics, go to the Makin' Waves level. Go to where the crystal was located. Then, go slightly farther. In a little island at the right side, you can find Fake Crash dancing.

Orient Express level: Faster tiger
Hold [R1] to make the tiger go faster and jump higher. This also works in the other level with the tiger and CoCo.

Rings Of Power: Super turbo
When you go through the rings, press [Square] to spin around and you will turbo faster.

Road Bash level: Hidden area
Hit the "Alien" sign to go to a secret area.

Sphinxinator level: Last four boxes
Start at the beginning of the level and go backwards. There will be four boxes, one of which is an extra life. This is also helpful if you are racing against the clock. If you hit the clock and go to the four boxes, two of them will have three-second delays.

Tell No Tales level: Three extra lives
Go behind the second big pirate ship in "Tell No Tales". Follow the yellow balls until seeing two that are farther apart than the rest. Move between them, then go straight until the extra lives appear.

Tiger Riding levels: Extra Apples
When under a basket hanging from a pole over the road, hold [Square] and try to hit it. When hit they should give you extra apples.

Toad Village level: Unlimited Apples and lives
Successfully complete the first level (Toad Village). Then, go back in to that level and get the time-trial icon. Next, get the first two boxes and pause game play. Go to "Restart Trial" and repeat. You can do this as many times as needed, and is very useful when you are low on lives.

Toad Village: See fake Crash dance
Enter time trial mode on the first level of the game and go a little past the halfway point. On your right is a fenced-in house that is a slightly hidden behind a hill. Fake Crash is difficult to see at first -- look carefully for a moving orange blob against a dull colored background.

Every now and then, look to the right. You should see fake Crash dancing.

Tomb Time: Two extra lives
After defeating Dr. N.Gin you will get a bazooka. Go to level 9 (Tomb Time). At the beginning, you will see a statue. Take out the bazooka, then aim around the statue slowly. Your aim will turn red. Do the same thing on the other side.

Tomb Wader: Blue Gem
Near the start of the level there is a skull and cross bone platform. Jump on the platform and it will take you to a secret path. At the end of the path, there will be a Blue Gem. After that, there will be a warp that exits the level.

Defeating Cortex and Uka Uka
These are a slightly more difficult than N.Gin. Your friend Aku-Aku will be fighting the evil mask by shooting beams at each other. Jump over the beams to dodge them. Then, Cortex will try to shoot you while they are shooting beams at each other. Dodge the gunshots from Cortex. When Cortex throws mines out, he will loosen his shield. Dodge the two fighting masks and the mines, and hit Cortex with your spin. He will fall and the middle thing will open. Hit Cortex into the opening. Repeat this two more times to defeat Cortex. Note: The two masks will do different fighting styles. They will spin around in a bush, then they will ram into each other near you to blow up a large place on the ground. They will not take a piece off it.

Defeating Dingodile
He will start by shooting his gun up in the air. Where you see a shadow, do not stand there. His gun shots will fall there. After that, he will try to roast you by shooting his gun forward. Every time he does that, the icicles will break. When enough ice breaks, jump in there and spin into him. Then, get out or else the pack will blow up on you. Repeat the second step two more times to defeat Dingodile.

Defeating N.Gin
N.Gin is very difficult. Start by shooting his gun when he stops shooting it. After those two are down, go after the missile launchers on his top. When they blow up, shoot his middle. He will transform into a ship which is even more difficult. Start by shooting the things that shoot out the blue energy balls. Then, shoot the missile launchers on top of him. Finish him off by blowing up the launcher that shoots the gold glowing mines.

Defeating N.Tropy
This can be difficult at times. He will start by shooting homing energy balls at you. Jump and/or slide to dodge them. He will then shoot long energy lines across your field. Jump to escape them. He will then get tired, hit the ground, and make a floor pattern. Jump across the pattern to his side and hit him before he gets up. Repeat the third step two more times to defeat him.

Defeating Tiny Tiger
Get ten lives before facing Tiny Tiger. Die five times, then when he gets stuck, hit him. Before he jumps back, hit him one more time. This will leave him with one hit remaining, allowing you to continue to defeat him .

Tiny is fairly easy. When he jumps down, stay as far away from him as possible. He will try to repeatedly stomp you. After some time, he will slam his staff into the ground and get it stuck. Hit him when that happens. He will then jump back up and send out lions to chase after you. They will mostly appear where Crash stands. Get ready to move/jump. Repeat the first steps two more times to defeat him.

Cortex's secret place
After completing the game, use the Speed Shoes obtained from Cortex and collect five relics. Then, go to the middle of the space ship and watch what appears.

Quicker exit
After pausing game play, press [Select] to return to the Warp Room instead of highlight "Warp Room" and pressing [X].

Encountering less enemies
Take the easy way out of levels such as Toad Village by walking on the edge (the far right or left). The edge is the raised ground above the main road. You will not encounter many enemies.

Fun with the bazooka
After defeating N.Gin, your power will be a bazooka. Shoot every opponent in sitesight. Blow up the chicken in the castle levels. Blow up the wizard. When you shoot him, he will be in his underwear. Shoot him again to finally kill him.

Fun with fat two-headed enemies
On levels such as Toad Village, Gee Wiz, and Double Header there are fat two-headed enemies swinging clubs. Blast of them with only one shot, then use them as a trampoline. You cannot kill them when they are on the ground.

Kill chickens
Go to a level that contains chickens (for example, Toad Village or Double Header). When you see a chicken, press [R1] to take out your bazooka. Note: Do not get too close to the chicken. Press the D-Pad or rotate the Left Analog-stick to target the chicken. When the target turns red, press [Circle]. A Wumpa fruit will fire nd hit the chicken. The time varies upon the distance you are from the chicken. The chicken will explode and floating feathers will be in its place.

Fake Crash
To see a Fake Crash on level 5, go to time trial mode. You should see Fake Crash dancing near one of the jumps.

Easy sapphire and time trial
Enter any level of the game. If you have already gotten the Crystal for that level, you will be able to do a time trial. Press [R2] to make Crash run extra fast. Note: You must defeat Neo Cortex to get the SuperSpeed.

Regular gem
Collect all the boxes in a level.

Yellow Gem
When you get at least ten relics, hop on the pad in the center of the warp room and go to Hang Em High (level 26). It will take you to a secret area. Go through it and get the Yellow Gem.

Platinum Relic
Complete level 14 and return to that level. About halfway through the level, run into the sign that has a alien's face on it. It will transport you to level 31. Once there, enter time trial mode. Try to finish the level as fast as possible. If you do this with a time of that level which is unknown, you will receive a Platinum Relic.

To get the Platinum Relic you must crush the Gold Relic time. For example, in the first Tiger level, to get the platinum relic you must get a time under 18 minutes.

After you complete the game with all the gems, Cortex and Aku Aku will flip, but the game will state that there are still the relics to collect. After the long credits, you will finally be able to see all the platinum times to beat, and they will remain visible for you throughout the game.

Crash plays with a yo-yo
Allow the game to idle and eventually Crash will take out a yo-yo and play with it.

Glitch: Falling UFO
In the future levels, go near a UFO with a tractor beam. When it goes near any hole, run forward through the beam and fall into the hole. If done correctly, the UFO will fall down the hole with you.

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