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Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 25, 2005
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In-game reset
Hold [L1] + [L2] + [R1] + [R2] + [Select] + [Start] during game play.

Character preview
Enter the main menu and go into the status screen. Pick a character and you should see that person. Press [Triangle] and a list of commands to change the camera view will appear. Press [Square] to change poses.

To see different characters that you can get, select "New Game", see the character that you get, reset the game, then repeat. You should get a new character for the first dream. Repeat this to see the various characters.

Control game speed
Hold [R2] to fast forward the game. This will cause you to walk, talk, cast spells, attack, and forward through intermission sequences quickly. Hold [L2] does the opposite and renders everything in slow motion.

Switching characters
Press [Select] and your party will take random positions. This is also useful when you are in Fort Dragonia, when the party are the tail, the body and the head.

Previous characters
Successfully complete the game, then start a New Game+. Play up until you get to Sprig's house. As soon as you get in, use the Chrono Cross on the pot. This will give you all the characters from your previous game.

Load preview
When loading your game from a saved file, it will show you where you are supposed to be. You can also do side quests, for example getting another character, but go to where you are supposed too be immediately afterwards.

Saving or switching characters
Whenever you are not at the world map and need to save the game or switch a character in your party, look for a blue clear triangle. Walk into the triangle, then press [X] or [Triangle] to save the game. Press [Square] and you will be able to use the teleporter or other items like the Smithy's Spirit.
Always win at roulette
The following trick allows you to win the roulette game every time in the casino on the S.S. Zelbess. When the pointer begins to spin, pause game play when the red tip is in between the "W" and the "S" points of the roulette wheel. Then, repeatedly press [X] and resume the game. It will land on "N" every time, giving you double the money you wagered. Note: In the Japanese version of the game, press [Circle].

Press [Start] while the wheel is spinning. Wait for it to go slightly past the "S" then quickly press [X]. You should get it on "N" or "E" most of the time.

Always get treasure from the Boxer Bros
Enter the battle with the Boxer Bros. Hit one of your choice - if it is wrong, run. Reenter the combat and hit the same one. Repeat until you get the treasure.

Before opening a chest that leads into a Boxer Boys battle, remember if it is big or small. If it is small, attack the big one. If it is big, attack the small one.

Bend Of Time
You can find the Bend Of Time in the island with a black spot in it. The location is almost the same as the one in Chrono Triger minus the old man and the fact that you cannot use it to travel in time .

Duplicate items and elements
Step 1: Successfully complete the game, but keep a file that you can complete the game from (this must not be a "Continue+" game).

Step 2: Save your progress from completing the game to a separate file and "Continue+" the file near the end.

Step 3: Complete the game with the "Continue+" file, but make absolutely certain you still have the file near the end.

Step 4: Save the "Continue+" data over the old data that let you restart your game and repeat steps 2 to 4 as needed. If done correctly, you will have twice the amount of everything in your inventory, including your elements, weapons, (basically everything except your key items).
This is a very good trick for making rainbow weapons and armor near the end. Since you can keep repeating this you can, if you have the time, end up with 99 of every item/element in the game.

Unlimited money, Dragoon's Glory's, Viper's Lv. 7 Tech Skill
After Serge is reborn, visit Termina (Home World) with Viper in your party. Talk to the barmaid, go into the back room, and examine the flag on the back wall. Viper will talk briefly about the flag and then take his LvL 7 Tech Skill, "FlagBearer". He will also take a Dragoon's Glory. Exit the room and re-enter. Examine the back wall with Viper still in your party. Even though there is no flag, Viper will say the same thing that he said before and will take another "FlagBearer" and Dragoon's Glory. Repeat this as many times as needed. Each Dragoon's Glory can be sold for 4,000 gold. The stats for Dragoons's Glory is Atk. +3, Hit% +3%, Mgc. +2. You can also disassemble them for 1 Denadorite, 2 Scale, 2 Fur, and 2 Fang.

Quick money
When Serge first wakes up in his bed, check it to find "Serge's private stash" of 200 gold.

Easy kills
During a battle, use the Turn White Element. Then with someone with a black innate color, use Hell Bound. It should kill the enemy. Note: You may need to attack the enemy.

Cheaper Mythril
Once you are able to forge the Mythril Weapons and Armor (when you are Linx), go to Zapa's Weapons shop in Termina (Home World). It turns out that he is closing up his shop for good and is going on a hunt for Rainbow stones. If you have Radidud in your party, he will ask to join you. Answer "Yes" and you will also get the Smith Spirit, which allows you to forge items without visiting a shop. This is especially useful towards the end chapters of the game. After he joins, go into the room next door where his son is located. His son is going to be a trader from now on and will offer to trade elements for materials. Answer "No" and go to Lisa's shop. Buy 99 Tablets for 10 gold each, then return to where Zapa's son is located. Talk to him again to trade. You will get a menu, and at the bottom you will see Mythril for 30 Levels. This means 30 Levels of anything. Just trade him 30 Tablets for a Mythril -- you just received a Mythril Stone. Repeat the 30 Tablets for 1 Mythril trade as needed. There are also a few more materials that this works with as well. Just buy the cheapest consumable element and trade it in for the item you want. You can get anything cheaply without giving up valuable elements.

Instead of buying Tablets, but Capsules. They may cost more individually, but one Capsule is worth three Tablets. For example, 25 gold vs. 30 gold. Also, since it only takes 10 Capsules to get a Mythril instead of 30 Tablets, you can get more in one trip. Note: This refers to trading elements for base items with the boy in the Smith's shop at Termina.

Better ending
When you get to the final Boss, boost all of your characters up to Element power 8. Then, defend until "it" casts a yellow element. Use LV. 1 and 2 Elements so the six tones will be set up in at the same time. Make sure Serge has the Chrono Cross Element. There is a specific order the elements go in: yellow, red, green, blue, black, and white. Then, use the Chrono Cross Element. Do not worry about hurting it -- the battle will be over when you do this.

To easily get the good ending, when fighting the final Time Devourer make sure you have the Chrono Cross. Cast the Yellow and Red elements. then wait for the Time Devourer to cast his element. Most of the time it will cast a Green Element. If it does, then cast the remaining elements: Blue, Black, White, and finally the Chrono Cross. If the Time Devourer casts a different color element, simply start this trick from the beginning.

Alternate endings
Note: You must defeat the final Boss.
Development room: Before you talk to Leena on the pier in Arni Village (Poshul not in party).
Birth or the Great Acacian Empire: Before infiltrating Viper Manor.
Nikki Concert: Before Lynx becomes a playable character (Nikki and Razzly must be in your party).
Job/Part-time job and the foolish trio: Before Lynx becomes a playable character.
A new Marbule: Before you rescue Riddle from Viper Manor.
Subjugation of Lynx: Before Harle leaves your party.
Viper Kindergarten: Before you defeat Fate at Chronopolis (must have Mastermune)
The records of fate turned black: before you defeat Fate at Chronopolis.
The Dragon Gods vengeance: Before Rebirth takes place at Terra Tower.
Grave DiggerTech
Go to Greco's house in Termina (Home World) with Greco in your party, You will meet an old man that is complaining about a ghost named Ghez that keeps bothering him. Then the ghost will posses him. The ghost will give Greco the Grave Digger Tech.

