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Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
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Level select
Pause game play, hold [L2], press [Circle]x2, [Square], [Triangle], [R1], [Square], [Triangle], [Circle], then release [L2].

All weapons
Pause game play, hold [L1], press [Triangle], [R1], [Triangle], [Square], [R1], [Circle], [Square]x2, then release [L1].
Remain invisible
Use the following trick to defeat tough enemies. Press [Circle] to crouch and stay near the wall. If you done correctly, the enemy will just wait for you. Equip your firearm. You can use any desired weapon. When you get the green target with the red outlines, this indicates you can fire at that location.

When you shoot down a foe and it leaves a blue or green cube, pick it up. When you have enough power, an icon will appear. Tenka will say similar to "Double Laser or Missile".

The red and green lines of your weapon indicates the number of clips remaining. When all red and you have fired all your shots, use the "activation icons".

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