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Apr. 23, 2009
Jun. 10, 2008
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Knome Cheat
You may enter the cheat at anytime during LIVE mode. This cheat will activate the knome cheat. A knome will appear in a different spot on every Island. To use knome walk up to it and press x. You can then access the other cheats you have activated.

[Square], [Triangle], [Right Trigger], [Down], [Down], [Up] - All Craft and Resources
[X], [Right Trigger], [X], [Right Trigger], [X] - All Plans
[Square], [Square], [Square], [Square], [Left Trigger] - Max current Food and Resources
[Left Trigger], [Right Trigger], [Up], [X], [Right Trigger] - Unlocks Knome
[R2], [Dpad Up[, [X], [Square], [L1] - Fill All Motives
[Dpad Left], [Dpad Right], [Square], [R2], [Square] - Max Current Inventory
[L1], [Dpad Up], [R2], [Dpad Left], [Triangle] - Max Relationships
[Triangle], [L1], [L1], [Dpad Left], [Triangle] - Set Skills

Unlock The Vest and Tanktop
Select the "Fashion and Grooming" option on the Pause Menu, end enter the following code to unlock the exclusive vest and tank top:

[Square], [R2], [R2], [Triangle], [D-pad Down].

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