Glenn: Second Einlanzer
When Serge gets the Mastermune, go to the place in Termina (Another World) where you saw Glenn and Riddel praying. Go to the Mastermune.

Kid: Under her skirt
Go to the status screen in the menu, then move the camera as close as possible. Tilt the camera down until you are under her, then press [Square] until she is in her fighting stance. Note: You must have Kid in your party to do this.

Norris: Top Shot
After Serge is reborn and Kid rejoins, go to Viper Manor in Another World. You will meet the other Norris and he will give you the secret tech, Top Shot.

Pip: Evolution
Pip can evolve into an Angel or a Devil -- it depends on the elemental color he uses and what colors are used on him. Use green, red, and black to turn into a Devil. Use white, yellow, and blue to turn into an Angle (he evolves two times).

Serge: More damage
When you receive the Mastermune. equip three Power Seals on Serge. When you battle, always use 3, 3, Dash and Slash. If it is a critical hit, altogether it should approximately 4,000 damage.

Starky: Plasma Pistol
After Serge is reborn, go to Arni Village in Home World. Then, go over to the sawfish.

Feed all 100 dragons
Note: A controller with a turbo feature is required for this trick. When you meet the man who feeds dragons in a barn, you can earn prizes depending on how many dragons you feed for him. To feed all 100 set the turbo feature on [X] and use the D-Pad to move back and forth.

This is a simple task to do, but only recommended after first completing the game. After completing the game use the "slow speed" button to make the 100 dragons feedable.

Feel elements
Use a Feel element and then use a element that is opposite of the color of the Feel element to inflict more damage to an opponent. Example: Use Feel Yellow and then use a Green Element.

Full Revive element
At the end of the game, before the final battle, go to Marbule in Home World. At the entrance of the village, talk to the demi-human (female). She will announce that Serge is the 100th visitor, and give the element. Note: It is for white innate characters only.

Equipping elements to characters
Never equip an element that is the opposite color of your characters innate color to that character. For example, never equip Blue elements to Kid; Green elements to Poshul; and White elements to Guile. The complete set of elements that never should be equipped are as follows:
White elements to Black innate
Black elements to White innate
Green elements to Yellow innate
Yellow elements to Green innate
Red elements to Blue innate
Blue elements to Red innate
Getting Holy Light early
When you fight Miguel in the Dead Sea, you can capture his Holy Light element. Go to the Isle Of The Damned and fight the burning WilloWisps until it has two Deadheads with it. Often times, they will drop a Holy Light trap. It helps to have Holy Light early to dominate the battlefield and get by Miguel's Holy Light without damage.

Trapping the Holy Light element
To trap the Holy Light element early in the game, when you fight Mega Starky, set the trap at the beginning of the battle. Then, all you have to do is wait for him to cast it. This is also an opportunity to trap Ultra Nova.

Monsters to trap Holy Light and Ultra Nova from
Mega Starky, Luxator, Garai, Miguel, and the Sky Dragon.

Monsters to trap the Summoning elements from
Note: It can take awhile for the enemy to cast it, so defend frequently and do not kill them.
Golem: Trapped from parties of four Centaurpedes in Hydra Marsh (Another World).
MotherShip: Trapped from ShadowCats in Fossil Valley (Another World).
RedWolf: Trapped from parties of HotDoggitys (only) in Mt Pyre (Home World).
Sonja: Trapped from a lone Bulb in Shadow Forest (Home World).
Unicorn: Trapped from the Dodo in Fossil Valley (Home World).
The field effect in the upper right corner has to be all one color to use a summon. Example: To cast a Blue Summon like Frog, the field effect has to be solid blue.

Different Items at the second Dead Sea/Sea of Eden sequence
Go to the islands and you will get a different item depending on which island you choose to go to last.

Last IslandItem Obtained
Past, Present, Future Earring Of Light
Future, Past, Present Vigora Element (level 6 blue only element)
Future, present, past Diva Dress
Anti-Gravity device
Defeat the person in front of Starky's Spaceship in the El Nido Triangle by using only red elements. All other elements and attacks will not hit him. Afterwards, enter the ship to find the anti-gravity device which will allow you to get into Terra Tower.

Book Of Poems
In the beginning of the game, go to Arni (Home World) and talk to the girl who wants to be a poet. When you have access to both worlds freely, go to Arni (Another World) and talk to the same girl in the Cafe. Then, go to the Home World Arni and talk to same girl. She will give you the Book of Poems. Go back to Another World and talk to the same girl. She cannot take the book but she will give you a Rainbow Shell.

In Van's house (Another World), press [X] behind the stairway to get a purse that increases the amount of cash flow when you defeat a monster and/or Boss.

Cure Tablet
Go to Arni Villiage in the beginning of the game and enter Radius' house. Look behind the small framed picture to receive a Cure Tablet.

Cure Element
When you wake up at the start of the game, go to the house where the big save crystal is located. Press [X] at the picture of the big symbol to get the Cure Element.

Forget-me-not Pot
You do not have to equip Sprigg with the Forget-Me-Not-Pot in order to gain monsters with the Dopplegang ability. It can be equipped to anyone in your party and you will receive the monster/enemy as a usable ally, as long as the character that has the Pot gets the last blow on the enemy, thus killing it. Leave the Pot on Serge or Leah because they are the strongest in the group. Also, after you kill a monster, you do not have to move the Pot to Sprigg to be able to use it -- just have the Pot and do not sell it.

The Forget-me-not-Pot is not just for Sprigg. Equip it on your strongest character. Defeat any monster with that character and Sprigg will be able to Dopplegang it. If you get three Pots through New Game+, equip each party member with one Forget-me-not-Pot. You will be guaranteed to have any enemy that is defeated in Sprigg's Dopplegang abilities.

Rainbow material
For each enemy you kill with your summon, you get one "shiney". Find a place with several higher level (so you do not kill them when you power-up your techs) enemies. Equip all three of your characters with level 1 spells so you can power two of them up to two and the third up to eight. Then, use your two secondary characters to cast three spells (one will cast twice, which is why you want them low level) and then summon an elemental to finish off all the enemies. Note: If you are fighting lower level enemies switch the one you are targeting or use cures (watch the color). Also, find places where the enemies are the same color as your summons. This makes it easy to cast them. For example, the volcano for red, the sea for blue and yellow (but not as many enemies), etc.

Rainbow Axe
Go to Marbule in the world where the man asks you to buy the Master Axe. Buy it, then keep Zappa in your party. Equip him with the axe. Switch worlds and talk to Zappa. He will give you the Rainbow Axe.

