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Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 25, 2005
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Manual OKE control
Press [Select] during a battle, then go to "Camera" and press [Select]x12. Then, set the action to the "Manual" option that appears. The following control options are now available. Note: Repeat the code to return to normal control.
[Up] or [Down]: Move forward or back.
[Left] or [Right]: Rotate left or right
[L1] + [Left]: Move left
[L1] + [Right]: Move right
[L1] + [Up]: Move higher
[L1] + [Down]: Move lower
[Square]: Grapple
[Triangle]: Jump
D-Pad + [Triangle]: Jump in corresponding direction
[X]: Fire primary weapon
[Circle]: Duck down
[R2] + [Triangle]: Fire secondary weapon
[R2] + [X]: Double fire secondary weapon
[R2] + [Circle]: Triple fire secondary weapon
[R2] + [Square]: Quadruple fire secondary weapon
[L2]: Take control of next friendly OKE
Jujuman01 and Livewire
Play the game for about 30 turns to unlock them. Do not invest in them, as it is a waste of funds.

Kouger B1
Optimize Kouger. After 11 turns, you will be able to build a Kouger B1. Do so and save the game afterward. This is a better version of the Kouger.

Kouger in vs. battle mode
Enable the "Manual OKE control" code. Buy and build a Kouger. Save the game, then quit. You can now play as your Kouger in the vs. battle mode. You do not have to unlock the Kouger; it is already there to buy.

Livewire in vs. battle mode
Enable the "Manual OKE control" code. Unlock Livewire. Buy and build one. Save the game, then quit. You will now be able to play as Livewire. He will be available in about 30 turns.
Jujuman01:Easy kill
To get an easy kill with Jujuman01, equip him with the 4 Lg Missile and the Gorgon MK2. Whenever Jujuman01's Quad Sub-Weapon Shot is performed, the enemy hit will most likely die.

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