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Nov. 29, 2006
Nov. 29, 2006
Finding the 50th gilded falcon
The 50th gilded falcon is located in the well just outside Lurvys Smith's Shack. A fire wand is needed to get to it.

Finding the most powerful sword
Get the power glove from Jess. Intentionally die and use the quick restart more than sixteen times. Then, go to the statue of King Snow and use the glove to lift the large rock. Then, walk to the statue and the screen should darken. King Snow will give your character the super legendary sword.

Switch plates
Switch plates (orange/green light objects you step on) can be activated by throwing Spring Beans on them. This is especially helpful for some of the puzzles in Melzas' castle. Throwing bombs will not work -- you must get the Spring Beans from Nava first.

Glitch: Funny speed demo
Get all the Crests needed to summon Melzas Castle, and input all gems except Emerald. Then, input the Emerald. It takes about five minutes to get to the place where you put the emerald. There should now be a shake and the screen goes to the center of the lake where you inputted the last Crest. You can see Alundra coming to the screen in about five seconds.

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