Rainbow Shell
When you begin the game, walk outside your house and go in the middle of the town where a woman is selling elements next to a big basket full "fruit" elements. Do not talk to the woman. Press [X] around the left of the basket. You should find a "Frame: Seashell Frame". When you are able to go to "Another World", search the same spot. You will find a Rainbow Shell. The woman will not let you have it. You will have to wait until Serge is reborn. Arni is now deserted so you can go get the Rainbow Shell.

Go to the Water Dragon's Isle (Another World) and talk to the man who wanted to uncurse himself by giving the Sturdy Ribs away.

Seal All
Use the following tactic to keep enemies from using elements while you still can. A Seal All and protect against anti-color charms are required for this trick. Allocate a Seal All element and equip and any protect against anti-color charms. When in a tough battle where the enemy's elements hurt more than you can handle, use Seal All. If it does not miss, the enemies will not be able to use elements and while you still can.

Time Controller
To get the Time Controller and be able to fast forward and rewind time, you need to complete the game then start a New Game+.

Defeating the Black Dragon
Do not help Nikki aboard the S.S. Zelbess. Then, fight the Black Dragon. The message "The black dragon remands to sleep" will appear and you will get the Black Relic. Note: Doing this will prevent you from getting the Black Plate one level up and the Grim Reaper summon element.

Get a character that has a White Innate, such as Riddel, and give him or her almost nothing except White attacks and about five Recoveralls. Give a few Revives to everyone. Give the character with the White Innate color an item that protects them from Anti White on their accessories list so that he or she does not block their attacks.

Hind: Defeating Chriosphinx
An easy way to defeat the Chriosphinx without unlocking New Game+ is to equip the Green Plate that was stolen from the Green Dragon on your most powerful character. Attack Chriosphinx with every element possible. After that, use physical attacks. This can take a very long time but is well worth it. You will get the Moonglasses for defeating it.

Defeating Dark Serge
The battle with Dark Serge can be tough, because of him using powerful elements. Buy all the trap elements from the man in Marbule. Go through one battle with Dark Serge and either die or run away. Try to remember all the elements he used and trap them. The element you need to watch for is the BlackHole. It does major damage. After the battle, de-allocate the trap elements and replace them with the ones you trapped. Do not worry about Dark Serge's techs, such as FeralCats and ForeverZero. Lynx has the same elements and can inflict more damage than Dark Serge can.

Make sure you have done the following: Have Lynx,Steena,and Fargo; allocate White Elements and things to cure you; teach Hydra Shadow to Steena; allocate MagNegate to Steena; allocate Turn White to Lynx; allocate the White Dragons element on Steena if possible; have everyone in your party have their best weapons; and equip accessories that raise your MagicDef and health to everyone in your party. In the battle, first use Hydra Shadow and Direa Shadow on Dark Serge. Then. cast MagNegate on Lynx. While you are doing this, use all of your White Elements on Dark Serge. Also use Cannon Balls and Invincible on Dark Serge. Remember to cure people when you need to. When Steena has used Hydra and Direa Shadow, cast Turn White on Dark Serge and unleash Forever Zero, Feral Cats, and Glide Hook. Note: If allocated the White Dragons element on Steena, then use it before you cast Turn White on Dark Serge. Remember to keep healing.

Defeating Dario
Every time Dario is attacked with an element, he counters with an element of the opposite color. Equip all your characters with nothing but green elements. Everytime Dario is attacked with an element, he will counter only with a harmless lores spell. Here is the list of what he counters with.
Red: Unknown
Blue: Unknown
White: His techs
Black: Recover All
Yellow: Bateyes
Green: Lores
Give the black plate stolen from the Black Dragon to Riddle. Then, get rid of all the elements in your grid and use physical attacks -- if you do not Dario will go crazy on that person. However, do not do anything with Riddle just in case. Since Dario will only targets Riddle first, the first attack Dash & Gash will hurt her. However, all the other attacks (since they are black) will heal her. You will get the Matermune and Snake Fang for Riddle after the battle.

It is easy to defeat Dario without the Black Plate. First, equip everyone (Including Riddle) with Red Elements. When battling, use two Fierce (3) attacks then a Red Element. Dario will only cast Nimble on you, which does almost nothing. With this strategy, you do not get hurt and are still doing plenty of damage.

Have everyone in you party equip Iceblast (an element) in every slot. If you do not have any, buy them at a shop. When you get in battle with Dario, keep doing Iceblast and he will just counter with Weaken and never attack or inflict damage. Also, he will not recover himself.

Defeating Fate
When facing Fate in Chronopolishave Serge, Grobyc, and Glenn (or a strong physical and element user such as Karsh, Fargo, or Zoha) in your party. They should all have about 350 to 450 HP and accessories that give you more HP. Start by giving Saints to Serge, Grimreaper to Grobyc, and Genie to Glenn. Give all of them Healing Elements and White Elements. Give Serge a few Photonrays. Also have Serge equiped with the Masturmun and Black Plate, Glenn both Enilizers, and Grobyc the Spectral Glove. When you start, Fate will use a countdown from five and does the same pattern of attacks. Fate uses Diminish on the first one, so do not use all of your Techs and strong Elements immediately. Beware of Fate's last attack (when it reaches 0). It is a strong group attack, which is why Serge needs the Black Plate. Once the field is black, have Grobyc cast Grimreaper on Fate. This will do a good amount of damage. Then, hit Fate with a strong White and Black Element, then use X Strike with Serge and Glenn. This will do damage if you have the Mastermun and both Enilizers. Save the level 7 Techs for later. When Fate begins to sag, have Glenn cast Genie. Make sure the field is green. The field will turn all white by having Glenn and Grobyc use White elements, and Serge using Photonray, so he does not use up his stamina. The countdown stops when Fate sags over. When the field is all white, use Saints. This should be more than enough to defeat Fate. If not, your party will be healed and Fate will be close to death. Save your level 7 Techs as a last resort.

Defeating Giant Gloop
When you first enter Fort Dragonia, you will eventually fight a giant slime boss called Giant Gloop. If you are low on health when fighting this Boss and are running low on Healing elements that work on the whole party, try this trick, Use the Healing element on Giant Gloop. On the Boss' next turn, instead of attacking you he will use the highest level Blue Healing element he has on your entire party, instantly bringing you back to full health. This works every time. It does not matter what color the Healing element is that you use on him. Any Healing element will make him cure your party.

Defeating and getting Janice
Have Sprigg in your party and equip her with the Forget-Me-Not-Pot. Go all over the world and find strong monsters to Dopplegang. All monsters that were defeated by Sprigg can be used in the Grand Slam on the S.S. Zelbess. Monsters from Chronopolis and Dinopolis (Terra Tower) are recommended. The monsters there have high HP and great skills. Also, check the monsters in the Bend of Time.

