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Cheat mode
Hold [L1] + [L2] + [R1] + [R2] on the main starting screen to display the cheat entry screen. Enter one of the following codes to unlock the corresponding effect.
Big head mode
Press [Square], [Circle]x2, [X], [Triangle], [X], [Square], [Circle].

Hidden teams
Press [X], [Triangle], [X], [Square], "Circle ", [Square], [X], [Triangle].

View credits
Press [Circle], [Square], [Triangle], [Circle], [X], [Triangle], [Triangle], [Square].

Bonus stadium
Press [Square], [Circle], [Square], [Triangle], [Triangle], [Circle], [X]x2.

Win match
Press [X], [Triangle]x2, [Circle], [X], [Square], [Circle], [Triangle]. Pause game play to choose win any match.
Dream team
Press [L2] + [R2] + [Square] + [X] several times at the player select/formation screen that appears before the match begins until the name of your team changes to "Dream Team".

Woman's voice
Press [Select] during game play in arcade mode to display the options menu. Select the "Audio" option. Select the "Commentator" option. Hold "O" + [Square] to switch to a female voice. Press [Left] or [Right] to change the language of the female commentator options.
Easy goals
Stand either on the half way line or just inside your own half (such as on one of the wings) or half way between your opponent's goal and the halfway line and face towards your own goal. Press the [Shoot] button and the ball will find its way into the opponent's net.

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