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Jan. 19, 2010
Jun. 16, 2009
Oct. 05, 2008
Jan. 16, 2008
Aug. 18, 2007
Mar. 12, 2007
Mar. 12, 2007
Secrets and Special Items
Go to the Specials under the pause menu, then toggle them on or off.

Plundering Pirate Captain Skin - 6 Titanium Bolts
Ratchetzilla Skin - 6 Titanium Bolts
Troical Vacation Skin - 4 Titanium Bolts

Unlock Dan Skin
You can unlock the Dan skin for use on your online account. Just play 10 online matches without dying (tThese matches do not need to be done in a row).

Unlockable Cheats
To unlock these Cheats for use in the game, you need to get skill points by doing various tasks throughout the game. Once you have enough, you will be able to turn on/off the Cheat whenever you want.

Big Headed Clank - 03
Big Headed Enemies - 14
Big Headed Giant Clank - 01
Big Headed Ratchet - 05
Bolt Confusion - 20
Climb The Treehouse - 25
Hardcore Mode - 24
Mirrored Levels - 10
Mooo! - 24
More Cowbell - 08
Old Timey - 24
She's On Fire! - 07
Super Bloom - 12
Weapon Switching - 16

Armor sets
Fire-Bomb - Mega bomb helmet, torso, boots, Wild fire gloves
Ice II - Crystallix helmet, Hyperborean torso, gloves, boots
Shock - Crystal Electoshock helmet, boots, Crystalix torso, gloves
Stalker - wild fire helmet, Chameleon torso, boots, Sludge Mk 9 gloves
Triple wave - Wildfire helmet, Electroshock torso boots, Sludge Mk 9 gloves
Wildburst - Sludge Mk. 9 helmet Wildfire torso, gloves, boots

Unlock Online Dan Skin
The developers put in a secret skin for online use to show your heroic online achievements. To get it win 5 of each, Iron Lombax, Deathmatch and Capture the Flag. You can die, as long as you are the winner. They do NOT have to be in a row.

Skill Points
Be A Cool Skyboarder - Win a Skyboarding race on Kalidon without using a single boost.
Be An Awesome Skyboarder - Beat Vertigo (the last skyboarding challenge in Medical Outpost Omega) in under 3:25.
Bouncy, Bouncy, Bouncy! - High-jump on a bouncy plant 10 times in a row.
Bury the Pygmies - Get Bury Blossoms to eat 4 Pygmy Tribesmen.
Do Cows Get Crabby? - Turn 26 crabs into cows with the Mootator/Armoogeddon.
Don't Rock the Boat - Complete the boat challenge on Pokitaru without taking a single hit.
Elite Annihilation - Defeat over 70 Elite clones. (Fake Ratchets).
Explosive Ordnance Disposal - Clear all the remote bombs in the Gravity Boot sphere on Kalidon.
Friends don't hurt Friends - Get through the Giant Clank fight in Dreamtime without getting a single hit.
High Tech Weapons Master - Beat the enemy segment on Challax without using the Lacerator, Acid Bomb Glove, Concussion Gun, Shock Rocket, Laser Tracer, Sniper Mine, or RYNO.
Lights, Camera, Action! - Smash 10 floating cameras on Ryllus.
Night Terrors - Defeat the waves of enemies on the last island in Dreamtime in under 45 seconds.
No More Varmints! - Get Over 1,535 points in the Giant Clank challenge on Challax (2,000 on Challenge Mode).
Not the Shock of Me Now - Don't get hit at all while inside Clank's head.
Ratchet... Just Ratchet - Beat the enemy segment inside Clank using only the wrench.
Ship It - Smash all crates on Ryllus.
Shutout - Win a Gadgebot Toss challenge on Metalis without letting anyone else score.
Storm the Front - Complete the enemy portion of Quodrona 10 in less than 1:45.
Super Lombax - Kill 25 enemies in a row without getting a single hit on Kalidon.
Take Them Down A Shock - Kill 23 Shock Troopers without dying.
Terror of the Skies - Get over 600 points in the Giant Clank Challenge on Metalis. (950 on Challenge Mode).
Train Faster! - Complete the "training" portion of Pokitaru in less than 1:32.
Ultimate Gladiator - Complete all Clank challenges on Dayni Moon.
Ultimate Gladiator - Complete all the Clank challenges on Metalis.
Wool Protest - Complete Dayni Moon without killing any Angry Rams.

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