Defeating Lavos
Use the following trick to make sure that the Boss casts a Yellow element. First, have one of each color in their level 1 element section of the grid. When the fight starts, build everyone up to level 8. Then, cast a Yellow element, and follow up with a Red. Next, defend until the Boss gets its turn. It should follow with a Yellow element. Follow up with the usual list (Red, Green, Blue, Black, then White). Use level 1 elements for these. The best way to do this is as follows. Assuming Serge is in the middle of the party, consider the other two as Character 1 and Character 3. After you get the Boss to use a Yellow element, have Character 1 use a level 1 Red element. Character 1's stamina should be at 0 now. Next, have Character 3 use a Green level 1 element. Character 3 should now be at 0 stamina, but thanks to that turn, Character 1 should have 1.0 Stamina. Character 1 should use a level 1 Blue element, knocking Character 1 pretty much out of the rest of this little array of turns. Then, have Character 3 use a level 1 Black element. Have Serge use a level 1 White element. So far, he has gotten another turn after this. Have him hit the Boss with a weak attack to get him back up to level 8, then use the Chrono Cross. You should now get the good ending.

Defeating Polispolice
Allocate the Saints summoning element to Serge. Have Serge power up spell level to 8, wait until the enemy uses one of his spells, and cast Recover All or other white elements until the field effect is all white. Then have Serge cast Saints and it should do about 900 to 1000 HP of damage.

Defeating the Cuscus
When you are Lynx in the Home World, go to the Shadow Forest. Fight the Cuscus (small creatures that resemble lemurs). Whatever spell you cast at them, they cast back at you. Use Diminish to cut you spell power down and cast a trap spell (such as Inferno). Then, cast it at them. If they live, they will cast it back and be trapped. This is also a good way to get Black Hole early and to get Carnivore. Transform Sprig into a Total Chaos, have another character cast trap Black Hole and then Diminish. The Cuscus will then cast Black Hole for you to trap.

Defeat Time Devourer (last Boss)
Use elements in the following order of type and it ends the battle: Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, White, Black, Chrono Cross.

The following is the easiest way to use the Chrono Cross element effectively on the Time Devourer. This method allows you to get the "good" ending before the Time Devourer can cast its third spell. The only requirements having at least seven level 1 slots on one party member (use Serge) and a blue innate party member. The third member can just stand there. The key is to have fought the correct Vita: Examine the statue of Clotho/Present last; if you get the element "Vigora" after the fight, it is the correct one. If not, restart and try a different order. This element is excellent in its own right and is the key to this strategy. It stops the stamina for the character it targets from reducing. Casting elements takes 7 stamina, but only allows all other characters/enemies to recover about 1; and you need to cast 7 elements in quick succession. Equip a level 1 element of each color on Serge's grid at level 1:
Yellow: Uplift
Red: Fireball
Green: Bushwhacker
Blue: Cure
Black: Turn Black
White: Photonray
Put Chronocross-7 on level 1 also. On the blue Innate, put Vigora on level 6. Put whatever desired in the rest of the slots; you can even leave them empty. Equip whatever raises you hit % and just enough M. Def to survive two Omega Greens, just in case. Start with seven weak attacks from Serge, bringing his element level to 7. Switch to the blue innate and hit with six light attacks; element level should be 6, which just enough to cast Vigora. Defend until Time Devourer casts an element and cast Vigora followed by Uplift, Fireball, Bushwhacker, Cure, Turn Black and Photon Ray. Finish with Chronocross-7.

Defeating Undead monsters
There is one powerful element you can get that can kill an undead monster instantly. The element's name is HolyLight. To get this on the first time through the game, buy a couple of HolyLight trap elements from the man in Marbule during the event of the Six Dragons and the Six Relics to the Sea of Eden. Although you can see Miguel (Leena's Father and very tough Boss) use the HolyLight, you will have an opportunity to get it because it is too early. You need to get to Terra Tower and fight the TimeDevourer: Six Dragon Gods. Make sure to have at least one HolyLight trap element in your grid. On the black elemental form, try to trap the HolyLight element at the beginning. Then, use HolyLight on undead enemies to instantly kill them. Here are stats on this element:
Against White: Heal, no damage, half damage
Against Black: Major Damage
Against any other elemental color: Regular Damage
Against Undead: Instant kill
Defeating the Hi-Ho Tank
Use Kid's Pilfer on one of the guards and get some Iron. Run away and you will get a Heal element. Use it to heal your party and keep doing so until you are ready to fight the Hi-Ho Tank.

Opening the locker on the second floor of Chronopolis
Just close the hatch that is open, and enter "00" as the code.

Opening the gate at Viper Castle
The code for the gate is right five times, left seven times.

Save the forest and make peace with the Dwarves
To do this, start by saying "Yes" to Korcha when he asks to save Kid. Get Razzly in your party at the Homewrold Hydra Marshes. After that, battle the Dwarves/Hydra normally until you see the dead Hydra/Dwarves on the ground. Do not get the Humour just yet. Press [Select] until Razzly leads the party and check out the dead Hydra. Razzly will say that it has a baby and that the forest will make it just fine. If you return later, youwill see the baby Hydra running around the pond. After you beat the Ghost Ship, go to the Water Dragon Isle and do everything there with the Dwarves. After you defeat the tank, Kid will mention that the Hydra is not extinct and that the forest will not be destroyed. The Dwarves will not disappear like they usually would and will instead say that they will go back to the forest. Return to the marsh and you will see the Dwarves playing with an even larger baby Hydra.

Finding Tyrano
In Gaea's Navel, the Green Dragon will not wake up until you defeat Tyrano (Dinosaur Boss). Defeat every enemy in the forest and return to the entrance. Head north and Tyrano will appear. He is very easy to defeat. Also, if you bought a Sonja trap element from the man in Marbule, you can use it on PreyingMantis to capture it.

Getting Doc (doctor in Guldove) and Ice Breath
Refuse to save Kid when she is poisoned. After defeating all the monsters in S.S. Invincible, Fargo will tell you to get some protection before entering Mount Pyre. He will also tell you that such a thing only exists in Water Dragon Island. Return to Guldove and Kid will already be cured cure from the poison -- you do not have to get Hydra Humour for her, and Doc will join you. Go to Opasa Beach and return to Home World. Go to the pier and ask the old fisherman (near Leena) to take you to Water Dragon Island. You will find that the island has been taken over by the dwarfs. Defeat all of them and the Water Dragon will gave you Ice Breath. Use it near the lava and it will freeze it.

Getting Draggy the little dragon
Get the big egg which is found in the Fossil Valley in Another World. It is guarded by a large bird. Then, anytime you enter Fort Dragonia when you turned all the elements, take the elevator down and you will find five machines. Put the egg in the working one (the one in the middle).

Getting Fargo, G. Viper, Marcy, Riddel, and Karsh/Zoah
First, defeat Miguel in the Tower of Gedden and the Sky Dragon will save you after that part. Then go to Hermit's Hideaway (in Another World) and go into the tree. You will find Radius and G. Viper, Marcy, Riddel, and Karsh/Zoah.Riddel will join after you are done talking. Watch this intermission and Fargo will save you from Dark Serge. You will be on Fargo's ship and the gang will join you.

