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Oct. 08, 2010
Jan. 06, 2009
Nov. 15, 2007
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Cheat Mode
Enter the following codes while playing:

[Up], [Up], [Down], [Down], [Left], [Right], [Left], [Right], [X], [O] - Unlock the Codebreaker costume
Unlock Unlimited Rifle
Get UFO Ending to unlock unlimited rifle.

Unlock Costumes
Complete the following to unlock costumes:

Ambassador - Get the UFO ending
Brawler - Kill 50%+ of all enemies with only your fists
Butcher - Get the Bad ending
Cartographer - Looke at map less then 25 times
Codebreaker - Do the Konami Code during your second playthough or up
Collector - Collect more then 300 items
Daredevil - Finish the game without saving
Explorer - Distanced ran or walked greater then 22.5 km
Fireman - Save Alessa in the beginning in less then 80 seconds
Savior - Finish the game once
Sharpshooter - Kill 75%+ of all enemies with a firearm
Sprinter - Finish game in under 2 hours
Stalker - Use flashlight for less then 3 hours
Weaponsmith - Kill 75%+ of all enemies with melee weapons

Unlock Endings
Complete the following to unlock different endings:

Bad Ending - Kill 200 enemies for second time
Good Ending - Beat the game for first time
UFO Ending - Use Room 502 Key at the Motel Room

Unlock Moon Gauntlets
Beat the game once to unlock Moon Gauntlets.

Unlock Extra Options
To unlock the following options (under the "Options" menu), beat the game once:

Run/Walk - Makes Travis Run by default.
Bloody Footprints - Travis will leave a footprint of blood with every step he takes.
Noise Filter - Allows ability to turn off screen "Grain" effect making the graphics sharper.
Flashlight Filter - Change the light of the flashlight to a smiley face, soccer ball, jack-o-lantern or the mark of Samuel.
More Blood - Makes the creatures spray more blood when attacked.

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