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Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 25, 2005
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In-game reset
Hold [L1] + [L2] + [R1] + [R2] + [Select] + [Start] during game play.

Character preview
Enter the main menu and go into the status screen. Pick a character and you should see that person. Press [Triangle] and a list of commands to change the camera view will appear. Press [Square] to change poses.

To see different characters that you can get, select "New Game", see the character that you get, reset the game, then repeat. You should get a new character for the first dream. Repeat this to see the various characters.

Switching characters
Press [Select] and your party will take random positions. This is also useful when you are in Fort Dragonia, when the party are the tail, the body and the head.

Load preview
When loading your game from a saved file, it will show you where you are supposed to be. You can also do side quests, for example getting another character, but go to where you are supposed too be immediately afterwards.
Always win at roulette
The following trick allows you to win the roulette game every time in the casino on the S.S. Zelbess. When the pointer begins to spin, pause game play when the red tip is in between the "W" and the "S" points of the roulette wheel. Then, repeatedly press [X] and resume the game. It will land on "N" every time, giving you double the money you wagered. Note: In the Japanese version of the game, press [Circle].

Press [Start] while the wheel is spinning. Wait for it to go slightly past the "S" then quickly press [X]. You should get it on "N" or "E" most of the time.

Always get treasure from the Boxer Bros
Enter the battle with the Boxer Bros. Hit one of your choice - if it is wrong, run. Reenter the combat and hit the same one. Repeat until you get the treasure.

Before opening a chest that leads into a Boxer Boys battle, remember if it is big or small. If it is small, attack the big one. If it is big, attack the small one.

Duplicate items and elements
Step 1: Successfully complete the game, but keep a file that you can complete the game from (this must not be a "Continue+" game).

Step 2: Save your progress from completing the game to a separate file and "Continue+" the file near the end.

Step 3: Complete the game with the "Continue+" file, but make absolutely certain you still have the file near the end.

Step 4: Save the "Continue+" data over the old data that let you restart your game and repeat steps 2 to 4 as needed. If done correctly, you will have twice the amount of everything in your inventory, including your elements, weapons, (basically everything except your key items).
This is a very good trick for making rainbow weapons and armor near the end. Since you can keep repeating this you can, if you have the time, end up with 99 of every item/element in the game.

Unlimited money, Dragoon's Glory's, Quick money
When Serge first wakes up in his bed, check it to find "Serge's private stash" of 200 gold.

Cheaper Mythril
Once you are able to forge the Mythril Weapons and Armor (when you are Linx), go to Zapa's Weapons shop in Termina (Home World). It turns out that he is closing up his shop for good and is going on a hunt for Rainbow stones. If you have Radidud in your party, he will ask to join you. Answer "Yes" and you will also get the Smith Spirit, which allows you to forge items without visiting a shop. This is especially useful towards the end chapters of the game. After he joins, go into the room next door where his son is located. His son is going to be a trader from now on and will offer to trade elements for materials. Answer "No" and go to Lisa's shop. Buy 99 Tablets for 10 gold each, then return to where Zapa's son is located. Talk to him again to trade. You will get a menu, and at the bottom you will see Mythril for 30 Levels. This means 30 Levels of anything. Just trade him 30 Tablets for a Mythril -- you just received a Mythril Stone. Repeat the 30 Tablets for 1 Mythril trade as needed. There are also a few more materials that this works with as well. Just buy the cheapest consumable element and trade it in for the item you want. You can get anything cheaply without giving up valuable elements.

Instead of buying Tablets, but Capsules. They may cost more individually, but one Capsule is worth three Tablets. For example, 25 gold vs. 30 gold. Also, since it only takes 10 Capsules to get a Mythril instead of 30 Tablets, you can get more in one trip. Note: This refers to trading elements for base items with the boy in the Smith's shop at Termina.

Better ending
When you get to the final Boss, boost all of your characters up to Element power 8. Then, defend until "it" casts a yellow element. Use LV. 1 and 2 Elements so the six tones will be set up in at the same time. Make sure Serge has the Chrono Cross Element. There is a specific order the elements go in: yellow, red, green, blue, black, and white. Then, use the Chrono Cross Element. Do not worry about hurting it -- the battle will be over when you do this.

To easily get the good ending, when fighting the final Time Devourer make sure you have the Chrono Cross. Cast the Yellow and Red elements. then wait for the Time Devourer to cast his element. Most of the time it will cast a Green Element. If it does, then cast the remaining elements: Blue, Black, White, and finally the Chrono Cross. If the Time Devourer casts a different color element, simply start this trick from the beginning.

Alternate endings
Note: You must defeat the final Boss.
Development room: Before you talk to Leena on the pier in Arni Village (Poshul not in party).
Birth or the Great Acacian Empire: Before infiltrating Viper Manor.
Nikki Concert: Before Lynx becomes a playable character (Nikki and Razzly must be in your party).
Job/Part-time job and the foolish trio: Before Lynx becomes a playable character.
A new Marbule: Before you rescue Riddle from Viper Manor.
Subjugation of Lynx: Before Harle leaves your party.
Viper Kindergarten: Before you defeat Fate at Chronopolis (must have Mastermune)
The records of fate turned black: before you defeat Fate at Chronopolis.
The Dragon Gods vengeance: Before Rebirth takes place at Terra Tower.
Glenn: Second Einlanzer
When Serge gets the Mastermune, go to the place in Termina (Another World) where you saw Glenn and Riddel praying. Go to the Mastermune.

Norris: Top Shot
After Serge is reborn and Kid rejoins, go to Viper Manor in Another World. You will meet the other Norris and he will give you the secret tech, Top Shot.

Serge: More damage
When you receive the Mastermune. equip three Power Seals on Serge. When you battle, always use 3, 3, Dash and Slash. If it is a critical hit, altogether it should approximately 4,000 damage.

Starky: Plasma Pistol
After Serge is reborn, go to Arni Village in Home World. Then, go over to the sawfish.

Feed all 100 dragons
Note: A controller with a turbo feature is required for this trick. When you meet the man who feeds dragons in a barn, you can earn prizes depending on how many dragons you feed for him. To feed all 100 set the turbo feature on [X] and use the D-Pad to move back and forth.

This is a simple task to do, but only recommended after first completing the game. After completing the game use the "slow speed" button to make the 100 dragons feedable.

Full Revive element
At the end of the game, before the final battle, go to Marbule in Home World. At the entrance of the village, talk to the demi-human (female). She will announce that Serge is the 100th visitor, and give the element. Note: It is for white innate characters only.

Getting Holy Light early
When you fight Miguel in the Dead Sea, you can capture his Holy Light element. Go to the Isle Of The Damned and fight the burning WilloWisps until it has two Deadheads with it. Often times, they will drop a Holy Light trap. It helps to have Holy Light early to dominate the battlefield and get by Miguel's Holy Light without damage.

Nova from

Mega Starky, Luxator, Garai, Miguel, and the Sky Dragon.

Monsters to trap the Summoning elements Summon
The field effect in the upper right corner has to be all one color to use a summon. Example: To cast a Blue Summon like Frog, the field effect has to be solid blue.

Different Items at the second Dead Anti-Gravity device
Defeat the person in front of Starky's Spaceship in the El Nido Triangle by using only red elements. All other elements and attacks will not hit him. Afterwards, enter the ship to find the anti-gravity device which will allow you to get into Terra Tower.

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