Getting Funguy
Find the man in a cave under the waterfall in Shadow Forest (Home World). Go through the underground passage toward Viper Manor, to the part where you should have rolled a boulder to stop the bugs from appearing in Another World. Look for a bug underwater on the right side of the screen and chase it into a smaller hole, further down. If you did not cover the hole, then kill the Wraith near the hole where the boy is standing. No matter what you do, you will get a Mushroom. Go back to the waterfall and give it to the man. He turns into Funguy and can join your party.

Getting Glenn and Macha
Say "No" to save Kid when she is poisoned and get Glenn and Macha (Korcha mother). Glenn and Serge have an attack together called "X strike".

Getting Greco
Decide to help Kid from the poisoned wound. By doing this you will have Korcha and the character that you chose earlier for the Viper Mansion section of the game in your party. Once you have gone with Korcha to Termina to help Kid, go to the area where you found the grave of Dario and his father. Once there, you will watch a small funeral where a green man will be citing prayers. This green man, Greco, will then see you and say another prayer to you, concerning the lost child. Follow him into his house and intrude on his discussion. He will see that you are a ghost and will say that he is a helper of people who are dead. He will then offer to join your party.

You do not have to choose to save Kid in order to get Greco. Simply go to the grave where you saw Riddel and Glenn. A short scene will ensue, and then you will be able to choose whether or not you want Greco on your team. Considering how many strong characters you do not have, he is a nice addition to your early game party.

Getting Grobyc the android
This may be slightly easier if you have more EXP. Defeat Miguel and go to Viper Manor. Find a way to get into jail cells. Save the game and fight Orcha, then five soldiers, then Grobyc, then a tough robotic opponent. After you defeat him, it will wake up and chase you to the library. You will fight him again. Then, Prophet will tell you to go to the ladder. Go up, and after you beat Grobyc he will appear and save you from him. You will jump out the window and land in the barn of dinosaurs. The owner of the dinosaurs will help you by letting dinosaurs loose on all the guards. You will be outside with Grobyc after that. Once there, he will join you. His HP is 395.

Getting Guile
In Termina, talk to the statue polishing man, then go to Korcha (boat man), Talk to him and he will tell you get a person to help you to get to Viper Manor. Go to the bar and Guile will be the man next to the locked door. Ask him, or you can get Pierre or Nikki.

Getting Harlequin
Restart a game in New Game +, and play up to the point where you become Lynx. You should have Harlequin in your group by then. From there, go to Opassa Beach and use the Time Egg to fight Lavos. Defeat him and save your data. Then, either do a New Game + or Continue + and play up to the point where you get the Chrono Cross. Go to the Hydra Marshes in "Another World" and use the Astral Amulet where the little green warp appears (north of the entrance). You should be in Sprigg's house. The game will tell you that it is reacting to the Chrono Cross. Use the Chrono Cross and you will get all of your old characters, including Harlequin.

Getting Irenes the mermaid
Defeat Sage in S.S.Zelbess, exit, then come back in .Go to the steering wheel. Next to it is the ladder. Talk to the man on the ladder. He will let you use the elevator. Go into the first door you see. Irenes will join you.

Getting Janice
Defeat Janice's monsters for three rounds on S.S. Zelbess in the Grand Slam Arena. The only monsters you can use are the ones Sprigg has defeated, so get the Forget-Me-Not-Pot and have him give the final blow on the monsters. The best place to fight monsters is at the Bend Of Time. Go to the white lights and press [X] to get in a battle. You get items after every time you defeat her. In the first round you will get a Stamina Belt, the second round will result in a Resistance Belt, and the third and final round will result in a Dreamer's Scarf.

Getting Karsh/Zoah
Go to Viper Manor and save Riddel after you defeat Miguel. Go to Termina. Go to the bar and talk to the lady at the counter. She will let you in the locked door. When you are inside, you will see nothing. Move right into the wall next to where she is standing. You will end up in a secret area. You are going to talk with Zoah and Karsh and will be prompted to choose one of them for your party.

Getting Kid
After you talk to Lenna, go to Cape Howl. When you are leaving, Karsh will walk up to you and Kid will appear,

Getting Leah
She will join you at Gael Navel on your way to find the green dragon.

Hint:Getting Lenna
Say "No" after Cape Howl when Kid asks to join you. Go back and ask.

Getting Luccia and Neo Fio
Luccia is a woman that works in the Viper Manor lab. To get her, after Kid gets poisoned and needs Hydra, do not go to Hydra Marshes in the Home World. Go to Hydra Marshes in Another World and follow the path to the end. You will eventually find two monsters guarding Life Sparkle (a flower that only grows on poison). Defeat them and take the Life Sparkle. Go to Viper Manor in Another World. You will find that no one is there. Go to the lab and release the spy in the cage. Go to the terrace (the location where you escape) to meet Luccia. She will tell you that she is experimenting with the flower in the small pool in front of her, but she does not have Life Sparkle to finish the experiment. After she leaves give the Life Sparkle to the flower in the pool. The flower will come alive and become Neo Fio. She will join you. Return to the lab and talk to Luccia again, and she will also join you. Just in case, when you enter the lab for the first time, release the animal in the corner cage.

Getting Lucky Voodoo Doll
Make sure you have Kid and someone else in your party Go to Kiki's hut in Arni village (Alternate world) and go downstairs. Give the Shark Tooth Necklace to Kiki's father. He will be praying to a straw doll with a large nail through it. He will give the Shark Tooth Necklace back . Next, go to the straw doll which he was praying to, continuously press [X], then leave. The game will stop you at the door and the straw doll will join your party.

Getting Lynx
After you get all the crystals in Fort Dragonia, you will have to fight Viper, then Lynx. Defeat them and watch the intermission sequence. After that, you will end up in the Dimensional Vortex and become Lynx.

Getting Miky (Niki's dancer)
After the concert, defeat all the monster in Marbule. Return to Fargo Ship, go to the restaurant, and talk to Miki. She will now join you.

Getting Mojo
In the Home World, get the shark tooth from the fisherman. Then, in "Present World", show the shark tooth to the scarecrow (Mojo) and he will join you.

Getting Orcha
While saving Riddel, you will be on your way to the prison in Viper Manor. Save there and go into the last door. Defeat Orcha and he will join you. There is no save until getting Grobyc in your party.

Note: If you have Orcha, go to Guldove and Arni Village. There will be two Orchas, but they really look the same.

Getting Orlha
With Lynx in your party, defeat Orlha in Guldove (Another World). She will give you the Sapphire Brooch. After Serge is reborn, return to Orlha's bar and show her the Brooch.

Getting Ozzie, Flea, and Slash
Have Sprigg have the Forget-Me-Not Pot and have her deliver the final blow on all three of them. You can get all three. This really helps a lot if you are trying to recruit Janice. It makes the finals easy.

Getting Pierre
The first time you get to Termania, go through the smithy's shop and talk to the strange looking man in the other room. He will tell you his name and say that he has lost his medal and cannot get into Viper Manor. After that, go out the door into the fenced-in area and talk to the boy running around. He will give you the medal. Take it to Pierre and talk to him twice.

Getting Skelly
Skelly is the skeleton you pick up in the Fossil Valley in Another World. He will join you after you find his bones. After finding all the bones and Skelly connects them, go to Termina. Go to his Grandmother's house, which is on the uppermost level to the right of the statue. All the bones and the grandmother is in Another World. The locations of the bones are:
Skull: Fossil Valley
You must tell the guard that you are the exorcists. He will allow you to climb the ladder. After you are up the ladder, the other guards will tell you where to look for the skull.

Scapula: Shadow Forest
As you are going through the forest, there is a cave behind a waterfall. The first time you read the notebook you will notice a bone. Find that part.

Spine: Hydra Marshes
It is impossible to get anywhere in the marshes in this world. However, now there is a hole where you fought the bug in the other world. You will then fight a De-Hydrate. Afterwards, search through the marshes for the bone. You will find it hidden underneath a rise over the acid.

Ribs: Water Dragon Isle and Guldove
The ribs consist of two different parts. One part is found on Water Dragon Isle. Talk to the man by the dry waterfall and he will give it to you. The other rib can be found in Guldove before leaving there for the first time. Talk to the man (trader) near the boat dock. You may have to buy something to get the rib.

Other bones: Isle of the Damned
The rest of the bones can be found in the northern-most cave. It is now open, since you defeated the person located here earlier.
Getting Starky the spaceman
In Another World, go to El Nido Triangle. Go to the bottom and get the Star Element. Then, go to Sky Dragon Island. The people in there will tell you that there is a monster that attacks anyone who has the Star Element. Go upstairs, open the empty chest, and Starky will attack you. Defeat him, and he will join you.

Getting Steena
Defeat the six dragons and go to Guldove. Talk to Steena and she will join you.

Getting Pochu
This trick might only in the earlier parts of the game. After you wake up in your roomn go to the restaurant. Find the Heckran bones in the cook's (Orcha) room. Give it to Pochu (the pink dog found in front of Radius House), and he will join you.

Getting Poshul early
Find the Heckran Bone under the bed in the room above the restaurant in Arni Village (Home World) and show it to Poshul. Otherwise nshe will join you automatically after you beat Karsh, Solt, and Peppor and choose not to have Kid join your party. (Another World).

Getting Turnip
After obtaining either the Ice Breath or the Ice Gun items, use one to cool the patch of scorched earth at Hermits Hideout (Another World). The patch in question is in front of the large tree trunk. Then go to, Hermits Hideout (Home World) with Poshul in your party and examine the plant that has grown in the same location. Poshul will dig up Turnip, and he will joins your party.

You first need Poshul, Ice Breath, or Ice Gun, Astral Emerald (lets you go to Home and Another World),and a boat to Hermits Hideaway. Go there and use Ice Breath or Ice Gun on the little garden field (Home World). Then, go to Another World. Go to Hermits Hideout with Poshul. Turnip will appear and join you.

Getting Van
Go to his house in Termina and talk to him in Home World.

Getting Zappa
Visit Zappa's Smithy in Termina (Home World) With Radiud in your party.

Give Bellflower to Glenn
Go to the moutntain after Cape Howl and walk around where there is a brown monster. Avoid it and walk to the purple flowers. Get them, and when you get to Termina, go to where Glenn's brother and father are buried. He will be there with General Viper's daughter. He will walk up and ask you give them for free.

Hydra Humour for Kid
Press [Start] on the world map and change to "Home World" from Opassa Beach. Go to Hydra Swamp (dwarves place) to find a Hydra Humour.

Ozzie appearance
When you have Flying Arrow for Serge, go to the Bend of Time and cast it. Instead of a large Serge, a large Ozzie from Chrono Trigger will appear.

You can see Ozzie when you use Serge's flying arrow tech at Chronopolis, against the final Boss, in terra-tower, and perhaps in the Dead Sea.

This is not Ozzie. It is Masa and Mune, from Chrono Trigger and is the form they take once when they join together when you get the Masamune for Frog. The large image appears only after obtaining the Mastermune for serge, when you cast Flying Arrow.

After you get the six Dragon Relics put Karsh in your party and go to Island Of The Damned (another world) and go to where you fought Garai and Solt. Peppor will be there. Defeat them and they will give you the Momento Pendant and Karsh's LV7 tech skill Axomatic. Next go back to the Homeworld with Riddle in your party. Get in your boat and go to the island that has smoke coming from it. The island is near Vipor Manor. It is called the Forbidden Island. Enter it and you will come across a house. Enter it and Dario will be in there. Talk to him and Riddle will give him the Momento Pendant. He will begin to remember things. Then the Mastermune will appear. Dario will pick it up and a battle will begin. Defeat him and your Sea Swallow will transform into the Mastermune. Dario goes to Viper Manor and starts to rebuild it. The Mastermune is the second strongest weapon Serge can have -- you will have a critical hit almost every time.

Moonglasses from Harlequin
Although you can get the Sunglasses from Harlequin at the end of her Boss battle, you can get the Moonglasses instead. To get the Moonglasses, build your element force to Level 3 and use strong elements. You cannot harm her with physical attacks (except for the part when you are building your element force). If you have several strong elements, you could probably get the Moonglasses. The Moonglasses halves enemies' physical damage.

Recover All
When you at the stables, you can get a Recover All if you feed the dragons forty times.

Steel Swallow, Mail, and Dagger
Before you go to Viper Manor for the first time, go to Van's house. Behind the staircase is a Profiteer's Purse. Take to the blacksmith and disassemble it to get three Irons. Forge a Steel Swallow, Steel Mail, and Steel Dagger for Kid.

Getting party member back
On a New Game +, you can use the Relief Charm to have someone in the party, although they left some point in the game. For example, when Kid leaves the party cause of Hydra Poison, before you fight Lynx in Viper Manor, make sure you have Kid replacing Serge via the Relief Charm. Once Kid leaves, she should still replace Serge. Note: Do not check the Relief Charm, because it will revert to Serge. In this way, you can see Kid fight the Hydra to get her own antidote.

Shiny Material
Simply use your Summon Elements. Remember the Shiny Elements are a byproduct of the Summon Elements. With Salamander, you will obtain Shiny Dew, with Saints you will obtain Shiny Salt, etc. The Shiny Materials are needed to forge the strongest weapons of the game: the Spectral Weapons. Note: The amount of monsters that you kill with the Summon will determine the amount of Shiny Materials that you receive after the battle.

Go to a place where you know the colors of the monsters (for example, El Nido Triangle monsters are blue). Make sure you have a character in your party that is blue and equip them with a Blue Summon Element. All the monsters will cast blue elements, so just attack the monsters until they are almost dead (hanging over), and use the Blue Summon. Keep defending or casting Blue Cures on yourself until the field is blue and hit them with the summon. You will get a "shiny" material for each monster you destroy.

Shiny Material is used to make weapons along with Rainbow Shell. Go to Marbule in the Home World. Go to the cave where you would normally find the Black Dragon. Note: This will only work after you have freed the island and the residents return. There is a man towards the back and left. He will sell the Master Hammer for 10,000G, which is very cheap. Next, go to Termina in Another World. Go to Zappa's Shop with the Zappa from Home World in your party with the Master Hammer equipped. Talk to Another World Zappa. He and your Zappa will now be able to make weapons and armor out of Rainbow Shell.

Using Summon Element is the best way to get Shiny Material, but you still can get this material without it. You can also disassemble accessories. You can get those accessories by stealth from monsters on your journey to get relics and monsters in Terra Tower. For example, Earth Charm from Yellowbelly in Earth Dragon Isle; Paultice Cap and Flame Charm from Catburglar and Lava-boy in Mt Pyre; Forest Charm and Earth Charm from Preymantis and Prehysteric in Gaea's Navel, etc. Make sure Fargo or Kid is in your party.
Disassemble Paultice Cap and Flame Charm to get Shiny Ember (and other materials).
Disassemble Antitoxin Cap and Forest Charm to get Shiny Leaf.
Disassemble Antiviral Cap and Sea Charm to get Shiny Dew.
Disassemble Earth Charm to get Shiny Sand.
Disassemble Daemon Charm to get Shiny Soot.
Disassemble Angel Charm to get Shiny Salt.
Here are what you get for using them. It can be any summon -- color only matters, and you have to kill the enemy to get them.
Yellow: Shiny Sand
Green: Shiny Leaf
Red-Shiny Ember
Blue: Shiny Dew
Black: Shiny Soot
White: Shiny Salt
Easy Magnify Element early
When you go to Viper manor for the first time, make sure you have Kid in your party when you encounter an enemy called Poltergeist (a giant closet). Use Pilfer against him and you should be able to steal Magnify. If not run, and try again. Note: Magnify is a level 5 White Magic which reduces magic power by 1.5%.

Getting PhotonRays and MagmaBomb as early as possible
In the beginning of the game when you wake up, check around the pot in Leena's House. This should be in the watering pot that is next to Pushul's Dog house. You will get your first PhotonRay. Complete the "Scales" quest from Leena and once you are in Another World (once Serge wakes up in Opassa beach with everyone gone), go to Leena's House there. Check the pot where you got the PhotonRay. You should find another one. Then, check out Serge's room, or where it used to be. Look behind the boxes to get MagmaBomb.

Hidden Boss: Criosphinx
After defeating Fate, go to the Earth Dragon Isle in Another World. Go to the same location where you battle the Earth Dragon and Criosphinx will appear. You will have to answer his six questions. On the first question, do not attack him -- just defend. Then, use the elements in this order to answer his questions: Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, Black and White. After that he will allow you to leave. You do not gain any growth points or spoils, but now you know which order you must use your elements so your Chrono Cross element will function. Note: Use the elements on that order and then the Chrono Cross element.

Getting Sunglasses from Criosphinx
Although the way to defeat the Criosphinx is to answer his questions, there is a special item, the Sunglasses, you can get from defeating it. Just defeat the Criosphinx normally and do not answer his questions. The Sunglasses enable you to attack your enemy in the opposite color. For example, if you are Serge (White Element) fighting Time Devourer, not the 6 Dragons -- but the form that is Lavos and Schala (White Element). Every physical attack that is given to the Time Devourer from Serge (if he is equipped with the Sunglasses) will be a black elemental. Here is a list of the elementals:
Black is the opposite of White
Yellow is the opposite of Green
Blue is the opposite of Red
Defeating Criosphinx
Equip the Yellow Plate that you pillaged from the Earth Dragon on your strongest character. Make sure you allocate them with the strongest Gren elements available. Attack him with all your Green elements. Then, just keep using physical attacks.

Getting Sunglasses from Harlequin
To get the Sunglasses from Harlequin during her Boss battle, defeat her before she uses MoonBeams.

Three Bosses at The Bend Of Time
Go to the Bend of Time in a New Game+. Go into the back room that you could not enter in the previous game. You will see a very large orange man in the middle of the room. Do exactly what he says, and you will enter a Boss fight with Ozzie, Slash, and Flea from Chrono Trigger. Note: It is a good idea to have the Forget-Me-Not-Pot so you can Dopplegang into Slash. At the end of the battle you will receive a Slasher sword, Dreamers Sash, and Ozzie Shorts. When you get out of the battle you will also have a chance to receive the Dreamers Sarong from the large orange man.

Chaos Field Dimension portal
The dimension portal to Chaos Field (Sprigg's Home Dimension) is on the second screen. The Astral Amulet will bring you bring you to Chaos Field if you are playing New Game+, are trying to recruit all your previous characters back, have the Chrono Cross, and use it in Sprigg's house.

Change characters' names
Go the area under the library section of Viper Manor where the Epoch is located and speak with the Beach Boy.

Funny names
In Termina in any world, go to the Van's house. Talk to his father and note that his name is Gogh (as in Van Goh). If you change the letters in Peppor and Solt, who are always talking about shaking, to get Pepper and Salt.

Z-Slash attack
To perform this attack, you must have Serge, Kid, and Sprigg in your party. Serge must be able to perform Flying Arrow, Kid must be able to perform Red Pin, while Sprigg needs to Dopplegang into Slash (which is only available in New Game+). Play to the part where you get the boat. Go to the Bend of Time and go through the door that you could not access in the first game. You will fight Ozzie, Reah, and Slash from Chrono Trigger. Make sure Sprigg gives the last blow to Slash and has the Forget-Me-Not-Pot equipped.

Irene's third Tech Skill
After Marbule is released, go to the Witch Doctor house and talk to her. She will give you something for Irene. After that, go to the Chief of Marbule house and talk to Irene. She will receive her third Tech Skill.

Pierre's Hero's Blade and third Tech Skill "Slap of Cyrus"
With the Key Item "Prop Sword", go to Termina (Another World) and talk to Pierre. He will receive the "Hero's Blade" and his third Tech Skill, "Slap of Cyrus".

Doc's Lv. 7 tech Skill
Return the medical book to Doc in Guldove (Another World). She is in the place where Harle came out of when you decided to save Kid.

Draggy's Lv. 7 Tech Skill
With Draggy in your party, go to the large dragon skull in Fossil Valley, where you found Skelly's head (Another World).

Fargo's Lv. 7 Tech Skill
Take Fargo to Another World on board the S.S. Zelbess and talk to the other Fargo.

Funguy's Lv. 7 Tech Skill
With Funguy in your party, take him back to the Shadow Forest (Home World) where he joined you and examine the mushrooms.

Grobyc's Lv. 7 Tech Skill
With Grobyc in your party, inspect the coffin on the 2nd floor of Chronopolis.

Janice's Lv. Tech Skill
Go to the Bend of Time in any World and talk to the bizarre spinning creature.

Kid's Lv. 7 Tech Skill
Go to the main room of the burning orphanage in Kid's dream (Another World). Go to the machinery next to the clock and press [L1], [Triangle], [R1], [Triangle], [X].

Korcha's Lv. 7 Tech Skill
After Terra Tower, check the mermaid tank in Termina (Another World), then speak to the mermaid by Greco's house in the shrine area.

Leena's Lv. 7 Tech Skill
On Opassa Beach, answer "I remember" and "We will always remember this day" at the start of the game. Then, place Leena in front of the party and speak to her Mom after Serge is Reborn (Home World).

For Leena's MaidenFaith technique, at the beginning of the game when Leena tells Serge three important events, respond with these three answers: at Opassa Beach, "I remember"; at Opassa Beach again, "We will always remember this day"; and at Arni Village in Another World talk to Leena at the pier and answer, "I'm Serge". After the event at Terra Tower, have Leena in your party and go to Home World. Place Leena in front of your party and speak to Marge (Serge's mother).

Luccia's Lv. 7 Tech Skill
Luccia's Level 7 tech skill is in either the under area of Viper Manor or in Shadow Forest. There should be an Amoeba there. Make sure you have Luccia in your party, and inspect the Amoeba. You will then obtain Luccia's Test Amoeba skill.

It can be found in Viper's Manor in Another World. To get it, take the passage located at the left of the drawer, in the kitchen. The valve should also be closed. When you are in the secret passage and pushed by the flow; quickly run to the right. You will have a battle (easy at this point) and the opportunity to take the contents of a treasure chest near it.

Mojo's Lv. 7 Tech Skill
Talk to the man who has given the Shark Tooth to Serge (Arni Village) and the "other one" in both worlds, until the one in Home World wonders about the three sacred cats. Return to the same place in Another World and check the statues in this order: Aurey, Lasery and Lickaroo (the one at the right, the black one and the remaining one at the left). Mojo will also be called Mojoy from this point.

Nikki's Lv. 7 Tech Skill
With Nikki in your party, visit the other Nikki onboard the Magical Dreamer's ship, which is connected with the S.S. Zelbess (Home World).

Orcha's Lv. 7 Tech Skill
Place Orcha at the front of the party and speak to his brother Belcha in Arni Village. Go behind the counter (Home World).

Orlha's Lv. 7 Tech Skill
Talk to Doc in Guldove (Home World). Youwill also get the Blue Brooch.

Poshul's Lv. 7 Tech Skill
After Serge is reborn, return to Arni Village (Home World) with Poshul in your party and speak to Leena on the pier.

Riddel's Lv. 7 Tech Skill
Defeat Dario on Forbidden Isle With Riddel in your party.

Skelly's Lv. 7 Tech Skill
After Serge is Reborn, take Skelly to Termina (Home World) and speak with the Barmaid.

Starky's Lv. 7 Tech Skill
Return to the flying saucer in El Nido Triangle (Another World)

Steena's Lv. 5 Tech Skill
Go to Hydra Marsh (Home World) then go to the part where the ground will fall through. Defeat the ghost of the Hydra and you will get her level 5 Tech, Hydra Shadow.

Steena's Lv. 7 Tech Skill
Take Steena to the grave of Garai on the Isle of the Dammed (Home World) and press [X] on the grave.

Turnip's Lv. 7 Tech Skill
With NeoFio and Turnip in your party, return to the pool where you found NeoFio in Viper Manor (Another World).

Zoah's Lv. 7 Tech Skill
Return to Viper Manor and place Zoah in the front of the party. Find the chest in his room and get the Toss&Spike Tech Skill.

Van's Piggybank gets bigger
With Van in your party, go to his house on Termina (Another World) and talk to his father. He will notice that Van has a PIGGYBANK and will give him a bigger one. After this, when you use Van's PiggyBank Boink Tech Skill, the Piggybank will be bigger and do more damage.

Double and Triple Tech Skills
1. Serge Lv. 5 + Leena Lv. 7 + Razzly Lv. 7 = Delta Attack (White)
2. Guile Lv. 5 + Sneff Lv. 7 = Sword Storm (Black)
3. Serge Lv. 3 + Glenn Lv. 3 = X-Strike (Red)
4. Kid Lv. 3 + Mel Lv. 3 + Double Take (Red)
5. Norris Lv. 7 + Grobyc Lv. 7 + Pitch Black (Black)
6. Radius Lv. 7 + Viper Lv. 5 = Vital Force (White)
7. Karsh Lv. 3 = Zoah Lv. 7 = Dragon Spike (Green)
8. Nikki Lv. 7 + Miki Lv. 7 = Flamenco (Red)
9. NeoFio Lv. 7 = Turnip Lv. 7 = Tossed Salad (Green)
10. Serge Lv. 7 Kid Lv. 5 Sprigg Doppelgang into Slash Lv. 4= Z-Slash (Blue).
Plate locations
If you do not obtain them by stealing, you can forge them with Zappa and his hammer
Blue: Steal from Blue dragon, when you do about a 1000, but before he sags.
Yellow: Steal from Yellow Dragon at beginning of battle.
Green: Steal from Green Dragon early in battle.
Red: Steal from Red Dragon once he transforms.
Black: Steal from Black Dragon early in battle.
White: Steal from Sky Dragon after a couple of rounds.
Getting Plates
When it is time to get relics from each Dragon, put Fargo in your party. Iif you use Pillage on the Dragon, Fargo will steal the Plate that it is wearing.

Frame locations
Shellfish: Check the lady's cart (the one who sells elements, weapons, accessories, armor, etc.) in Home World.

Our Favorite Martian: Once Terra Tower rises, go back to where you got Starky and talk to the man at the top of the mountain. He will give it to you.

Tropical Paradise: In Another world, at Guldove, when Kid becomes sick, choose not to help and speak with Macha.

Quill And Papyrus: After Serge is reborn, head to Marbule in Home World, and talk to Toma twice.

Monster's Mouth: On SS. Zebless while you are a cat, find the door next to the restaurant. Enter the hole to the right of it. Talk to the cat and he will give you the frame.

Tea For Three: Speak to the man behind the building in Termina near the statue in Another World.

Infrared Vision: Search behind the large monster skull at Fossil Valley in Another World.

Skulldruggery: In Shadow Forest, lure the Red blob monster to the Quadffid in Another World.

Porre's Furnace: In Viper Manor, Another World, in the library, search the bookcase behind the desk and speak to the "secret: monster" you find there.

Guldovian Stitch: In Guldove, Another World, with Kid in your party, speak to Mel and she will join your party and give this frame to you.

Valencian Cloth: In Another World, bring along a group of demi-humans (this only occurs once you are Lynx) to Marbule and speak to the short demi-human there.

Our Favorite Martian: In Home World, immediately after defeating and recruiting Starky, speak to the person on the top (where you fought Starky).

Monster Mouth: In Home World, when Sneff transforms you into cats, head to the kitchen and speak with the cat there.


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